Friday, September 22, 2006

firstly, wud like to thx nanako chan for helping me choosing dis nu skin. it's a bit to the left tho. but nevamind, i'll change it later if i have the time. i repeat, if i have the time. been very bz this couple of weeks. last week, had a full week classes(sort of)n this week had a bad flu n headache. it's getting colder. hate it. urghhhhhhhhh!!

thursday after class i went to dundrum wif nanako. something happened after class dat i dare not to share it here. bimbang akan mendatangkan aib pada sesapa. hehehhe.. it's funny tho. im kinda touched with d effort. i'll never forget the scene ever. kan nanako chan? awk la saksi. da tua2 nanti klu kite cite balik musti kite gelak besa. hahahhaha..

after that tido kat burgh hse(atas paksaan 2 eko hantu kacang).. the next day woke up sooo late n nanako chan had a very bad allergy. so she went to mercer court with a hope to get a shot to relief the rashes. muka da nak jd flowerhorn da. haha.. after a while she called me (dgn nada sebak) n said that she didnt get the shot. d doc didnt wanna gif her one. n he charged her 40euro just for saying 'i dunno how people got this allergy n i also dunno how to help. i just can recommend u to take piriton.' d bes part is the pills only cost her 5 euro. tak berbaloi tul la. nanako chan pn mmg da tau da kena amik pill tu dulu masa kat msia. adeehh... da la minah ni pn cried la in the middle of the road. me as usual, berlagak cool je la. tp dalam ati da cuak gak ni. so i tried to console her a bit n sweet talk her to go to holland & barrets. hahhahah.. sebbek sng nak pujuk. there, she talked to tis one lady bout her allergy n luckily the lady offered her a help(of course promote brg die dulu la kan) n suggested her to go to this one skin hospital. nanako chan was ok after dat n we went to starbuck n waited for nasya there. on d way tu jupe la ramai je org2 MELAYU. tp sume nye bajet diri tu hebat sgt la. sombong gile. ape la. bukannye cacat pn saying 'hi'. confuse2.. @ starbuck, chat2 for a while n me went back home.

at home, suddenly the mood all gone. planned to study a bit n kemas2 notes mane2 yg patut la kunun. in d end, bcoz i was soooo down, i just baring under d duvet n talked to my dearie roomie, brintha bout how i feel n then just sleep. such a waste. hehehhehe... brintha said dat im thinking too much. shud not bother bout all the petty things. but wat can i do. im not working n i dun haf class every single day. all i can do is sit at home, n go nuts. hehhehe..

hurm2.. still cant believe dat i miss magec's big day. magec!!!!! sedeynye..

Sunday, September 03, 2006

today i went out wif bunch of cool gurlfwens; ziet, zuen, nana n zaila. thx guys!! really had a great time. for a while, i did forget bout dat scumbag n slutty bitch. seriously. n thx to zaila for cooking us delicious fud tonite. mmg bes. 2 thumbs up. muahhh!!