Thursday, December 31, 2009


da berhari2 balik uma kul seploh!! otak rs mengembang smpi kepala rs cam kepala alien. uhuk uhuk... esok nk tdo smpi malam. chaiyo!! :-))

oh ye. mlm ni sambut new year di hartamas. tade la sambut. alang2 hunny jaga audio utk 1 underground band (tak ingat la nama band najib nih) kt club di situ, saje je la tag along. hope it's good.

mau pulang~ mau pulang~ mane hunny tak sampai2 lg. kepala nk meletop.

Monday, December 28, 2009


can't believe that it has been three months now. time flies (oh cliche nye!).
i am so tired today. it's only monday but it feels like i've been working forever!! blame
the hot incident yesterday. gosh... what a way to end this year. huhuhu..

we went out from flora around 2pm to catch the newlyweds fydu&tasha. unfortunately at usj6,
(already so near to the groom's house) our car broke down!! not actually 'our' car. it's
hunny's bro's car. we borrow it at the moment while waiting for our 3 months payslips. how
embarassing!! just imagine the engine suddenly stopped in the middle of the heavy traffic!!
it was like 'eh, mimpi kah? is this really happening?' we couldnt start the engine at all.
so, hunny had to push the car to the side of the road. to add some dramatic effect to it,
it was raining heavily and we never keep an umbrella in the car. basah lencun la jawapannye.
note to myself - sile masukkan payung dlm keta.

so we didnt make it to fydu's wedding (ah sedihnye tak dpt jupe ct sblm die blk dublin smula)
but at least we got to know that the battery aged 3 years old. how's that?? pomen pn terkejut
tak penah tuka battery. and dont let me start on the mileage. brader tu skali lg terkejut
beruk tgk mileage smpi 237k!! never realised it myself. hahaha... ye la. tau bwk je. furthermore
we are planning to use it only until february. so tak penah pn check. but since keta tu
sakit je 2-3 minggu ni, terpakse la amik tau jugak. siyan die da mcm org tua semput2. so today
hunny's bringing it to perodua for thorough check-up. da mcm2 speculation tp tak sorg pomen
pn tau ape masalah die smpi slalu semput. hang on boy.

one thing about this car is that, whenever we bring him to the workshop, he'll be a goodboy
alright! smpi pomen kata 'ok je keta ni.' ibu kata berhantu. hahahah... rsnye sbb die merajuk
la kot ktorg da survey2 keta baru. entah la. mcm illogical tp it's true. da 3 kali da die buat
camtu. bile pomen naik je nak testdrive, tak pnh lak semput2. ok je mantap gitu. hai2...
mcm2 hal. whatever it is, we are so sorry lil buddy. we have to have our own car. insyaallah...

ape lg nk cite. urm2... owh because of the car, i was stranded at shah alam until 11pm. hunny
was monitoring audio equip for this one fella for live perfomance. the initial plan was to
send me home before he started working. but since the car broke down, i had to wait until he
finished everything before we can head to damansara. urm about this fella artist, never
thought that he's so nice. i think media just exaggerate a lot about him. tgk gaya mmg poyo
but personally i think he's a good boy. tade la sombong je mcm artist yg hunny managed concert
die kt dublin tu. this one is much better. he even called hunny when we were on the way home
to see whether hunny is ok or not sbb mase ktorg blk tu die tak sempat jupe hunny to say thanks.
so die call balik to express his gratitude. surprised me loads. tak tau la klu mase mula2 je
baik. eh tak baik buruk sangka. heheh...

ok la. better start reading Loh's deskpro. br sebulan kt sini da kena take over keje org.
sebbek tasks baru ni start busy on WD1. klu previous task tu on -WD5 lg da start bz. hopefully
i'll be alright with this new tasks. chaiyo!!!

ps: rndu la org2 tyrrellstown. :-))

Thursday, December 24, 2009


lg 7 ari je nk abes 2009?? and just 68 entries so far????? nmpk sgt kemalasan di situ. huuhu...

so da nk tutup buku 2009 da (so fast???) and what have i achieved so far? hurm... let see. traveled europe successfully, changed job and liking it so far, settle down in my own home country and the best of all got married with the best man I can ever ask for...

but to be honest, since we are both working, i can hardly see my husband. i only got to see him for one hour before i started working and for another 4 hours before i went to bed. so in total only 5 hours a day. that's just 20% of the day! the rest is divided between work and sleep. more often than not, during weekdays, my zombie mode is always on. means my mind is 100% focused on my work and going out of office just means that my brain needs to auto shutdown to prepare for tomorrow. so the stuffs i did after work normally dont register at all. passion tade. stone je walopn g tgk muvi or buat ape2. it's like my body is there but the thinking is out. sbb tu kdg2 klu org ajak kua time weekdays ni diriku spt mls. huhuhu... well.. that's why we have to appreciate weekend heaps. and more reasons to find a place where we can just be together and not thinking of my accounts at all. need to plan for vacations now. :-))

ok2. sambung keje balik. kang kejung takley blk awl rini. ho ho ho... merry xmas!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick update

Currently lepaking at kopitiam bangi. Hunny got some business to settle about the AP thingy. Yesterday me, hunny n bobo chilled out at starbucks damansara jaya. Superb caramel macchiato!! Two thumbs up to the lady who prepared it. It has been a long time since we last visited starbucks. We had a wonderful time chit chatting there. Never knew dat bobo was a koleq students. And he knew najib, hezry, amin and parjo. Wat a small world! Oh ye cik yan. In case u havent heard yet, bobo is going to the states next year for two years.

Erm wat else? Ahaa... We've got our photos from photolicious. Which also means i can update about our wedding here. But still have to find a suitable time to do so. Panjang woo.. Huhu. So wait for it kay? :-))

and i also have a news to share. Dunno whether it's a good one or not. On tues, somebody from ibm's acc dept called me to ask if im interested to work with them. I was shocked because i thought i dont want to work just yet. She then said that i can reply to her email if i can go for an interview. Suddenly i remember that i forwarded my cv to intan last week. She did promisw to help me if there is any opening in her team. Maybe this is it. Maybe there is opening now. So i replied the email saying that i am ok for an interview.

The next day, i went for the aptitude test (compulsory to all applicants). There was another gal sitting for the test. Fresh graduate and very bright. The test was darn hard. Kepala berkarat da lama dok uma. I didnt manage to answer all questions of course. X cukup mase beb. So i thought to myself 'barai la ni'. Because in the email, the lady said, if i didnt pass the test, i wont get to go for the interview. But before we went out from the room, the hr lady told me to stay for an interview. Aik? X tanda lg da tau ke? Tp me snyp je la. Then i went through two interviews on the spot!!

