Tuesday, March 31, 2009

happy bday buddy

happy bday miss yusnida yusof. let's grow old together. eh... i mean. friends forever. ha ha... nti share la cite bday ko ye. actually this morning i wanted to wish you in the email trail but for some bizarre reasons (ehem) i just forgot to do it. (terharu mgkin korg nak bwk atart g putrajaya) huhuhu...



Sunday, March 29, 2009

happy bday lil cutie pie

entry teramat la basinye tp nk bubuh gak. i spent last weekend at mommy aida's hse to help with kakak's bday party preparation. i didnt do much (sorry mommy!) for i was busy with kakak and adik. while mommy was busy cooking downstairs, kakak was also busy preparing mother's day card for mommy. awwww~ how sweet. trust me. it wasnt me who put the idea into her head. and she's only 3!! (i dont remember being so sweet and prepared any card for me mom when i was 3. or 4 or 5). who knows? but i dont think so. or else me mom would've talked about it over and over again. (chiss ku sgt tak sweet mase kecik2). ok back to the card. not only one but 2!!! she put stickers and asked me to write 'happy mother's day mommy' at the front of the card and then she drew her mommy's face at the back of the card (mommy prasan tak?). she was being careful choosing the stickers she wanted to put there. plg chummel bile kakak kata 'mommy tak ske pig. pig dirty.' i was like 'what a smart girl'. and bile da siap, beriya2 nak sorok kad2 tu takut mommy jupe. hehehhe..

ok the next day, she dressed up as the princess mermaid. and Lina put on some make up for her. xsangka cpt mase berlalu. rs kakak mcm da besar sgt! i dont have so many pictures of her that day. but i do have this one. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ALEIA HANNA!!!

princess aleia. :-)

hunny with kakak n adik

oh and happy birthday to you too imsukis. balik nti kite gossip2. hahahahahahah...

and also, last week was the last week we worked in the ever new building. sob2... we are moving to the old building as the headcounts have been reduced significantly. as a result of the recession of course. we had to pack up all the stuffs and put stickers on them so that they will be moved to the right place. my number is 17 and i am going to sit beside Kristof. so tomorrow i will work in a new environment. hope it's nice and comfortable. and in this nearly two years working with this company, i've been moving places for the second time now. when i first joined, we worked in the third block then we were moved to the first block. and now we are moving to the second block. so basically, i've been working in all three building within two years. wow... tak sangka. i believe i will read this entry in the future when i'm no longer working there and say 'itu la tmpt kje ku dulu' <--tetibe emosi. 5 more months lads. then i'm off. iskk...

bye2... :-(

Monday, March 23, 2009

i am

on half day today. heheheh... mata pns xbley blah. 12noon emailed boss asking permission to go home early and he approved. oh well... what's the point keeping me there anyway? i looked like half zombie and half sleeping beauty (oh prasannye!!). hilang focus and cume tringatkan bantal and duvet di rumah. ah enaknye tdo ptg td. huu~~

on the way home just now, i bumped into this one old lady. irish. and old. and also nice. so you can imagine the irishness in her words. and the seems-like-zillion-words-in-one-sentence conversation. i was struggling trying to catch all her words and luckily the lip reading technique worked! she asked me how to go to Golden Disc. me being a very good citizen (ceeewah) walked her to the Frascati Shopping Mall. ok. imagine the slow walk here guys. i'm not complaining but i'm just saying that by walking slowly like that i came to realise so many things that i've never seen there (bley x?). bley ke tak tau pn slama ni kat situ ade topshop juge (dlm ati slalu ingat betapa kodi nye mall tu. hheheheh). thanks to the slow walk, i managed to read the signboard that shows all the outlets there.

i asked the granny (pandai2 aku je), where is she from. and she said she's from blackrock. what? i suddenly felt the panic rush and started to imagine things. nanti tau ke die ni nak balik. die ni ade short term memory loss ke? sape plak aku nak call suh amik die ni balik kang? but as if she can read my mind, she said 'don't worry lil lady, i know how to go back.' with a silly-you smile on her face. tersipu2 gue di situ. :-)

when we reached the Mall, i confidently walked to the centre of the mall just to see that the shop has been closed!!!!!!!!!!!!! bummer! pnye la da lama tak jalan situ, tak tau pn da tutup. mke da gelabah gile. takut lak nenek (pandai2 aku lg) ni kata aku tipu die lak. nenek tu tgk gue, gue tgk nenek tu. senyum je la mampu aku beri. of course with trillion sorries as well. but she was just smiling and say 'no, thank you'. and tetibe je kata die mmg nak g post office kat blakang tu. nk sdpkn ati gue kah? thank you nenek! she also said 'god bless'. erm... she made my day. dr gue rase gloomy zombie tu kpd rase nak senyum je spanjang pjlnn balik tu. hihihihihi... moral of the story

