Saturday, July 19, 2008

sabtu yg sunyi

ahh~~~it's saturday. and like peter told me last week, friday evening is grand but Saturday the whole day is the best!! who can deny it? i couldnt agree more. i am staying at home today. no plan to go out. na-ah. maybe tomorrow i will. today im not gonna leave the house. vegetating is the best hobby ever! ever ever!

been sick this couple of weeks. blaming on the weather but hell... who cares. i luv the weather at the mo. not too cold and not too hot. a bit windy and sometime showers for a few hours (mostly when im in the office). mebe the body cudnt adapt to the change. so used to coldness and wetness. suddenly it's sunny, bright and warm. tak bersyukur kahh?? eh tidak lahh..

august bank holiday is coming. as usual, i have to work. we are American based company so we never close during bank holiday. Hunny's family is planning for a get together in Cork. Tempting to go but i just cant. have never been to Cork tho. heard it's beautiful and of course the birth place of Titanic. Nevermind.... maybe next time. maybe...sigh~

got meself a nice Gucci sunglasses. since im not going anywhere for holiday this year (spent 3 weeks at home in Feb), i just tot that it's necessary to buy something for meself. pamper urself people say. and hunny gave me Versace Bright Cristal for me burfday!! thanks hunny. been eyeing that perfume since it first came out last year. owh.. sgt sukeeee... time kasih yg tak terhingga!! and Chloe's perfume from Aleia and Alany.. thanks cutieee... :-)

planning to go to Italy this coming christmas. still in planning stage tho. it's either Italy, Spain again or France. which one which one? entah2 terperap lg kat sini. heheheheee.. or maybe london? haa... talking bout london which reminds me of the news from Tasya about the UK gov is now going to impose a new rule for Malaysian to apply for a visa first before flying to UK. wtf? the reason being is too many false identities being caught at the airport and too many overstayed-malaysian in that country. i guess those stupid people just stripped off our privileges of not having to apply for any visas to go there. what a moron. double sigh~

browsed tru Yus's blog and saw the gath piccies. so nice to see them so happy. miss all the happy times in pumpkin. :-)