At about 5 pm, the hr called me saying that i got the job! Alhamdulillah. So this is the end of my sweetest and longest holiday. Huhuhu... Got to switch on the working-mode. Chaiyo!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

it's nearly done now

hi all!! since there'll be no internet over there at the new home, i'll upload the pictures later. i didnt snap any pictures during the unloading time. it was damn busy and crowded and not to mention the dust and teared boxes were killing me!! huhuuhu...the electrical stuffs came first. it was no problemo since nothing to be assembled there except for the water heater and air-cond. i so love them stuffs. :-))

then pian came with the second lorry. yeayy!!! our stuffs from dublin are here! owh i miss my clothes, my handbags, my shoessss and more importantly my DVDs collection. 21 boxes altogether so imagine how many times pian and hunny had to go up and down. pancet pakcik. hahaha... xpe2. exercise sket perut irish tu. :-))

around 5-ish, the last lorry came. by 7pm, everything was ready to be used. hooray!!! suddenly the apartment looked so full. but i still didnt shoot any pictures since it didnt look so nice yet. so many things on the floor plus hidir and wifey came to visit us that night (they live in block E - leganye ade jiran yg dikenali). both me and hunny went to bed around 2am after done unpacking half of the boxes. i couldnt sleep well tho thinking about where to put what and how to organise stuff so they'll be easy to find and this and that and those... pukul 4 br ley lelap. OCD yg sgt kuat nih. hahahha...

the next day, we had our breakfast at mcD (yummy yummy) and went straight to tesco. we budgeted to spend only rm500 and again we exceeded until rm600++. what's wrong with us? hahaha... and mind you the prices of the stuffs. ye la kat sana da bese amik spagethi byr pakai duit sekeping je. sini berkeping2 kau. culture shock sekejap. huhuhu...

eh alamak hunny nk gerak da. we are going back to our home sweet home today to continue cleaning up. mlm ni ade gathering ngn ex-dubliners. now i dont have any problem on what to wear. *wink*


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

home sweet home

alhamdulillah... we finally got our keys today. what keys? the keys to our first new apartment together!!! yippeeee!! we went there around 1pm today to sign the agreement and also to clean up the place before we can load our stuffs. the apartment is quite big for just the two of us. 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. so hunny decided to make the biggest room as the master bedroom, the middle room is for prayer room and also for him to put all his gadgets in (this is the smallest room) and the last room is for guests. it's a first-hand house so you can imagine how clean it is (tak pyh nak cat2). alhamdulillahhh... eh tp maseh undecided on which color to choose for our featured wall. will talk about this later.

this past few weeks we've been searching for the best deal on furnitures and household items. itu la sebab asek busy je. hari2 tak dok uma. heheheh... here's what we've been offered and we decided to take the offer. so here goes (in case any of you wants to check out the price if you're planning to settle down also).

total - rm 4,354.00
1 bedroom set for master bedrooms (including 2 pillows, bolster, mattress)
1 bedroom set for the guestroom
1 L-shaped sofa set (3-seater)
1 tv cabinet (6 inches)
1 glass dining table (6+1)
1 closed shoerack
1 stove cabinet

total - rm 5,550.00
1 fridge
1 microwave oven (convection)
1 washing machine
1 air-cond unit
1 water heater
1 2-burners stove

kachinngggg!! there goes most of the duit hantaran. hahaha... that's about it. these are the best prices we can get for the same brand and model. we went to more than two shops to compare their offers. i hope everything will fit in to the new home.

so cik oked, i can't wait to unpack my boxes from dublin. yg da kepam simpan lama kat warehouse tu. heheheh... esok baru la brg2 tu akan dihantar ke uma baru. the plan is to have all three lorries (GX's, furnitures and Bee Lee's) to deliver all stuffs tomorrow. tp stakat ni baru GX and Bee Lee je yg confirm. furnitures tu maybe on thursday. so i do hope everything goes well tomorrow.

so here are some of the pictures of the new home!!

will put more pictures after the full make over is done. heheheh... can't wait~~

Saturday, October 24, 2009


ok cpt2 update sbb terasa bc latest entry cik orked. heheheh... bz sgt ngalahkn PM la skg ni. x smpt2 nk update. ampunnn ye.. hahhahaha...

now it's 2 in the morning. we just came back from a blast and superb outing. it was hell of a full day. tiring but worth it. we went out as early as 10am to have breakfast (ahhh... heaven nye mkn roti sardin. yum yum). the initial plan was to start the day at 9am but well... bese la kami. tup tap tup tap... tetibe je da pkl 10am. so ayah changed the plan and asked us to proceed without him since he had something to do at 1pm. so after the big breakfast, we went to Ikea happily. ibu wanted to check out the glass cupboard and me and hunny planned to search for the stuffs that missed to buy in Dublin (due to lack of good planning as well as shortage of stocks). budget = not more than rm500 for anything that we like there. so berbekalkn kecekalan di dada, ktorg pn jln la kt situ. first item, rm9.90. ok la. hope to get more stuffs like that. dlm kepala calculate dlm euro. gile i know. tp nk tau jgk. klu harga melampau cik kiah, mmg la haram nk beli. baik beli kat sana pstu shipping. hiksss... ye la. some of them are wayyy cheaper than in Dublin but some of them are actually robbing your money without you knowing it. unreasonably expensive. gile ape. baik beli kat kedai perabot. :-))

so jln pnye jln, panjang plak list kt tgn. kepala sebok calculate conversion as well as the total amount for the things we've already put in the trolley. patut la tuhan tulis kat luh mahfuz diriku ni jadi accountant. asek nk calculate je kejenye. ho ho...and we managed to find the stuffs that we wanted so bad in Belfast and Dublin. hooray!! and it's also cheaper here!!! double hooray!! and sedikit brg2 nk hias uma baru. and this and that, dan itu dan ini...bile nk byr kat counter, everything totaled up to rm683.20. kuang kuang kuang... overbudget daa. xpe la. still rs puas membeli. so xpe. janji hati happy :-)))

from 12noon to 3pm x rs ape pn. pnye la lama jalan. huhuhu... patut la lapa gile perut. so we bought some muchkin otw to nabira. then we went straight to syikin's house. yg lwknye, tuan uma tak abes msk lg ktorg da smpai. xpe la. dpt lepak2 and more importantly ktorg ley g loo. time kaseh tuan rumah. pstu tepat spt yg dijanjikan, at 5.30pm sharp, ktorg trn bwh utk mamam!!! the foods were awesome. pedas cukup, manis cukup, masin cukup, sme cukup la kesimpulannye. terbaekkkk!!! tp lps mkn nasi goreng sket, soto 'sket', air 3 cwn (kepedasan nihh), perut da kembung air da. x smpt pn rs laksa. huhuhu... tp mmg bes sgt food2 sme. time kaset skali lg tuan rumah. ehhehehe...

after that we went to MV to see bobo. he asked hunny to help him out on how to buy a macbook pro. ade la kena mngena ngn compatibility with pro-tools yg die nk tanye. so ayah kata ibu pn nk g MV jgk and we decided nk konvoi la g sana sama2 dua keta. tp smpi kat simpang IOI mall tu ktorg nmpk nabira turned left. hunny pn kata 'mgkin ibu tuka fikiran kot'. so ktorg pn trus je la menonong g MV. smpi sana and hunny pn tlg la bobo pilih2 mane berkenan kt ati sme tetibe ibu call tanye ktorg ktne. rupe2nye ayah slh masuk simpang! mmg dorg nk g MV pn. ayah pusing balik and drove to MV jgk. hehehe... ktorg pn jupe la ibu ayah and sal kt second floor. then jln2 tgk brg2 nk beli utk rumah sket pstu decide nk mkn kt uptown. yeah! lama tak mkn kt situ. super duper yummy!!

so ni baru je balik dgn perut kenyang. what a full day. oh ye. before i end this dull entry, i just want you little fellas (yes you both!!) to know that we miss you terribly. :-((((

