Friday, October 30, 2009

it's nearly done now

hi all!! since there'll be no internet over there at the new home, i'll upload the pictures later. i didnt snap any pictures during the unloading time. it was damn busy and crowded and not to mention the dust and teared boxes were killing me!! huhuuhu...the electrical stuffs came first. it was no problemo since nothing to be assembled there except for the water heater and air-cond. i so love them stuffs. :-))

then pian came with the second lorry. yeayy!!! our stuffs from dublin are here! owh i miss my clothes, my handbags, my shoessss and more importantly my DVDs collection. 21 boxes altogether so imagine how many times pian and hunny had to go up and down. pancet pakcik. hahaha... xpe2. exercise sket perut irish tu. :-))

around 5-ish, the last lorry came. by 7pm, everything was ready to be used. hooray!!! suddenly the apartment looked so full. but i still didnt shoot any pictures since it didnt look so nice yet. so many things on the floor plus hidir and wifey came to visit us that night (they live in block E - leganye ade jiran yg dikenali). both me and hunny went to bed around 2am after done unpacking half of the boxes. i couldnt sleep well tho thinking about where to put what and how to organise stuff so they'll be easy to find and this and that and those... pukul 4 br ley lelap. OCD yg sgt kuat nih. hahahha...

the next day, we had our breakfast at mcD (yummy yummy) and went straight to tesco. we budgeted to spend only rm500 and again we exceeded until rm600++. what's wrong with us? hahaha... and mind you the prices of the stuffs. ye la kat sana da bese amik spagethi byr pakai duit sekeping je. sini berkeping2 kau. culture shock sekejap. huhuhu...

eh alamak hunny nk gerak da. we are going back to our home sweet home today to continue cleaning up. mlm ni ade gathering ngn ex-dubliners. now i dont have any problem on what to wear. *wink*


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

home sweet home

alhamdulillah... we finally got our keys today. what keys? the keys to our first new apartment together!!! yippeeee!! we went there around 1pm today to sign the agreement and also to clean up the place before we can load our stuffs. the apartment is quite big for just the two of us. 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. so hunny decided to make the biggest room as the master bedroom, the middle room is for prayer room and also for him to put all his gadgets in (this is the smallest room) and the last room is for guests. it's a first-hand house so you can imagine how clean it is (tak pyh nak cat2). alhamdulillahhh... eh tp maseh undecided on which color to choose for our featured wall. will talk about this later.

this past few weeks we've been searching for the best deal on furnitures and household items. itu la sebab asek busy je. hari2 tak dok uma. heheheh... here's what we've been offered and we decided to take the offer. so here goes (in case any of you wants to check out the price if you're planning to settle down also).

total - rm 4,354.00
1 bedroom set for master bedrooms (including 2 pillows, bolster, mattress)
1 bedroom set for the guestroom
1 L-shaped sofa set (3-seater)
1 tv cabinet (6 inches)
1 glass dining table (6+1)
1 closed shoerack
1 stove cabinet

total - rm 5,550.00
1 fridge
1 microwave oven (convection)
1 washing machine
1 air-cond unit
1 water heater
1 2-burners stove

kachinngggg!! there goes most of the duit hantaran. hahaha... that's about it. these are the best prices we can get for the same brand and model. we went to more than two shops to compare their offers. i hope everything will fit in to the new home.

so cik oked, i can't wait to unpack my boxes from dublin. yg da kepam simpan lama kat warehouse tu. heheheh... esok baru la brg2 tu akan dihantar ke uma baru. the plan is to have all three lorries (GX's, furnitures and Bee Lee's) to deliver all stuffs tomorrow. tp stakat ni baru GX and Bee Lee je yg confirm. furnitures tu maybe on thursday. so i do hope everything goes well tomorrow.

so here are some of the pictures of the new home!!

will put more pictures after the full make over is done. heheheh... can't wait~~

Saturday, October 24, 2009


ok cpt2 update sbb terasa bc latest entry cik orked. heheheh... bz sgt ngalahkn PM la skg ni. x smpt2 nk update. ampunnn ye.. hahhahaha...