  • jgn nak assume klu org tu tua, die ade memory loss ke ape ke? entah2 nenek tu awal2 lagi da pegi situ tp die tgk kedai tu tutup. sbb tu die tanye in case klu ade lg shop tu kat tmpt lain. tp die tak bgtau plak yg die da g situ. and mase gue jln nk ke mall tu pn die tak kata ape2 pn. best ke jln ngn gue? :-))
  • time lunch tu bwk2 la keluar jln2 sket. asek g canteen je. br la tau kedai da ttp ke ape ke. kan da malu di situ. haha...
  • slalu la tlg org2 tua. (xde kaitan)
ok... ni br nk update sket on our trip to Trabolgan, Cork. it was a blast! (ayat cliche). but it really was! we started the journey to Cork as early as 6am! everyone was excited so there was no sleepy or grumpy faces around. it was a four hours journey and me, hunnny, tasha n fydu were in the same car (taking turn on who should sleep and who should entertain the driver - to make sure the driver doesnt fall asleep. i failed. slept almost half of the journey. isk2). Faiz, azam, jemey and didac were in the other car. Faiz and tasha made yummylicous nasi lemak while me and hunny prepared the sandwiches and fried chicken. btw, this was a budget getaway. so we kept the cost as low as possible. no eating out.

there was one funny story about a designer outlet. you know whenever we (i mean most of the malaysian here) go out from Dublin to some place for holiday. we must find or at least accidently find any outlet be it factory outlet or designer outlet for some good price goods. but we didnt expect that this time because we thought that we were just there to relax and chill out. but otw to Trabolgan, we saw one BIG signboard saying 'designer outlet in 200m'. everyone in the car was excited to see the outlet. but funnily, the outlet is just an old, small and ugly looking building. so we made fun of it. saying that 'msti blarney wool je kot ade kat situ. or maybe instead of bobbi brown, die ade boobi browne. or christion dior.' those kind of jokes. so we ignored it and continue the journey. we told the other car about this so-called designer outlet when we reached the village and still making fun of it. on the way back, jemey decided why dont we give it a shot. just see what's in there. we were laughing at jemey to give such a decision. however we still pulled over at that place. to our surprise, they do have Ralph Lauren and all those branded stuffs. haaa... ternganga sme org. waakkakakakakaaa... and Faiz rembat kasut satu. kena sedas kitorg ni kat btg idong. tu la. mengutuk skn je keje nye. blk tu jemey dgn bangga kata 'sebbek ade aku.' ah ah ah....

ok la. enough blabbering, here are some pictures.

first stop. benti isap okok dlu. driver barai mata ngntuk gile. pekena okok sebatang. apekah?? azam juge tgh tgk satnav. takut2 sesat.

pemunggahan makanan. didac seorg vegetarian cekak pinggang tgk org mlayu mkn sambal ikan bilis. 'i can't believe you guys killed small fish. they are all crying in your stomach'. haha... ape2 la didac. yg pasti anda tambah nasi lemak 2 kali. kuang kuang kuang...

itu dia ayam goreng rangup enak. tipuu.. da tak rangup da. bantai je la labuu..

fydu bermuram durja setelah tidak dpt mengalahkan azam dlm go kart round pertama. buat mke stress sket. hahaha... (org lain tgh tgk gamba2 aksi yg di ambil jemey)

fydu beberapa saat slps memotong azam and juge beberapa saat sblm memotong hunny pule. :-)

mke puas ati xbley blah bile da menang

me watching hunny snapping some photos of the yucky stuffs in the water.

this is the yucky horrible stuff. see the tentacles? euwww...

ape la ko buat tu fydu. org lain da maintain boy-band da tu. hehehhehhe...

gamba aksi rawak

percubaan meng'sun-tan' kan kulit

aksi rawak 2 <--kelihatan hunny menconquer gamba.


sbb terlampau byk sgt dok kat bwk chy matahari. gue mendapat byk freckles baru. demmit!!

it's nearly 11pm. tuan puteri kna beradu. hehehehe... toodles!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

it's nearly over!!!

