Tuesday, June 30, 2009

month end

as usual, month-end always made my day miserable. today was even worse. month-end plus TL on half day = hell. i came to work around 8am. feeling happy on the way to the office since the dart stn was not crowded at all. but the nightmare started when i set my foot in the building. i saw my TL running hi and lo for god knows why (mind you that it was fecking 8am?!!). then he came to me giving all his work-in-prog and endless list of meetings to attend. great! and Tuesday is not helping much because i promised AP to run the refund process every Tuesday and Thursday. Blimey! so from 9am i've been running here and there for meetings, dev testing and more meetings. no time for loo. not at all. nadaa!!

at 11am we had a little presentatn for my TL. he's getting married this Saturday (and he's gonna be off for 3 weeks). my manager bought him a nice wine cup and also a bottle of champagne. in his speech, he quoted,

'i'm getting married on the fourth of July. some people are having their independence day that day but unfortunately i'm losing mine.'

and everyone laughed. ok. they really love those kind of jokes about marriage. like what Simon wrote on the wedding card to my TL,

'down another one good man. prepare urself for all the unnecesary stuffs.'

hahahha.. they are all funny. god i will miss them. especially Simon who went to Sabah last year. and love love love malaysia satay. always promote other people to try and eat satay. :-)

ok la. enuf mengarut. saje je update juge sbb nk byk2 entry sket. nguahahahahahah... toodles!

Monday, June 29, 2009


ok... the ticker is up. i'm starting to count my days here. sad & excited at the same time. today my manager came to see me. she said it's such a big loss to not have me here. well... i have to do what i have to do. hunny has decided not to stay and going back is the only good thing i can think now. anyway i can't lose to not being with my mum now. as she complains to my sister that she's so old and lonely now. i have to go back. and i'm not planning to leave her again. i hope.... ever!

well... well. i have exactly two months to drag me bum every weekday morning to the office. i am going to miss all this but i am not sad to leave them behind either. they will be just another episode in my life. and today Kinga told me she passed her exam. and unexpectedly, she hugged me with joy! i'm startled at first but seeing her so happy made me happy as well. she thanked me for all the guides and good advices. apparently, i'm the one who made her took the exams at the very first place. and i'm the one who also so confident that she can do it. errr... i didnt mean to be such an inspiration to anybody.. i just advised her to take the exams so that she wont feel left behind (since everyone in the office is doing some professional papers at the moment. CA, ACCA, CIMA etc2). but she took me seriously and enrolled for the exams. now she's at par with everybody else and this December, she can sit for the ACCA third level exams. wonderful isn't it? i'm so happy for her. no wonder she didnt eat well during lunch time. i bet she was worried sick thinking of the result. good for her!

ok lah. mari kite tgk gamba plak. randomly picked from me lappie ok. enjoy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

june oh june

ok june ialah sudah mahu abes. tp baru ade 4 entries je. adoidoi! sgt pemalas. bkn ape. kdg2 di opis malu2 segan nk bukak blogspot. takut org tgk2 dr belakang & ingat i tade kje. blk uma slalu da mls nk updet. just check FB and main restaurant city (msh lg addicted) and tdo awal. oh rumah ni kul seploh sme da lena di ulit mimpi. so ade weekend aje yg available utk updet blog. tp tu pn kdg2 mls sbb byk lg bende lain nk buat. huhu...

so mari kite recap ape da jadi since i last posted below entry. erm2... street performance sgt menarik. tade la byk sgt tgk sbb

1. i tak ske crowded place. ditambah plak ngn case H1N1 nih. lagi la takut nk dok kt tmpt ramai org.
2. layan kakak n adik lagi bes.
3. tak phm sgt nk baca schedule performance tu. hahahah...

