Friday, December 29, 2006

hoh.. suda lama x b'blog'an. tade mud nak menaip plus so many things happened but dunno how to put it to words. hari ini sgt cemerlang sekali kerana bgn lebey awl dari selalu. wihuu!! sambil menanti 2 org puteri untuk bgn tido, ape slhnye m'updet blog yg tampak usang ni. hohohoho..

semalam bermimpi pelik. jarang nak ingat mimpi. tp anehnya semalam punye mimpi mmg diingati smpai skang.

  • pelakon : YUS, ATART, RYN, MAS, AYU dan moi self (magec n pae barangkali bz di dalam mimpi org laen)
  • ringkasan mimpi : sume org sedang memakan kueh mueh kegemaranku. karipap, lepat pisang, ubi ketuk dan diriku sendri memakan pisang goreng (meleleh air liur). tgh borak2 n gelak2 tetibe yus pegi buang kueh ubi ketuk tu. diriku spt tergamam! nape buang? walopn dlm mimpi tu diriku mmg da kenyang thp mati tp still rase tak puas ati nape buang kueh tu? dlm kepala cume terpikir 'ahhh..susah nye nak dpt kueh ubi ketuk kat sini'.. hati rase sgt keciwa tp didiamkan shj. kemudian tiba2 sume org berdiri n tersenyum smbl mas hulur seswatu dlm plastik seraya b'kata 'amik ni buat bekal. jgn sedey..' wooo.. dlm plastik tu ade karipap n lepat pisang. sgt terharu... kwn2..!!!!! terima kaseh. walopn cume di dlm mimpi. tp ttp rase disygi.
  • kesimpulan : diriku sgt merindui kueh2 di malaysia. mengidam nak mkn sme2 kueh tu..uhuhuhuhuhuh.. :((
sekarang ini tgh dalam mud yg tidak begitu stabil. hari ini anda sudah mahu pulang. setelah 2 bulan kat sini. sudah biasa bermaen msg. lepas ni sunyi la rasanye. tp stiap pertemuan mmg ade perpisahan. kita jumpe di malaysia nanti. b'doa yg terbaek untuk anda. have a safe journey!! tenks for everything. gonna miss u. a lot!!

browsing thru frens' blogs dis morning. so touched wif kak nina's entry bout BONDA. sgt terharu hati membacanya. terus rindu kat mak sendiri.(hati sgt emotional) ikutkan hati mau pulang. tp kalu diikutkan hati, mati... *sigh*

suda 2 mggu menghabeskan mase ngn nanako chan. hati sgt gembira. tenks ye awk. tak terbalas budi awk. walopn smalam awk cube m'bunuh sha dgn fleece busuk. tp da set off dgn air halia penyelamat tu. nanti awk cube balas dendam dekat FD yg gelakkan sha sgt kuat smalam yeh. jgn sedey tak dpt big pony. walopn awk tak dpt beli ari tu, tp awk da dpt benda laen yg lagi besh. nanti2 kite g brown thomas g carik k? mane la tau ade pulak ke.. hehehehhe..

itu sahaja la untuk kali ini. perut berbunyi minta diisi. adiossss!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

tomorrow is d day. d day dat we've been waiting for all dis time. d day dat finally comes to end the suffers n tortures. it has been a rough time for me to get this far. many things had happened n i can tell it was not really exciting n pleasuring. na-ah. not for me. just wondering how 1 unimportant n insignificant person can do such a damage to others. can really annoyed us n can actually makes us feel like strangling dat particular person to death. dunno y i haf to bother tho. yet i still get annoyed n not feeling happy with it. wish i can haf all the strengths in the world to tell dat person to buzz off, grow up n get the hell out of moi life. the truth is....... WE ARE WELL TRAINED TO BE POLITE, COURTEOUS, WELL-MANNERED AS WELL AS GRACIOUS.n payback is not really the answer for everything. hurmm... life's so complicated aite? *sigh*

but still.. frens were there fer me. thx mucho for every supports, encouragements n comforts. especially to my everdearest roomie, lil sis, dangdut partner&her hsemate, muvi partner n also FD. cant thx u guys enuf... for brighten my days. am having much much better days now. with all the laughters, jokes etc2. thx again.. :))

called sukis just now. amboih.. lama tak borak2. wish can have one more chit-chat before sleep like last time. am missing all those things. where things werent as complicated as now. when there is no alien to breath down my neck. erkkkk....!!! STRESSSSSSSSSSSSS... btw, to sukis, hope u cn get a roomie asap. n surely am gonna pray dat u wont get a hsemate dat sucks. big time. comme moi.. va te faire foutre!!!

okie la. that's all for now. erm2.. to all babes..takpe la tak jadi g s'pore. tuhan tak bagi tu. sbb aku tade. muahahhahaa(joking k?) mebe next time. when im back.. ;)

Friday, December 01, 2006

two words..