hari ni terasa diri menjadi org yg sgt berguna utk bangsa, negara dan agama. hahahah... tade kaitan. i woke up at 9 and prepared to go to scool. i couldnt describe how sleepy i was in the class. nontheless i still stayed until the end of the session. hoooray!! i'm proud of myself. i didnt daydream for even a sec. i didnt go to KebabKlub altho my craving over the quarter pounder was undescribable. i walked all the way to and fro scool. what else? oh yah... i didnt waste my time checking out stuffs at grafton st today. so.... hip hip hooray!! went home and tidy up my room. played wii just to upgrade myself to a pro status (tp xdpt pn. tgn sakit gile tak bley blahh). and now i am already under my duvet ready to sleep. tp xjpe hunny langsung rini sbb die busy jamming ngn band members die. the semi-final for the battle of the band-emergenza festival is going to be held next month. so harus la jamming tiap2 mggu. i decided not to join because last week Bud told me to buy the ear pluck if i still want to keep my ear for the rest of my life. mmg sgt kuat ok!!! lps abes tgk dorg practice msti kepala rase tingtong.

isk... it's already 11 now. gotta go to sleep. cant wait for monday to end. hehhehehehehe...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

happy saturday

since the very morning, i'm here lying on my bed doing nothing. tgk2 gossip sket, blog hopping sket, tgk rege tiket sket etc2. sgt tak membina. and both of my hands feel so sore for playing wii sport with hunny yesterday like mad. da lama x main rs bes lak. sbb beriya2 berlawan smpai tak reti2 nak stop, bgn pg ni rase xley nk angkat tgn. eventho i can never beat him in tennis, i am still the champion for bowling. wihuu!! and my fitness test shows that i am a 33 years old lady but better than hunny who is indeed a 55 years old atok. hahahhaah... bajet hebat la pukul bola baseball smpai home run huh? tgk2 b lg muda dr hunny. yippee!!

i miss home so bad. can't wait to be honest. 5 months seem so long. owh have i told you that i've booked my ticket? it's going to be on the 1st of september and i'll arrive in KLIA at 12.30pm, the next day. told Simon that i'm going home flying Cathay Pacific. will transit at amsterdam and hong kong before finally touch down at KL. he said Cathay Pacific isn't so bad. i hope he's right. have never tried other airlines. hope this is way better than KLM. thanks kak aida for telling us about the ticket promotion. :-)

to tell you the truth, i still can't see the future yet. not that i can visually 'see' the future. what i mean is i still dont know how is it going to be after the wedding. what is the plan and what am i going to do there. it is still so vague and unclear. so far, i only know that we'll go back on the 1st of Sept and start busying ourselves with the W preparation until the W day itself. A week after that, maybe we are going to spend our time with kakak n family to the max. on the 09th of Oct we are flying back to hong kong and visit the Disneyland until the eleventh. and after saying our goodbyes to kakak and family (sob sob), we are flying to Langkawi maybe to relax. what will happen after that, i still dont know. nk keje katne, nk tggl mane, nak sewa uma cane, sme tade dlm pikiran. it makes me feel a bit excited on what to come. heheheh... but mind you that i am also a very organised lil lady as what Matt always calls me. so all this uncertainty do make me feel a tiny bit nervous and uncomfortable apart from that excitement.

wokes... enough about that. i already have a line up of places to go before Sept. harus lah tak dtg europe lg lps ni. buhsan. so baik jln2 sebaik mgkin. so here goes

march 17th : Trabolgan and Cork city
april 11th - 12th : Brussels
may 16th - 18th : Paris
june, july & aug : yet to be discussed

i really wish to go back to barcelona and amsterdam one more time before i go home *crossed fingers*. and also milan (as suggested by kak aida) and madrid and alhambra and prague and zurich and oslo and greece. ah byknye~~ smpt ke ni? arghhhh!!!!