Thursday, September 03, 2009


second day at home. we went to the clinic for the HIV test. ari ni izzah da start carik 2 org bile bgn. first die msti sebut 'nenek' pstu second person yg die carik ialah 'ne-no'. hehehehehheee... oh i love u too!!! so ktorg berdua msti ade la kat uma. mase nk kua pg td, mak da mnyelinap da trn bwh. pstu mase time i turun tu die nampak la. dgn manje2 sebok2 pggl 'ne-no' tak putus2. pstu mase ktorg kt lua tu tetibe dgr die meraung pggl nenek. lorr... sedey je dgr. die nanges beriya sbb kena tinggal. pstu mak pn sbb kesian g la masuk balik. tp tak prasan yg izzah senanye tgh ngintai ktorg kat bwh pintu. ape lagi... benjol la kpla. kronik merah gile. tp die tak kesah pn bump tu. tp mcm gembira smacam je ktorg masuk balik. haiii... anak buah. anak buah...

so terpakse la g clinic ngn die. tp die pandai tamo kua keta. siap kata 'hot. hot.' me pn kua la g kaunter tu tanye. tp btl kata atart, HIV test utk pngantin die cume buat stiap tues and thurs 2-4pm shj. bummer! ktorg pn terpakse la balik dlu. xkn nk tggu lame2 kn? smpai uma me trus tdo. jet lag la kot. ngantuk smcm takley blah... huhu...

kul 2 terus jpt adik kat KGV pstu g clinic. sejuk weyyyy clinic tu. kalah dublin. muahahaha... pstu isi2 borang, mamat tu cucuk jari telunjuk nih and dpt la surat yg da check HIV. yeayyyy!!! one down. walopn byk lagi nk kena setel tp at least 1 da siap la. hikss...

otw balik singgah supermarket mak nk beli mixed vege nk buat popiah. but i got a better idea. instead of eating that, why dont we eat home-made murtabak?? mak pn cam tak caya je. btl ke murtabak. me pn g la carik kulit popia pstu dgn blurnye g tanye mak 'daging nk bli katne?'. mak dgn confusenye tanye balik 'nape tak bli kat sini?'. blimey!!! lupe lak yg daging kat sini sme halal!!! so ley rembat je yg kat supermarket. takyah da carik halal shop. hhuhuhu... bahagia rase ati. :-)

blk uma msk murtabak utk dorg. and mak msk super duper yummylicious fried rice. yum yum!! pstu lps maghrib lepak ngn izzah kat bilik adik. pstu izzah sebok2 suh acu 'take my picture.' ini lah hasilnyeeeee..

ini la budak ske amik gamba.

ini pula percubaan izzah nk buat peace tp tak jadi.

2 ekor penyebok terbesar.

nk jugak dok kt tmpt org ramai2 berkumpul

kt tmpt baju kotor pn jadi la. sorry... tak beli bakul lg. huhuhu...

that's it for today. toodles!!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


alhamdulillah slmt da smpai. after 20 hours of journey. to be honest, mase booked ticket tu tak prasan pn journey ni senanye 20 hours. smlm kire2 balik... 20 jam!!!!! gile tak gile. penat nak mati. so sape2 yg rs nk g europe. sile la amik yg transit skli tu je. takyah transit smpi 2 or 3 kali. mmg letih.

so pagi2 lagi bertolak kt dublin at 8am. thanks ou & nasya for being there. tp tak sedih pn sbb abid sefamily nk balik ry nti and nasya balik for good bln seblas while ou pn balik for good bln doblas. so tade la sedih mnangis sbb nti jupe jgk sme org smula. cume rs sebak je nk tgglkn kakak n adik. sbb lst weekend asek jupe je. confirm rindu. and both have been good kids. miss u both!!

so from Dublin at 8am and arrived in Amsterdam at 12noon local time. jln2 sket tgk2 brg and trus boarded the plane. transit tak lama pn. just 1.5 hours.x smpt pn nak btl2 jln2 and belek2 airport tu. first time naik Cathay Pacific (maybe the last also), and i can say it wasnt so bad. seat lebey kurang besar MAS (or mebe besar sikit je) pstu style kerusi tu recline cam tak best sket. at least i dont like. hunny mcm ske je jenis recline camtu. mcm MAS kan die gerakkan side penyandar kusi tu ke belakang kn (normal recline). tp CP ni die buat side penyandar tu still static tp kerusi tu sendiri mcm slide trn bwh. eh phm ke? google la sndri klu nk tau. hahaah... so food ktorg requested for Moslem meal. so dpt la mkn ikan. yuck! hanyir sket tp food die definitely lagi byk dr MAS. tak kedekut la food. tp tade hot towel. pelik gak. selection of movies mmg baaanyaaaakkkk lg dr MAS. overall ok la. tade la tak best. ok je.

so seploh jam dlm flight to Hong Kong tu. jenuh nk try tdo tp takley sbb pakcik kat sebelah tu cam ade flu je. pstu batuk tak ttp mulut. me selambe je duduk pakai mask 24/7 sbb takut pakcik tu batuk kat mke i. hahhaah... (tp tak pn). sorry la pakcik klu terasa. hunny pn tak tdo sbb most of the time layan CSI season 19. die kata takley nk tdo. xtau psl ape. (i da kata recline kusi tu tak best) :-)) and cam bese dlm kpl terbang msti kaki sakit kn. sbb tu xley tdo kot. me lyn cite yg nk tgk kat UGC tp tak smpt. Monsters vs Aliens, An Unconvenient Truth, I love You Man and few sitcoms.

after 10 hours ktorg smpai la Hong Kong airport. airport die cam pelik sket sbb arrival pn ade hall yg nombor2 tu. cam klu departure slalunye ade gate number kan? haa... dorgnye arrival pn ade cam arrival gate. bikin confuse. hahaha... at least ktorg la cam confuse. pstu signboard tu mcm ade tunjuk 'connection flight W' and 'connection flight E'. apekah? sbb kat board tulis ktorg gate 32 tade pn huruf2 die bagi. sebbek tak ikut signboard huruf tu. kitorg g ikut signboard tulis 'gate 1- 80'. so lalu imigration check2 brg pstu terus board the next flight to KL.

to KL naik A303 so ok la sket sbb i duk ngn hunny je kt tepi. so tak takut org selsema lg. hahahah... dpt mkn ikan lagi (double yuck!) and tgk muvi Indiana Jones yg baru tp tak sempat abes. kna la carik cd sbb cam bes je Shia tu. kehkehkeh... spi KL in 3 or 4 hours tak ingat. pstu kua je train to terminal arrival tu nampak bag princess. terus hunny kata 'eh kakak ngn adik msti suke tu.' rindu la tuu.. hehehe... xpe2. tak lama da. skg ni sebok2 dulu siapkn ape ptt pstu dua tige ari sblm ry dorg smpi. at least time tu da takyah sebok2 lagi ke hulur ke hilir. ley spend je mase ngn dorg ok?

kluar je arrival gate tu disambut dgn gembirnye oleh teteh, mak adik, kwn mak adik, ibu and ayah. lega nampak mke yg dikenali. tp kak ija n adik tak bertolak lagi. chess hampeh. huhuhu... so tggu kak ija jap lps lebey krg 1 jam baru dorg smpi. lps tu teruk je g butik azue tu bg ukuran baju. da try la baju2 ape nak. tgk2 pelamin and mekap cane and rsnye cam ok je. tak tau pn expectation ape tp rs ok sme tu. tade la huduh tp tade la extravagant. tp ok me so not likey being in the centre of attention. so help!!!! kna ke pakai baju tu kat dpn sme org?? ngaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... gulp.