now it's 2 in the morning. we just came back from a blast and superb outing. it was hell of a full day. tiring but worth it. we went out as early as 10am to have breakfast (ahhh... heaven nye mkn roti sardin. yum yum). the initial plan was to start the day at 9am but well... bese la kami. tup tap tup tap... tetibe je da pkl 10am. so ayah changed the plan and asked us to proceed without him since he had something to do at 1pm. so after the big breakfast, we went to Ikea happily. ibu wanted to check out the glass cupboard and me and hunny planned to search for the stuffs that missed to buy in Dublin (due to lack of good planning as well as shortage of stocks). budget = not more than rm500 for anything that we like there. so berbekalkn kecekalan di dada, ktorg pn jln la kt situ. first item, rm9.90. ok la. hope to get more stuffs like that. dlm kepala calculate dlm euro. gile i know. tp nk tau jgk. klu harga melampau cik kiah, mmg la haram nk beli. baik beli kat sana pstu shipping. hiksss... ye la. some of them are wayyy cheaper than in Dublin but some of them are actually robbing your money without you knowing it. unreasonably expensive. gile ape. baik beli kat kedai perabot. :-))

so jln pnye jln, panjang plak list kt tgn. kepala sebok calculate conversion as well as the total amount for the things we've already put in the trolley. patut la tuhan tulis kat luh mahfuz diriku ni jadi accountant. asek nk calculate je kejenye. ho ho...and we managed to find the stuffs that we wanted so bad in Belfast and Dublin. hooray!! and it's also cheaper here!!! double hooray!! and sedikit brg2 nk hias uma baru. and this and that, dan itu dan ini...bile nk byr kat counter, everything totaled up to rm683.20. kuang kuang kuang... overbudget daa. xpe la. still rs puas membeli. so xpe. janji hati happy :-)))

from 12noon to 3pm x rs ape pn. pnye la lama jalan. huhuhu... patut la lapa gile perut. so we bought some muchkin otw to nabira. then we went straight to syikin's house. yg lwknye, tuan uma tak abes msk lg ktorg da smpai. xpe la. dpt lepak2 and more importantly ktorg ley g loo. time kaseh tuan rumah. pstu tepat spt yg dijanjikan, at 5.30pm sharp, ktorg trn bwh utk mamam!!! the foods were awesome. pedas cukup, manis cukup, masin cukup, sme cukup la kesimpulannye. terbaekkkk!!! tp lps mkn nasi goreng sket, soto 'sket', air 3 cwn (kepedasan nihh), perut da kembung air da. x smpt pn rs laksa. huhuhu... tp mmg bes sgt food2 sme. time kaset skali lg tuan rumah. ehhehehe...

after that we went to MV to see bobo. he asked hunny to help him out on how to buy a macbook pro. ade la kena mngena ngn compatibility with pro-tools yg die nk tanye. so ayah kata ibu pn nk g MV jgk and we decided nk konvoi la g sana sama2 dua keta. tp smpi kat simpang IOI mall tu ktorg nmpk nabira turned left. hunny pn kata 'mgkin ibu tuka fikiran kot'. so ktorg pn trus je la menonong g MV. smpi sana and hunny pn tlg la bobo pilih2 mane berkenan kt ati sme tetibe ibu call tanye ktorg ktne. rupe2nye ayah slh masuk simpang! mmg dorg nk g MV pn. ayah pusing balik and drove to MV jgk. hehehe... ktorg pn jupe la ibu ayah and sal kt second floor. then jln2 tgk brg2 nk beli utk rumah sket pstu decide nk mkn kt uptown. yeah! lama tak mkn kt situ. super duper yummy!!

so ni baru je balik dgn perut kenyang. what a full day. oh ye. before i end this dull entry, i just want you little fellas (yes you both!!) to know that we miss you terribly. :-((((