ps: kak aida klu ade plan nk jln2 and nk ktorg tag along, kasitau la ye. hehehhehehe... i ske je travel ramai2 nih. :-)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

update sket sblm balik ni

yesterday we gathered around at hunny's hse to bid our goodbyes to Amin & Zuen and also wishing them the very best of luck and happy journey for their wedding next week. there were of course the house members; usin, azam, fydu n hunny and also me, tasya, anna, lina, pono, tempe n fendi. usin sang a few wedding songs while hunny n fydu played the guitars. it was fun i can say. i can see zuen blushed while amin proudly showed his 'i-am-cool' look. dun forget the joget-lambak-tak-jadi by fydu and ended up just doing the rota-rota-rangup-enak dance (have you ever watch that ad on TV? it's the eqyptian-like dance. ah forget it). fydu is a funny guy anyway and i've seen him dancing like that so many times. even when we are crossing the road, he'll do his best to imitate the green man pedestrian green light's shape (like below). and walk like that all the way to the other side of the road. embarrassed? big no-no. that's just fydu. always made my day. :-)

that's not the point. what i am trying to tell you is, while everybody was there last nite, they watched the football game together with full enthusiasm and passion. (owh.. jeritan GOAL!! itu sgt memeranjatkan). that was the first time i've ever seen hunny watching a football game. tringat kpd tag di bwh. and quickly i told him about the tag questions and how i cant answer some of them yadaa yadaa yadaa. suddenly the conversation turned into a serious discussion and i asked him to try it. byk juge kantoi. adoi la kitorg ni... kna byk lg study nih... ha ha. byk juge jawapan2 hunny yg klaka2. well, ade seumur hidup lagi nak berkenalan (klu diizinkn tuhan). so chaiyo!! (skg da ade jawapan yg hakiki da utk sme soklan2 tu. jwpn yg first tu sbenanye die ske je tgk tv. kebetulan die ske cite yg sama ngn i. i ingat die slalu tgk ape yg i tgk. prasan di situ. wakakakka. hunny ttp rock juge).

ape2 pn at first rase pelik nape hunny xbgtau yg his favorite team is MU. sbb sumpah xpnh tgk hunny beriya2 nak tgk bola. rs mcm apesal sorok2 xnk bgtau ni? tp pastu baru rase syukur yg at least he never fails to see me even if his team is playing. so xpe lah xtau. lg bgs pn xtau. nxt time g je manchester klu kemaruk sgt. LOL

ok ari ni ade class. owh sgt warm in the office. akibatnye... ngantuk gile da ni. in half an hour im heading home. yahooo..! eh not home. i'm heading to grafton st. nak cr brg and dating sket ngn hunny. untung2 ley tgk die mkn salad. wakakaakakak...

ps: i can hear birds singing outside. THE SPRING IS COMINGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'll update on what i did on saturday. hopefully with pictures. :-))

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Rules:Here’s a chance to see how well you really know your husband/boyfriend/lover. Cut, paste and fill in the answers, then shoot, you know what to do. The real challenge is to send it to your husband/boyfriend/lover to see how right you really are.

1. He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
he's not a fan of TV so he would never switch it on if he's alone. normally he'll only watch if i'm watching it. so the answer would be watever i'm watching. hehehheehheehhehehehehhehee... you rock hunny!

2. You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
salad? ewww... i xmkn salad. i've never seen him eating salad either. cane nih? italian sauce la kot if he ever eats one.

3. What’s one food he doesn’t like?
lamb! sggup kelaparan nih asalkan daging kambeng xmasuk perut. ngehngehngeh...

4. You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
always coke.

5. Where did he go to high school?
SM Sri Garing. bak kata hunny 'skola i tak glemer cam laboo'. sbb tu la ingat. :-)

6. What size shoes does he wear?

7. If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
music instruments!!!!!! penuh da satu bilik.

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
ok kt sini tade choice lain slain tuna. xtau la feveret ke tak. hehehe...

9. What would this person eat every day if he could?
anything i cook. ah bangga~~

10. What is his favorite cereal?
cornflakes with sugar.

11. What would he never wear?
baju2 bersaiz S from Topshop n Burton. hehehehhehehehehehehhehehee...

12. What is his favorite sports team?
erkk... kantoi tak tau. mcm tak ske tgk bola je rasenye.. aisehhh... kena kaji blk nih.

13. Who did he vote for?
erm... Fine Gael kot. eh.. tade la. xvote sape2 kot. xpnah cite pn.

14. Who is his best friend?
keyboards die. guitars die. segala mala jenis mic die. imac die. iphone die. 002 die. mixer die. last skali br i kot? iskk!

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
manjang PMS je. :-))

16. What is his heritage?
ok-owh.. xtau la. ade india sket kot. (sbb tu slalu claim dirinye gelap)

17. What is his favourite colour?
kantoi lagi. xtau la. rase sme pn bley kot?

18. What is his habit?
ape ye... erm..... haa... goyang2 kaki klu duduk or gosok2 kaki kat karpet klu tgh melunjur. dlm erti kata lain, kaki die xley benti tergedik2. ha ha...