ps: sangapnye tade tpn lg!! hunny, i miss u!!!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

last day in the office (28/08/2009)

went to the office with mixed feelings. between happy, excited, anxious, nervous and sad. i guess it's normal for everyone. but i find it a bit difficult since this is where i started to understand the meaning of the word 'life' and being 'independent'. and here, i learn how to live on my own and also to hang on tight and never to give up. i learn to feed me and to take care of my ownself. without relying to anyone at all. so much that slowly i realised that this feels like a real HOME already. this is where everything begins. and this is where it should ends. that makes part of me so reluctant to leave this country. after so long being here and went throught a lot! i guess i can understand that part of me for thinking that way.

but the other part is so excited and can't wait to board the plane and fly home. to start a new life with new environment and new surroundings. i know it's not gonna be easy but new stuffs make life more interesting, isnt it? moreover, i am gonna start a new life not alone anymore but with someone else! thinking about it makes the butterflies in my stomach so restless. is this what people called 'cold feet?' makes me wonder a lot too.

well anyway, my last day went well. altho i was so nervous during the speech time and the only words that came out from my mouth were 'errr.... well, thank you everyone. errr... i'll miss you guys... yadaa yadaa... thanks again. bla bla bla... thanks.' - brape byk 'thanks' daaaa... chis! stuttering. hate it. and all the words got stuck behind my head. then Dovi gave me the card and the present. awww~~ i'll love them forever.
watch to match my ring :-)


penuh nak mati

kevin memekak sbb die kna tulis kt blakang gak

i like this one the most from Vince. :-))

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


ari ni dpt last pay slip and salary in €. sedeynye.. huhuhu... on the other hand. ade lg 2 ari stengah je lagi nk masuk opis. yeyeyyeyeyeyyeehhh!! tak saba nk delete sme bende2 yg lama da simpan. serabut makcik. :-)

da 5 ari da pose. ye kami pose lebey sehari sbb ari jumaat tu pak2 arab tu kata pose. pstu tetibe kata tak pose. pastu pose balik. disebabkn kami yakin dah pose, ktorg pn teruskn je pose. and pose sgt mencabar sbb sahur kul 4.30am and berbuka ialah pade kul 8.45pm. terasa spt perahu perutku stiap ari. tp still tak kurus2 sbb juadah berbuka pose yg enak2 belaka.

Friday - pulut kuning, kari ayam, roti jala & sardine roll
Saturday - ikan sweet & sour, udang msk cili ape, ketam msk merah, cupcakes, choc cake, bubur jagung, cincau dll
Sunday - bihun sup, begedil, murtabak daging & bandung soda
Monday - sup tulang, paprik ayam, rendang & brocolli goreng telur

ari ni spatutnye da janji ngn budak2 uma plus budak2 uma hunny utk masak beriyani ayam, kari daging, kuih seri muka, keria and cucur udang. tp last minute terpakse tak join dorg sbb lina & ady ajak bukak pose uma dorg. so ari ni tak tau lg mkn ape. huhuhuu...

k la. xtau nk buat penutup ape. slmt berpose je la. toodles!! :-)

ps: stiap ari rs nk amik gamba mknn tp slalu lupe. lapa tak ingat kot. hahahha...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

sunday blues

yesterday's party wasnt so bad. it was for acap's 25th bday. his last bday as a single guy yo! only people from IV, hunny's, and a few from King's attended the party. not a big one. there was a huge cake bought by tasya at la boulangerie. black forest. yummy yummy!

it was a bit hard for me though. with najib there and hunny not there. it felt a bit awkward especially when everyone i repeat everyone knows our history. well i am ok and i am honestly, completely, 100 percently over him. totally over him. but he's making it hard for me since he was and still is so reluctant to act normally in front of other people. i dont understand it at all. siti said maybe there is still something that we both need to reconcile. but i am done reconciling things with him! it's not my fault that the relationship didnt last! and it's not my fault that i found someone else and i am so gonna marry him nxt month. xphm tul la. jgn simpan2 ape2 dlm hati. tak syok kn klu stiap kali ade event yg mlibatkn bdk2 batch, u'll come with the sour face and leave early. cume smlm je tak left early. and we all know why. even hunny noticed it and asked me just now 'smlm najib tak balik awl plak? sbb i tade ke?' pelik kn? xley tgk ke me n hunny? gile tul la. nape takley jadi cam org lain yg ade history tp still ley kwn2. nape msti da ade awkward silence smpi sme org jadi pelik and start gossip. gile laa.. pening pale. haih~~ 2 more weeks. then i'm done here. can't wait.

ok enough talking bout 'the' party. i went to watch GI Joe with hunny just now. hunny enjoyed it. i didnt. he he... not my type of movie. tp lynkn aje. :-) and before we went for the movie, we dropped by ToySmith. managed to get something for my niece, Izzah who by the way called me 'Ne-No' the other day (for cik nor), and also my sweet little nephew Danial, yes the same name as MY Danial. so there is Uncle Danial and baby Danial. easy to remember. :-))

Friday, August 14, 2009

good mood

just came back from lina's hse. saje je dtg to see the kiddos. cute they are. and adorable too!! smpt lps rndu. lps ni lama da tak jupe. haih~~

rs barai gile la ni. mggu ni xdpt tdo nyenyak la. asek terjaga2 je. so bdn jadik letih. rs nk tdo smpai ptg esok hari. tp mlm esok ade bday party acap kt uma ni. so harus la takley bgn lmbt. urm2... byk je plan utk esok dlm kpala. tp da sure sgt satu hapah pn tak akan jadi. xpe2.. yg pnting marathon muvi kena success. ok kul 11 pg msti bgn g UGC. chaiyo!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

hwa hwa

baru je balik antar zuen kt epot. surprisingly tade sape nanges pn. ye la. i'm gonna see her in 3 weeks time. so tiada la bersedey di situ. ct plak sbb tgk tade sape nanges, die jadi segan lak nk nanges. tp nampak la control2 sedey. siyan ct. xpe... thn dpn cuti la byk2. bley jupe ktorg kt msia. heheheh... wah! xsangka da balik da zuen. time flies. who would have thought that she'll go home before me. we always had a talk where i always say i'm gonna be the first. Allahu akbar. Allah mmg maha besar. kite merancang je tp Dia yg menentukan. well.. my turn is in less than 20 days. how's that?? yippee!!!!

and sempat gak g tgk muvi ngn ct (mngubat hati luke ct sbb zuen da balik for good). we watched The Ugly Truth. ok la. not the type of movie that i would buy a DVD for my collection. easy going. bley la nk lyn kepala yg sedey. hikss... siap ade scene dorg nak buat shooting kat tpt org main hot air balloon. trus tringat kak wan pnye entry psl hot air balloon kat Bristol. rugi tak g tgk live. :-))

owh i'm dying to watch Orphan. lama tak tgk cite seram2. weekend ni kena chaiyo marathon muvi. kena memanfaatkan kad unlimited tu smpi ke titisan menet terakhir. sbb bln ni nye pymt da DD, kena la tgk muviiii je slagi boley. heheheeh.... CHAIYO!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

false alarm

ok tasha sudah sihat. alhamdulillahh... tp die sempat juge menjangkitkn demam itu kpd fydu. rupe2nye demamku ni da menjangkit ramai gile org kecuali hunny. huh! kuat btl antibodi. syabbass!!