so ended up g tgk puppet show je. bes la mamat tu main. and sme penonton adelah sporting. gamba? urm... nti la tggu amik dr hunny. tp kakak n adik sgt cute dgn face painting! and tisha sgt gemuk dlm gamba. sigh~~

kemudian cerita bdayku. thn ni bday bes sbb ari gaji ialah ari yg sama ngn ari bday. and hunny bg ipod touch idaman & juge bunge yg sgt byk2!!! luv u loads hunny. sorry ye ssh sgt nk jpe ptg tu. bdk2 opis ajak g farewell drink utk Francois so tepakse g jap je. smpai uma ard 6pm, br la g dinner kt Thai Spice. tak sangka nk dpt ipod touch sbb tu terkedu je tgk adiah. terdiam bkn sbb tak ske. rs nk menjerit tp ade uncle&anty2 yg lovey dovey mkn kat tepi meja kite. xkn nk jerit. tersedak lak dorg. heheheh... thx again hunny. cinta tiada terhingga nih. :-))

then smlm g Brown Thomas utk summer sale! tade la beriya to be honest tp ended up bgn plg awal bersiap drpd org lain. hahhahah... itu bkn kerana excited ye. itu adelah sbb mau wee wee dan terjaga kul 6.30am! trus je mandi2 n siap2. smpt kat BT, rs pelik. mcm ni ke sale? (FYI xpenah g sale yg beriya tggu pg2. bese dtg da ala2 tghari n x ramai sgt org. so this is the first time). tp pelik sbb tade org pn? rupe2nye sme org da beratur dpn Gucci. eh tade la ramai tp ade la dlm 10 org. so kami beratur juge sbb ainul ialah die-hard-fan Gucci. lgpn Dior tak sale sgt. so beratur je la smbil burak2. and to my surprise, kami ialah beratur 45menet sblm dpt masuk. tp berbaloi je sbb i got myself a clutch and a handbag! clutch ialah sudah lama carik. maklum la nk blk msia msti byk kenduri. dr bwk handbag baik bwk clutch. so dpt la satu clutch. gamba xley tunjuk sbb nti ade jiran2 yg gossip lantas menyuruh hubby die beli jugak gune duit bonus. ehem! :-))

and it was 30% in Chanel. so our lady Chanel, siti dgn tak sengajanye membli 1 henbag yg super duper gojes! black & white, very the Chanel. pastu makan2 di yamamori smpna bdayku. that time Hunny & Jen ialah dtg join. and seafood cha-han mmg always the best. after that we went to Mothercare & SmithToys utk mummy zuen bli brg2 baby. smentara tgh sale ni, sme murah2. i mean electric breastpump ialah 50% off. so smlm regenye ialah E59! dan mummy jge bli carseat maxi-cosi yg sale kat Mothercare yg regenye E115. murah la kot. i pn tak tau. pening juge tgk zuen yg pening. i hope this entry will help me in the future. bley banding rege klu next time nk bli. ^o^

that's all. toodles!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

utang tag mamie :-)

Use Google image to find the answer to the questions below as rules. Choose images from the first page only and after that Tag 7 people.

1. wish
i soooooooooooooooo want this one - with one condition. i dont want to buy it myself! it must be a gift. *dreamy eyes* stiap kali tgk kat jln rs nk pengsan. klu byk2 keta lalu kat dpn mata msti dpt spot this one pnye. even from far!! (just to prove how i like it so much). oh wishing star!! pls gimme this one. *wish lg byk2 kali*

2. the city i was born in

jerantut!! oh ni ke rupe jerantut? ok bley tak tak penah pegi sana bile da besau ni. ye! sy lahir di jerantut pahang. itu sebabnye no di tgh2 IC sy ialah 06 for pahang. yeah! tp sejak lahir tak penah g tmpt tu lagi. hurm...

3. the city i'm working in

baile atha cliath!! that's dublin. tp actually bukan la kat area di atas ni. kat blackrock yg lebey kurang 15mins from the city itself. it's still in county dublin tho.

4. a place i'd like to travel to

viva Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!!! anyone??