19. What is he proud of?
his studio.

20. Lastly, do you think he will read this?
only if i ask him to. and i will. ngeeeeee.....

lorrr... byk jgk yg tak tau ni. kantoi gile rase. nontheless, kami ttp bahagia. (overnye ayat). so sape2 rs nk buat, buat la. tamo nak tag sape2. lgpn most org2 yg nk di-tag telah di tag oleh ayu. ade kje sket nih. jap g update lain la. (klu smpt). toodles!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

ringkasan cerita

hmmpphh... so many things to write but so little time to do so. here's the recap for everything.
  • had my first class last saturday. i was like a zombie in class. pantang ade break, trus je letak kpale ats meja n tido. class started at 0930 and ended at 1700. can you imagine? da la the week before keje mcm gile. penat tak tertahan2. tp disebabkan azam baru nak pass, terpakse gagahkan juge. tp x ramai pn dlm class. mgkn sbb sme org da lari g independent college. siyan JB. rasenye tak smpi 30 org pn dlm class. normally it would be around 50-70 people in his class. i call it a double whammy. recession + threat from new entrantS = less students in class. oh well. the good part is we had a fabulous session that day. this time i am taking Corporate Reporting. so we basically study all the financial standards and how to apply it in a corporate level. so with all the hot stories about banks nowadays, we have few very good examples to take on board. and there is this one guys who i think works in a bank, he was so defensive everytime JB talked about corruption in banks, dishonest directors, toxic assets in bank and etc. his personal opinion is Financial Standards started all that. he personally blames the standards for collapsed and crumpled banks. the reason being is 'FAIR VALUE IN ASSETS - FRS 7'. all big companies are supposed to value their asset at fair value in other words at market value. so in this worst economic period, you can guess the value of the assets. of course it will be reflected in the company's book. so the accounts look bad, the overall profit looks bad. with the directors being bad. hehe... bam! smenye baaaaad. tp mamat tu still salahkan standards sampai la nearly bertekak gk ngn JB. it was fun tho. at least tade la boring je class tu. :-) dpt la tgk JB glabah sket. owh mr.potato yg sgt chummel.
  • then after class, walked home, i repeat walked home from Aungier st to Foley st alone. da la ngn buku2 berat. budus DBs suh collect buku ari tu jgk. tade org nk tlg i pikul buku sebeban. :-) nak amik bus tak tau ktne. tau bus 151 yg kt seberang sungai. tp nk jln ke bus stop tu pn da ala2 lebey kurang blk uma je. so menapak la balik uma. nk amik cab xley sbb traffic gile membabas. sbb ari tu ade rugby game between England & Ireland. di sana sini org pakai bj ijau n merah. kang tak psl2 cab charge tripple plk. smpai uma je kena bersiap2 utk hen party. owh.. zuen is getting married on the 20th. so saje la buat hen party utk die. tak ramai pn jemput. but it was a blast. i made a banoffee pie. total success! yummylicious. mlm tido sgt nyenyak. x ingat ape da. gossip ngn siti n zuen smpai tak sedar bile tertido. hheheheh... oh yeah. i loike.
  • sunday xbuat pape. amazingly i woke up at 0900! gile cpt. sme pn terkjt and ct buat mke yg sgt amazed. tu la. i pn xsgka bgn awl. ingat nk bantai smpai kul 1 ke 2 ke. tp terbgn awl lak. so borak2 lg ngn dorg pstu sme org masuk ke gua nk tdo balik. bdn pnt gile tak ingat. kul 12 tu uma da senyap je sbb sme continue tdo. at 3 hunny rang asking me to wake up. ajak tgk muvi. we watched PUSH which i dont really like. too many characters. and quite complicated. balik uma n tdo lagi. besnye tdo.:-))
  • monday start pose. sy bernazar pose 30 ari klu pass paper P3 ari tu. so monday baru start. it was a success. berpuasa dgn jayanye. rase perut bersih je. hehehhehe..
  • yesterday ialah cuti day. went to GNIB to renew my visa. dpt renew lg setahun! yeay!!! tp cume dpt gune smpi august je la kot. so cik yus mari kite cpt2 plan nak g mane. barcelona jom? nanti aku checkkan tiket sme. pstu kite list down option ape yg ade ok??
  • today pose juge. and i have class at 1815 to 2145. great! da bwk bekal actimel dlm beg. xsaba nk buka pose. sdp nye actimel. yummy!