so td fydu cite, mmg satu drpd procedures kat sini utk declare sme org yg berikut sbg suspected swine flu klu demam di mase2 skg ni.
  • pregnant
  • ade athma
  • pnyakit kronik
  • babies
  • tua
  • smokers (ehem hunny. dah2 la tu)
so td mase fydu g clinic, die tade la dpt cuti sbanyak tasha sbb die tak di suspect ade swine flu virus hanye kerana die tak tergolong dlm golongan di atas. tasha kena suspect sbb die ade athma. and fydu kata lagi, doctor tu ckp, H1N1 ni die makin lama makin teruk. i mean klu u ade virus tu, die takkan jadi mcm u rs kejap2 sihat kejap2 sakit. die akan sakit je sampai either u die or u recover. haihh~~lega sket bile dgr. takut jgk klu tasha btl2 ade virus tu kan? da la nak balik ni. huhuhuhu... nauzubillahi min zalik. mintak di jauhkn. da la adik kata td mak cam tak saba sgt tggu lg 3 mggu. awww~~ terharu...

moving on. ni adelah courtesy cik orked yg telah dgn baik hatinye men'scan' kad kawen kami. pd yg rs nak kad ni utk di pos, bley la kasi address kt facebook ye (mane yg blm bg lagi la). Thanks Yan!!!! you're a star!!!

ps: cik orked.. nape i takley da letak comment kat blog u. slalu dpt notification kata comment tu fail. apekah?

Monday, August 10, 2009

oh takutnye part II

tasha demam start from friday. pstu rini die g clinic, dr kasi die sminggu cuti siap suh quarantine sbb suspected Swine Flu!!!!!!!! tp sme org bgtau i dgn keadaan tenang tanpa panic. and tasha selambe dang lepak kt hall. spt tiada ape2 berlaku. tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! nape? nape? nape tak panic? help! nk tumpang tdo uma sesape ley ke???

Sunday, August 09, 2009

full sunday!!

yeay!! just came back from a sweet and 'real' date with hunny. seriously... eventho we meet each other every single day, i still don't count them as dates. date is when you go to a nice restaurant for lunch, stroll, waste time, eat ice-cream, watch movies, window shopping, 'coffee'ing and definitely gossipping a lil bit with the other person. that's my definition of date. not just seeing each other, both doing something completely different, say bubbye and go home after that. that is so NOT a date. but some people i know classify that as a date as well. hurm... not everyone is the same.

well... well... we started going out at 2pm. lambat x? huhuhu... mls2 dlu kt umah pstu beli eskem and jln g yamamori. misi utama - mkn seafood cha-han. uisshhhh... mmg bes gile. tak mnyesal pn mlanggar praturan diet (diet tamo mkn nasik). yummy!!

then amik LUAS g Dundrum Shopping Centre. tade la ape sgt pn kt situ. saje je g sbb last jejak kaki kt sini ialah 2 thn lps agaknye. so jupe ana jap kat Furla. burak2 for like 15 mins pastu lepak kat Starbucks minum Ice Caramel Macchiato and Cheese pastry. then balik g UGC lak. lyn movie sbb da lama gile tak g tgk muvi. ade dlm 2 mggu straight tak swipe kad unlimited. rugi... rugi. ktorg tgk The Proposal. not bad. i always love that guy. sape ingat die blakon dlm Amytyville horror (rs mcm pnh buat entry psl muvi ni). he's so yummylicious.. he he he...

ini ialah seafood yaki-soba. slurrppp...

lihat udang & seaweed itu. yum yum..

ini lah seafood cha-han idaman kalbu. wow!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

oh takutnye

hurm... result kua on the 17th. tsk tsk... takutnye. dunno wat to expect. kalu lps ALHAMDULILLAH... klu tak lps, bwk balik msia la jawabnye. huhuhuhu... itu sahaje. sekian~~

ps: gudlak ye nona. :-))


iye... ini ialah list foods yg msti makan sblm balik malaysia. nyum2.

  1. quarter pounder Kbab Klub
  2. seafood cha-han Yamamori
  3. doublecheese burger Garibaldi
  4. tuna wrap kat canteen opis
  5. tuna bagel kat canteen opis
  6. pad thai Thai Spice
  7. prawn chillies Chi
  8. banana & nutela crepe Lemon Jelly
  9. spicy chicken wrap Chicken Hut
  10. quarter pounder Chicken Hut

okes... sblm balik ni kena CHAIYO!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

lamanye tido

br bgn. lama gile rs tdo. asek tdo je kejenye. bgn pg td ingt nk g keje la kunun. bgn pg2 kul 7.30 pg g mandi. mase mandi rs ok lg. pastu g dpn nk keringkn rmbt. xley buat dlm bilek sbb zuen masih tdo lg. mase tgh dry rmbut tu rs pns smcm je. perut pn rs tak bes. kpla makin lama makin berat. pstu rs nk muntah. trus lari masuk dlm bilek g baring. mase tu pn rs da kabur2 je mata ni. sebbek tak pitam kt dpn tuh. huhuhuh... so ksimpulannye ari ni tak g opis lg la. aiyoo... keje menimbun ats meja. 'out of office' email tak on. msti benimbun email urgent. sigh~~

xpe. 17 ari je lg nk rs g opis. chaiyo. ni pn da rs sihat sket da. so sok ley g opis. :-))

rs nk g jln sgt2 nih. mgkin ley plan nk jupe ubai kat aachen. smpt ke eh? hurm2..

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

uhuk uhuk

lama da tak demam. after 6 months, ari ni baru dmm. well, every once and a while we have to have it aite? at least dpt melepak kat uma rini. sgt cool!!! c'mon mata. sleep sleep. *cubaan nk tdo dr td lg tp takley* haih~~

ps: eh aah la cik orked. br prasan. lg 28 hari eh? huiyoooo...

Friday, July 31, 2009


aiseh busan plak. ni da dua entry dlm satu hari ni. huhuhu... busan GILE. rs nk buat cake. td da tgk kt supervalu. jupe la betty crocker pnye instant cake. tringat kt miranda (SATC) mase die depress tade bf and die bantai mkn cake je sbb nk divert her mind from thinking of sex (season 4). mula2 rs nk beli tp tak syok plk pakai yg segera kn? so tak jadi beli trus. td lps abes bt entry kt bwh sebok google2 recipe cake, tringat lak xley mkn cake sbb diet pnye psl. sigh~~ busan la. nk btpe?? HELP!!


it's bank holiday weekend. wiiittt wiiitttt... :-) lama gile rs menunggu utk weekend yg pnjg ini. i'm gonna be alone though. tasha is going to london tonite while siti & zuen are off to Dusseldorf tomorrow morning. i can't join because i want to attend adik's second bday partttyyyy... hooray!! and next week zuen is going to fetch her mom in London and she asked us to join her. Siti refused to join (br bli vaio baru so poket berlubang) and i dont want to be alone with zuen & her mom (nti mcm menyebok je i ni) so i texted lina in case she wants to tag along. but she hasnt decided yet since she's still waiting for Arnotts to tell her whether she got the job or not. so tak decide lg nk g ke tak. klu zuhaira ade lg kt sana da tentu ticket suda ku beli by now. boley buli budak tu sket. hhahahah...