Friday, September 22, 2006

firstly, wud like to thx nanako chan for helping me choosing dis nu skin. it's a bit to the left tho. but nevamind, i'll change it later if i have the time. i repeat, if i have the time. been very bz this couple of weeks. last week, had a full week classes(sort of)n this week had a bad flu n headache. it's getting colder. hate it. urghhhhhhhhh!!

thursday after class i went to dundrum wif nanako. something happened after class dat i dare not to share it here. bimbang akan mendatangkan aib pada sesapa. hehehhe.. it's funny tho. im kinda touched with d effort. i'll never forget the scene ever. kan nanako chan? awk la saksi. da tua2 nanti klu kite cite balik musti kite gelak besa. hahahhaha..

after that tido kat burgh hse(atas paksaan 2 eko hantu kacang).. the next day woke up sooo late n nanako chan had a very bad allergy. so she went to mercer court with a hope to get a shot to relief the rashes. muka da nak jd flowerhorn da. haha.. after a while she called me (dgn nada sebak) n said that she didnt get the shot. d doc didnt wanna gif her one. n he charged her 40euro just for saying 'i dunno how people got this allergy n i also dunno how to help. i just can recommend u to take piriton.' d bes part is the pills only cost her 5 euro. tak berbaloi tul la. nanako chan pn mmg da tau da kena amik pill tu dulu masa kat msia. adeehh... da la minah ni pn cried la in the middle of the road. me as usual, berlagak cool je la. tp dalam ati da cuak gak ni. so i tried to console her a bit n sweet talk her to go to holland & barrets. hahhahah.. sebbek sng nak pujuk. there, she talked to tis one lady bout her allergy n luckily the lady offered her a help(of course promote brg die dulu la kan) n suggested her to go to this one skin hospital. nanako chan was ok after dat n we went to starbuck n waited for nasya there. on d way tu jupe la ramai je org2 MELAYU. tp sume nye bajet diri tu hebat sgt la. sombong gile. ape la. bukannye cacat pn saying 'hi'. confuse2.. @ starbuck, chat2 for a while n me went back home.

at home, suddenly the mood all gone. planned to study a bit n kemas2 notes mane2 yg patut la kunun. in d end, bcoz i was soooo down, i just baring under d duvet n talked to my dearie roomie, brintha bout how i feel n then just sleep. such a waste. hehehhehe... brintha said dat im thinking too much. shud not bother bout all the petty things. but wat can i do. im not working n i dun haf class every single day. all i can do is sit at home, n go nuts. hehhehe..

hurm2.. still cant believe dat i miss magec's big day. magec!!!!! sedeynye..

Sunday, September 03, 2006

today i went out wif bunch of cool gurlfwens; ziet, zuen, nana n zaila. thx guys!! really had a great time. for a while, i did forget bout dat scumbag n slutty bitch. seriously. n thx to zaila for cooking us delicious fud tonite. mmg bes. 2 thumbs up. muahhh!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


how's d new skin? eheheh.. still searching for a new skin tho. me kinda bz these few days. trying me best to settle down a.s.a.p so dat i can 'enjoy' living ere in dis irish land. it's getting cold n cold each day. makes me miss my family even more. hate winter!! cold n gloomy. luckily me class has started. at least me dun haf time to think bout sad things. anyway, wanna thx zaila for giving me a book titled '1003 great things to smile about'. appreciate it sooooo much. thx! thx! thx!

not forgetting, HAPPY BURPDAY to my dear fren SHABBY n my lovely roomie BRINTHA. hope u guys live long enuf to enjoy all the great things dat life can bring. thx for always be there for me. threw a surprise party for shabby. it was zaila's idea actually. me n kak wani juz bought d cake n prepared for the party. the cake was superb. n the party went well. thx to everyone. come to think of it, it's kinda hard to believe dat we r growing older. time surely moves so fast. im 23 years old now. 23? two and three. no more kiddo i believe. still act like one tho. in these 23 years, me havent done anything grand yet. nadaa.. not a thing dat i can remember for the rest of my life. even scarier, now im still studying n still depending on family to support me. how pathetic. hopefully things can get better as time moves on. dun wanna be a burden to the family. pray for me dear friends.

huuuhhh.. seriously need to plan my life ahead. enuff wif staying wif scumbag dat promised me lotsa things but cant even fulfill any of it. mebe this is a tight slap from god reminding me not to get involved wif dat fella anymore. sad? lost? lonely? erm...not really. just feel betrayed n fooled. how the hell did i just stick n stand him this few years. wasting lotsa time, energy, money n etc etc. not dat i mind all that but juz cant accept how people can really betray u after all those memories, efforts n times spent together. n for her, mebe u dun feel anything now, but what goes around comes around. juz remember that for the rest of ur life. dun blame time. n dun say dat it all happened juz like that without u guys knowing it. nonsense. the truth is, it needs two hands to clap. kalu tak menggedik, lalat tak datang menghurung. isnt it? enuf said. hope u happy wif ur life. n pls dun cross mine. or else u will remember it for ur whole entire life. i mean it!!

last week we had a bbq party. it was a housewarming party actually. all went well. thanks to everyone for coming especially for all the cooks i.e. kak wanie, brintha, zaila, nana, hussin, azam, amin, fydu, afiq n all. thanks so much. pls drop by our house anytime. hurm, enuf for today. hope everything goes well for me..n everyone. chow!!