Friday, March 05, 2010

2 dlm 1


I have a confession to make. I AM ALREADY BORED WITH MY JOB! How’s that?? Maybe at the start of my career here, I was so busy and also pushed to the max to learn things fast. Of course I didn’t know a thing initially and certainly everything became so interesting to do. But now things are getting more routine and repetitive. I guess I don’t like doing the same thing again and again. I love to discover new things. I love challenges and new problems to solve. I’m not saying that I know everything here in details. I absolutely don’t but doing what I am doing now; I don’t think I can learn more that what I’ve known. That’s the problem working in a big company. You only got to do just a small piece of work. Which is not really significant on its own? Ok2. Maybe this is the PMS talking. I should be grateful to have an easy job like this. Good pay, easy tasks, flexible hours, casual attire, near to home… what else do I want?? Nothing is perfect in this world. You got to lose some to gain some. Aishah… bersyukur!!! Ok focus focus…. Fuuuuuuuuhhhh~~

Yesterday hunny pinjam dvd from Chong Yew. (erkkk… tajuk tak ingat). Die da tgk separuh kt opis (exam week… lecturer bley berjimba. Cheh… jeles~) sbb tu la hunny ade mase nk lyn dvd lak. Huhu… tp halfway thru, die stop tgk immediately. Chong Yew pn tanye la asal stop. Ini jwb hunny;

‘cite ni bes gile. Kalah cite the pianist tu. So I want to watch it with my wife’

Huuuuuu… how sweet. Then trus kena ejek jiwang karat ngn chong yew kt opis. Siyannye. Heheheh.. thx hunny. Sorry la despite u berusaha bersungguh tahan nk tgk dvd tu smpi abes, I still flat dpn tv halfway thru. Cite tu yg tgk I bkn I tgk die. Ampun la byk2. ngeh3…

Spt bese. Luv luv u loads!!!


nothing much happened yesterday. Everything as usual. Woke up at 6am, breakfast at home, left home at 7.30, arrived at the office at 7.55am, browse internet for news and updates and then work work work until hunny came to pick up at 6.45pm. so as this morning. Everything is the same. Mcm robot kah? Sikit la. Except I went to intan’s house yesterday. To play with two cute lil kittens as well as passing the ‘roses’ (choc) to her. (medium size roses shu charged 2 pounds aje.. murah gile. Cik orked, klu kt Dublin roses kotak biru yg medium size tu bape?nape rs cam 7euro?) then tgk cite antu phobia 2 yg tak seram and later hunny jemput balik uma smula. Walopn 2 blocks je rumah kami, hunny insisted to fetch me up. Alasannye? Skg ni byk kes rogol. Xley take things for granted. Nanti menyesal tak sudah. Heehehehe… tambah point utk hari2 jatuh cinta (ok sile muntah). Smpi uma trus kaput tdo tak ingat pnye. Ini la balasan bgn pg ahad pukul 6. seminggu liat nk bgn pagi plus mlm2 cam org mabuk bile jam cecah kul 10 mlm. Ok ahad ni chaiyo bgn lambat. Hiyaahh!!

Arini tade plan. Kemungkinan kul 10 da kaput juge. Miahahhahaha… ape nk buat esok? Lepak2 saje di rumah. Eh entry ni btl2 tunjuk tahap kebusanan kt opis tahap gaban. Ari ni last closing so nxt week bley start buat recon. Hopefully next week tak boring lg. haihhh~~

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


ok da lama tak hapdet. byk sgt perkara berlaku start from early february. mari ringkaskn.

  1. pndah uma baru di KD. hooyyyeeeehhhh!
  2. went for a picnic at PD during CNY with ibu, ayah, syikin, fika and kak yah sefamily. awesome!
  3. seremban's family came to house twice since we couldnt drive long journey. double yeehaaa!!
  4. put downpayment for our own car. ehehehehhe...
  5. went karaoke-ing with usin n tasha. cool!
  6. memasak cupcakes dgn jayanye. bangge2.
  7. get bored at work - im so dont like routine works. yikess!
  8. announced ACCA affiliate after 3 times sittings for the same paper. i beat you bitch! hahahaha...
  9. bought a new vacuum cleaner after the old one blew up for sucking too much drill dust. eh xpnh tau pn vacuum takley sedut drill dust byk3. uhukuhuk..
  10. admission of a new member to J's clan - lil Qalif Ayman. welcome to the club u cutie pie..
  11. celebrated magec's bday at chillis. da tua da magec. ngeh3...
  12. menang bet ngn abg azril sbb berjaya bgn awal and smpi RR rawang before 9am!!! critenye begini... mlm tu sme org janji nk jupe kt RR rawang kul 9.30am esoknye sblm bertolak ke Trolak. then abg azril bet dgn ibu yg family kami akan lambat. but we proved him wrong alrighty! kul 6 lg da bgn siap2. rs mcm ari keje lak. hehehehehe...
tade da kot cite lain. sme cam bese. as for yesterday, I made Kuih Seri Muka for hunny. first time ni beb. and alhamdulillah jadi plak. the day before yesterday, we went to Gi*nt to buy some stuffs. pstu kt side kuih2 tu hunny nmpk Kuih Seri Muka and die tgk2 kuih tu pstu kata 'mahal plak klu nk bli. kecik2 sgt.'

so dgn azam yg kuat + kemalasan kt opis, i pn google la resipi nk buat kuih itu. balik je keje, while hunny was busy in his studio, i cooked the below for him. ngeeeeeeeeeeee... *clap2*

and breakfast pg ni, hunny telah memakan 9 ketul kuih itu (this explains the stomach.. huhuhu). asalkn hunny mkn dgn gembira and appreciate sme yg dimasak oleh me, i am soooo much happier than ever. thanks hunny... luv luv!!!