before i left the office just now i went down to second floor to bid my goodbye to Delphine. today is her last day with the company. she's bored with her work and decided to go to Canada. Everything's ready - visa, accomodation, plans etc2. how nice! while talking to her Kevin came to us and did the hand gestures for drinking. terpakse tipu sunat dgn mengatakn i have something urgent to do today. i got a big 'aaahhhhhh... c'mon!!'. ssh kn? how many times do i have to tell that i dont drink! tp sme tak phm juge. next time klu ade minum2 kna blakon sakit br dorg kasi tak join dgn hati terbuka. hahaha... speaking of which, pening pale nk pk psl MY farewell drink. errr i dont drink so not really mine la kot. tp irish ni besenye ske activity2 sebegini sbg alasan nk minum baaaaaaaaanyaaaakkkkk2. isk tak tau la cane. klu tanak buat nti org kata anti-social. klu nk buat, jap lg sme org tanye 'just coke?'. tu yg mls nk bgtau tu. bli explain nti dorg kata 'everyone is sinned'. sudah! spt mencurah air ke daun keladi. :-) so baik elak altogether.

rs cm baru je burak2 ngn Delphine dlm dart psl die nk bnti keje. tgk2 ari ni die da last keje. how time flies. in 4 weeks time, it's going to be my turn. gilak ah ting tong. kejap je. dulu Ben slalu nganjingkn nama Delphine. everytime Delphine passed by our cubicles, he'll say 'do you wanna see a Dolphin?'. ye.. Ben mmg keji. owh actually i have a pic of him. and the whole bunch of them. got em from Vincent the other day. meh la buh sket gamba bdk2 opis. check them out!

incik ini ialah KIWI. mke i mcm tak mandi. what do you expect? loya bau bar. hohohoo...

Kinga & Vincent - mamat french ni suda kelihatan mabuk

Kristof, Juraj & me!! Juraj kelihatan cheeky. Kristof tak ske amik gmba sbb die kata mata die mcm rabbit - ade red eye. Me kelihatan mcm belon. haih~

the whole lot!

ok la sekian utk kali ini. toodles!

Thursday, July 30, 2009


berita menarik utk ari ni...
  • lps dr ari ni, tamatlah sudah pmbyrn loan mara mase bt dip dlu. yeeeaaaayyyy!! tiada lg hutang walau satu sen pn. alhamdulillahh...
  • kad kawen suda siap. tggl nk distribute shj. iskk... tetibe rs butterfly in stomach.
  • wisdom tooth ku suda tak sakit lg. hoorayy!
  • siti tidak mrh pdku.
  • dpt byk2 mentos from Corinna. :-)
  • esok ari jumaat. hip hip hooray!!!
hurm... we are thinking of finding an apartment for ourselves before the wedding. sbb brg2 maha byk and tade tmpat nk letak obviously. tp tak tau nk dok area mane. so apartment ni temporary la utk smpi da btl2 tau nk dok katne. am thinking of Kota Damansara (dkt ngn Ikea n OU). tp not sure whether it's a good idea or not. c'mon guys. i need advices please. drop me an email or just put your comment down there. tell me where should i stay for the first few months. please pretty please??

ps: to all J's... aku tak pos la kad kt korg. gedik la klu kite tak jupe sblm aku kawen kn? time jupe tu nnti aku kasi la sme org k? and nape tade org updet psl wedding intan? aku nosy2 gak try carik gamba kt FB tp xjupe kot. hohoho... cik yus, ko msti ade gamba2 kn. and nona, ko pn takkan tade gamba kot. ko kn mcm pegi sme knduri je. huhuhu...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ting tong

ok td mcm rs byk je nk tulis. tetibe blank plak. erm2... ulcer tak baek2 lg (obviously la kn. baru 4 ari). so rs tak slesa cam nak nanges time die sakit or rs nk gunting je bhgn bibir yg ade ulcer tu. sigh~ assobru minal iman (pelik la tulis dlm rumi). ok bersabar sparuh dr iman. inhale~ exhale~

oh ye. smlm suda tender resignation. sedey je bile HR kasi confirmation email yg hari last keje ialah 28/08/2009. and ade questionnaires sket on 'why are you resigning' and yadaa yadaa. well... tak lama da la ni. 21 working days. pastu hooray!!! and tadi juge TL da announced mase team meeting. he also looked sad. i dunno. i dun think he's sad that i'm leaving. but he looked really sad. stress maybe? entah... and during lunch time tadi Kinga kata TL told her that he is bored already with his work. so demotivated to come to the office. ehem... it's none of my business anymore ey? <---selfish gile! hahahah...

me & siti been sending emails today. but i crossed the line i think. i told her how i despise the way J treats her. i told her that she should move on and she's wayyyy better than him. i told her that he got no balls and certainly an imbecile who should be ignored as long as she could. but i guess i shouldnt say all that. i should keep it to myself. and now i feel so awkward to talk to siti. huhuhu... i dont think she's mad at me. i think she feels awkward too. well.. she'll understand. this is no time for scool-boy lover. it's as simple as 'if you want, act like one. if you dont, turn on one heel and get lost!'. byk sgt tgk SATC ktorg ni. slalu nk rs umo 40 pn takpe tade bf. as long as we have gorgeous shoes & handbags, nothing else matters. iskk.. tak bgs btl la pengaruh tv ni. hahahha..

i sooooo want POCHETTE KATE. i wanttt!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


ok cik orked. diatas ialah kenapa entry di bwh terkeluar. depress thp tak ley bendung da lagi. mgkin byk sgt nk pk kot. entah la. and i am not good at handling my stress. sgt tak pandai nk kawal prasaan. end up skg ni ade 4 ulcer maha godang kt mulut. menambahkn depress je sbb mulut sakit ari2.

on monday i was on half day. depress tak bley blah. smpi bos halau suh blk uma sbb kesian tgk mke i. huhuh... mari kite tgk senarai pnyebab ulcers ini muncul
  1. wisdom tooth ni kluar lg. normal ke utk wisdom tooth tmbh sket2? stiap kali nak naik msti gusi bengkak and tekak rs kembang je. normal ke kt korg eh?
  2. stiap kali rs wisdom tooth tu menolak, temperature naik smpi mke rs pns2 gitu. sbb bdn jadi pns, ulcers pn start pounding. kdg2 rs tak thn sgt. :-((
  3. keje kat opis ari2 mcm byk. tak sempat pn nk rileks2 baca blog org laen or even baca paper. sigh~
  4. byk bnde nk kena setel - call NTL nk tkr DD mandate, terminate Unlimited card, terminate bank account, credit card lg. haram satu pn tak buat lg. tade mase la seyes.
  5. perihal kawen yg rs ssh sgt nk buat dr jauh. nk kena balik baru btl2 tau. kak ija garang cam monster stiap kali tanye psl bab2 kawen. ape nih? nk tlg ke tak? sebbek mak slalu je memahami. so tamo da ckp psl kawen lg. balik nti baru tgk cane. (sbb ni la ati slalu risau smpai x sedar my mind is so depress).
  6. homesick walopn da tau da ade lg beberapa mggu je lg nk balik.
  7. ade lg 4 mggu nk kena g opis. DEPRESSSSS!! nape lama sgt. klu bley nk benti esok gak. wowoowowooo...
  8. gado ngn hunny kdg2 (sedangkn lidah lg tergeget. ewahh!).
  9. xley mkn sewenang2nye sbb tamo bulat smacam je bile balik nti. i miss foods. owhh~~
  10. lapa nasik (da start diet nasik).
  11. tade cuti smpi la ari last keje sbb nk kena cover Dovile & Kinga yg ber'summer' holiday. huhuuuuuuuu...
ok i am such a whiner. tp ini hakikatnye. cane? ok td nk kurangkn depress suh hunny call kakak. dpt la ckp kejap walopn kakak cume ckp die ade kasut baru. 2 lagi. pink & red. dgr sore kanak2 bley buat hati riang. :-))