5. a favourite house

any loft-style houses with big bedrooms, spacious kitchen and smart system. :-)

6. a favourite animal

meow meow. nuff said. :-))

7. 7 people i want to tag

  • whoever wants to do it. it's fun. good way to kill ur time.
  • ayu (wey ko da kena tag 2 kali da ni wey. aku ngn mamie. hehe)
  • atart
  • nona
  • cik yan
  • kak wan
  • kak nannoor
  • kak nina
eh da lebey da tu. ahahhaha... sila la buang mase spt sy. :-))

here goes

woke up this morning with a serious stomach cramp. adui adui... sgt mengganggu tdo di pg sabtu. skg jam suda pkl 12 tghari. mata da ngantuk blk. tp janji nk kua ngn hunny kul 1.30. bummer!! spoil program ari ni. terpakse la thn kantuk smpi ptg which can lead to severe headache. :-( however we plan to go and check out this year's street perfomances event. xpnh pegi lg walopn da 3 thn kat sini. so since we are planning to go back for good, why dun just see this one before it ends tomorrow. ainul kata die nampak smlm ade sorg mamat tu bley buat sandwich ngn kaki. gross!! tp itu la street performance kan? ofis ainul adelah mengadap merrion square sbb tu bley nampak begitu shj. hurm... menarik... ok ok. jgn lyn skt perut spy bley pegi dgn gembiranye. chaiyo! will update the photos later. toodles!!

ps: to all j's... walopn aku org terakhir tau. tp aku sgt2 gembira!!!! yeayyyyy!!!! :-))

Friday, June 12, 2009


just got the email from Sports and Social club confirming this year's BBQ party. the theme is 80's. oh how i detest dressing up! yeah i know it is not compulsory to dress up but people will look at you like you are some kind of freak. Kristof is not going, and Kinga too. just perfect for me to decide not to go. plus i dun like to see me colleagues getting drunk and do all the unnecessary stuffs. i definitely dun want to see people dancing on the table again... naked! if you dun know the naked person, it's alright. but if the naked dude is the person whom you always sent emails to, it's a bummer!

  1. last event that i can join in this company
  2. last chance to meet everyone before August
  3. can socialise with more people
  4. to stop Glenn from sending me trillion emails asking me to join the party (sshnye klu dpt kwn yg jd ahli committee nih. arggghhhh!!)
  5. i have no more excuses to give (tak pnh lg join ape2 event thn ni dgn sejuta alasan - mostly study kunun. ni da abes exam ni da tatau nk kasi alasan ape. tamo di cop anti-social)


  1. hate to opt for vege food. (i dont even eat vegetables)
  2. hate it when people ask me 'just coke?'
  3. 80's? mlsnye nk pk nk pakai ape. hishh!
  4. hate to see stupid drunk colleagues
  5. hate it when my clothes all smell like alcoholic beverages shop
  6. hate to take cab at nite after the party
  7. pity hunny because i am 120% sure he'll be restless and keeps on calling me every 15 minutes. :-))
  8. benci bau pub yg mcm dlm stor lama tu.

oh i guess that's it. more cons than pro. yg penting no 7 itu. hehe.. ok.. i will hit the button 'not attending' now. hehehe... kan senang klu buat analysis begini. xyah pening2 da.

ps: cik orked... lagi da bes exam ni lg mls nk update. oh byknye bende nak buat. baca buku cite, tgk DVD2 terkumpul, layan muvi kat UGC, kluar makan, g jupe double A sefamily, etc etc... :-))

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


sumpah pns gileeee!! da 3 ari mcm ni. i know the fact that i am going back to malaysia in 3 months time so i shouldnt complain. but this is different. back there we have air-cond and at least fan!! here? we have nothing! pns yg sbenar ni. am not complaining. just want to share. hurmm... at least i got to see snowy winter and hot summer in Ireland before i go. :-)

anyway... HAPPY BDAY KAK AIDA!!!! smoga pnjg umur murah rezeki. aminnn... :-))