i need some advices on how to overcome this depression. maybe i should go out. somewhere other than dublin. but where? when? depress kn? why? why? :-((

ps: looking forward for Adik's bday party. huhu...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I hate this feeling. PMS kah? Rs cm spatutnye da over. Da mdi wjb da smlm. Asal prasaan xstabil lg nih? I hate u!!! I hate u like million times. Why is it so hard? Am I being punished for anything? Tell me. I really want to know. Pls... : - ((((

Sunday, July 19, 2009

sunday blues

aiseh... kejap je da ari ahad. esok da keje. see, ari2 komen mls nk g keje. tgk2 tuhan da kabulkn doa. for those who havent had a clue, try reading bloomberg. or even Financial Times and see what is happening to my company now. nak cite pn masih too early. will tell the whole story once the final decision is made. for the time being, still kena teruskn idup cam bese. well, tak lama da lagi pn. not like i'm planning to stay long. but still, i dont want to leave in the time like this!

eh eh.. da kul 11. better go to sleep now. or else i will regret this tomorrow morning. so toodles!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

lets hope for a better tomorrow. mark today and never to forget. will update about it later. :-||

Sunday, July 12, 2009


JACK!!!! gediknye name Jack. ini sme gara MJ. huhu... so this is my cat. and i can't wait to hug him!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009


just came back from watching bruno with hunny. gosh... dun think this one can make it to our msian screens. gile tahape2 thn gaban. tak tau nk comment ape. that movie is sooo SBC. typical... it's like borat. a film that we'll only want to watch once in a lifetime. klu tringat rs nk senyum2 sorg2. tp klu org ajak g repeat, sorry naik lorry. bese la part2 b'bogelan secara bersahaja. and this time i can clearly see the thing dangling. and to my surprise, ade ke laki2 nk bt brazilian? what? readers blog ni sme da bsr2 kn? hehe... mgkin gay je yg sanggup nak bt wax itu. :-) ini je muvi yg bile da abes tu, me & hunny cam tiade komen. senyap je mase dlm pjlnn balik tu. hahaha... xtau nk komen ape la. mmg buduh sgt cite tu. buduh yg sbenar. tp mamat tu mmg kacak la. rambut stylo gile. hahahahahhaha...

ok ape lg yg berlaku. oh ye. smlm g kua jln2 ngn hunny after work (first time ni kua jln2 lps keje pd ari khamis). saje nk tgk2 sale sbb kpala tension keje menimbun. and ingat nk g beli la beg laptop idaman tu. on-hold dr hari ahad lg kn. pnye la bz smpai ari khamis br smpt nk g tgk balik. so ktorg pn start la dr debenhams. pusing2 tgk brg. hunny got a new jeans from Zara for just E19. then we went to Arnotts before our last stop to Clerys (tmpt beg laptop tu). pstu saje la kan singgah samsonite pnye section kot2 bag laptop yg sama ade kat situ. skali tiada. tp ade satu hand luggage yg skali dgn laptop section. die bag laptop sbenarnye. tp big enough and ade satu compartment asing yg besar cam hand luggage. and it's a convertible backpack. klu tamo galas, ley tarik cam bag tarik bese. bes kn? pstu die ialah 50% off. lps pk lama di situ, rembat je satu. so tak beli la bag laptop merah idaman tu. instead i got myself a nice new laptop bag cum handluggage. cool ey?

i have another 7 weeks to go. this morning Ray told me i can't go. and i said i have to because i am getting married. and he replied back

'you're getting married? that's the first step to divorce!!'

how thoughtful of him. he's always so funny and he loves to call me 'missus trouble'. because when he's stuck with the reconciliation, he'll come to me for some advices. 'missus trouble solver' sounds too long he decided. thus the nickname 'missus trouble'. and we once bumped into each other in front of Jervis Shopping Centre. i was with hunny that time. i introduced him to hunny and he quickly told hunny 'i'm ray. she's missus trouble'. so quick i couldnt stop it. hunny gelak aje la. ray mmg gile. but i will miss him. :-(

Sunday, July 05, 2009


watched 'jgn tegur' yesterday. eventhough it was the 7 of us altogether watching it, the movie really scare the hell out of me. seram okkkkk... first time rs cite melayu sgt seram. walopn pierre andre sgt bangang skali dlm cite tu tp cite tu overall bes la. bak kata usin 'nyampah aku mamat ni. klu muvi die msti nak sebok ter'thayang2'. lidah da la senteng.' hahahaha... ok peminat pierre sile la jgn baca entry. mmg nyampah gile tgk mamat tu berlakon. klu berlakon nak macho je. isk tak ske la. pastu watak die dlm cite tu mmg sumpah loser. ade ke wife ko teruk2 kena rasuk ngn antu siam, ko ley tipon ustaz pastu sambung tgk tv. gile tak logic kn? spatutnye dok la takut2 kat lua bilik. ade de patut tgk tv balik. budus berdengung!! hahahah...

pstu smbung plak tgk cite 'the haunting in connecticut'. by that time hunny surrendered. flat in front of the TV. so kami lg 6 org lg ni la menyambung menonton cite seram. bile abes tu, fydu pn da terbarai, usin lagi la plak. tinggal la azam and manbei yg masih bertahan lg. so manbei offer nk antar me and tasha balik. itu pn sbb die kesian klu i kejut hunny or tasha kejut fydu. sweet je manbei ni. sape2 rs single, sile la bg borang. akn ku forwardkn ke manbei. doctor-to-be lg tu. tp sape2 yg lahir thn 1983 ke bwh tu padamkn je la impian. sbb klu tak salah mamat ni budak lg. i mean muda la dr kite. ngeh ngeh ngeh...

sampai uma da takley tdo. seyes yg sbenar. scaredy cat!!! da la terasa cam dgr bunyi mcm2 kat luar. takut gile ok. da berpeluh2 dlm duvet pn sanggup bertahan sbb takut bergerak nti antu tgk (bley tak??). rsnye tiap2 jam terjaga. bgn pagi je da terletih2. tade mood. kul 9 lg da terjegil da bijik mata takley nk sambung tdo. smpi zuen pn terkebil2 tanye 'eh, aisha ni btl ke da bgn. rini ahad kn?' see! sme org tau i takkan bgn sblm kul 11am. tp ari ni bgn awal gile lak. sedey je. hukhuk..

pastu ptg td g Clerys sbb hunny kata ade sale. sbbkn ktrg nk carik microwave cum oven, pegi la tgk kot2 ade yg bes. lalu kejap kat samsonite pastu terjumpe satu beg laptop yg chummel gile. kaler merah gitu. da nk beli sgt ni skali baru prasan tak bwk purse. hahahahah... gelakkn diri sendri. cane ni jalan2 tp tak bwk purse. terpakse la tggu esok baru ley beli. isk... hopefully ade lg la esok. fuhh!! then gerak g bhgn electrical stuffs, tp baru je nak belek2, da ade announcement suh sme org blah sbb da nk tutup.duhh~~ sgt tak bes. esok la nmpknye g Clerys pas keje. chaiyo!

on the way balik td singgah kedai pak arab beli ayam. tringin gile nk mkn chicken pita. yg sbenar tringin. balik uma marinade ayam and siap2kn salad sme. hasilnye?? sgt bes and kenyang! alhamdulillah... and now we are all waiting for fydu to call us. we are going to give tasha a surprise party. tomorrow is her birthday. i called hunny just now and he said fydu is cooking seabass at the moment! yummy yummy! biar pn da pukul seploh tp nak jugak seabass. :-))

ok lah. tade idea da nk membebel. mlsnye nak g kejeeeeee!!!! arrgghhhghhhhghghgghhh...

Saturday, July 04, 2009


erm... smlm kt opis rs cm byk gile nk updet tp ari ni rs blank plak. mebe sbb pg td bgn pg prt rs lapa gile smpi lemah lutut. trus minum apple juice n mkn EPO n Spirulina. pstu zuen buat tuna sandwich for breakfast. even da mkn pn rs cam lemau je ni. mgknkah sbb weather mendung je kat lua. stiap kali klu mendung msti rs sedey and gloomy smcm je. korg x rs ke? :-((

obviously mood sgt down. and i'm all alone now. zuen n siti have gone to UGC to watch the sister's keeper. i've watched it yesterday with hunny. a very sad movie indeed but to be honest some of the scenes can just be deleted simply because they are not really significant to the movie overall. therefore i'd say 3.5 stars out of 5. hunny liked it though. he said Abigail is just brilliant in that movie. i cried of course until my lungs felt like bursting there and then. try it. you'll know what i mean.

and yesterday i also had the heart-to-heart talk with one of my colleague. she's from Zurich and she told me about her family. of course Zurich is one of the expensive cities in the world and her family used her for that. since she's earning in Euro, you do the math. she was so upset yesterday telling me how she can't have a saving account because her family's demand is always huge and according to her, they dont really treat her well in return. that was the reason she first set her foot here. poor thing! well, i can't say much but i think i know what she meant. i remember last time when we were all still studying full time. i had this one dear friend of mine. she was here because she got the JPA loan but that was only for the study fee. so the rest of the expenses, she had to ask from her parents. she did very good in her study and she became ACCA affiliate within 2 years. unfortunately no company wanted to employ her that time. and her father was telling her that he wont give her a cent anymore. so she had to borrow money from us to survive. i remember how she used to be so sad everytime she called home. one thing i dont understand is how can her father cursed her saying that she was worth nothing and told her to find a way out to finance herself. i mean he's the father right? but anyway, she stayed and consistently sending CVs and voila! she got a job in a bank and now she earns the most compared to all of us. upon hearing the good news the father started crawling at her feet and asked her to pay for every fecking things! bills, groceries and even her sister's wedding. for the first year of working, even she earned loads, she was still the person with no money. no new clothes, old mobile phone, no laptop, because her family sucked her so bad. after a while, she talked to her mom and told her the whole situation and how she felt yadaa yadaa. and now things are getting better. at least her father never ask for anything anymore. (the last i heard, he wanted a bloody new car and asked her to pay for it but she refused to do so. that could be the reason he's so quiet now). well i know i shouldnt be so nosy to judge her situation. i just want share and remind myself that anything is possible in this world. even your family can do bad things to you. amazing ey? thank god my family is the best in the world. at least my mom never tries to butt-in into my life. let alone to ask me about my financial situation. she's the best mom in the world. :-))

ok moving on. i would like to wish my ever best buddy RADIYAH ABD KARIM for her 26th bday! da 26 da kite eh kudik. aku syg ko smpi bile2. jgn sedey2 and enjoy life while you still can. aku balik nti klu windy kite g main layang2 ok. hahahahahahahah... smoga berbahagia ke anak cucu. bile nak ade j's junior nih? :-) ni aku letak gamba ko yg plg gojes. ko msti rs nak big hug aku kan? wakakkakaka.... luv u babe!!

and also, tasha got herself a very nice Jimmy Choo bridal collection for E180!! murahhhhhh!!! sgt cantik merelip2. gojes sgt tgk die pakai. ape motif ckp psl kasut org? oh ye. sbb kasut utk diri sendiri tade lagi. bile la nk carik. haihhhh~~

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

slamat bulan baru

tgk ticker tu. ade less than 2 months. heheheh... tak saba nk tgk cane kehidupn kat msia. hopefully it's gonna be a good one. amin... ape nk update rini? urm2... mcm bese still bz. ni pn blk keje td kul 9. sy bkn workaholic. tp klu tak siapkn rini esok lg png pale. so stayback je siapkn sme bnde dlu. and smpai uma tadi tade tenaga langsung. jupe hunny x sampai 3 menet. da balik uma trus. skg da bersenang lenang ats katil. perasaan bahagia tak terhingga. hehehhee...

mari cerita psl perihal opis spy di ari tua bley bergelak ketawa di ats ke annoy'an' diri sendri. at this moment, i detest fecking Ital*ans. stakat ni tak jupe lg org negara tu yg btl2 bekenan nk di buat kawan. kt opis tu tade la ramai It*lian tp yg ade tu pn sme mcm harammm... pe motif ckp psl itali*n? saje... spy tak lupe smpai bile2. hahha... i've always experience the worst with people from their country. last time hunny pnye hsemate yg ade ramai sgt kawan2 dr Ital* ni. sme prangai tahape2. kuat party, minum smpai muntah2 sana sini. coccaine jgn ckp la. rsnye slagi tak rompong idong tu slagi tu la asek nk amik je. pastu yg sorg lg mamat tu ske pow duit hsemate hunny ni. tp cite kat org family die org kaya2. abes tu asal ko tade uma sendri? asek nk lepak uma hunny je. pstu mtk duit org. fine la. ingatkn sbb die tak well-educated sgt sbb tu prangai die kampon.

rupenye yg da well-educated pn sama je prangainye. call me racist but my experiences with them just proven how unethical and unprofessional they are (at least the ones in my office). smpai Kristof pn kata 'oh, org2 dorg ni takley bg power sket or takley kasi dorg rs dorg ade power. abes sme org dorg pijak.' gile kn? sbb tu bile dgr je dorg ni dr negara itu, trus rs tak syok. and people ask me why i haven't been there yet. cane? tiada prasaan membuak2. dlu ade la skejap mase satu zaman tu. tp skg da langsung ilang da. ditambah plak dgn cite siti yg kena tumbuk tak psl2 kat Rome. ish takpe la. tak pnh g pn takpe. (racist gile entry kali ni).

oh klu i jupe Giuseppe Esposito or Cesare Marino kat msia, aku starlite dahi ko sejuta kali. :-)) ahhahahahahahah... td terserempak Giuseppe kt canteen and die kunun2 berbuat baik dgn berkata 'how are you ladies? (me & kinga) long time no see?.' tp aku trus berpura2 bercakap ngn john lantas buat tak lyn kpd si itu org yg aku tak ske. bakpe aku susah pyh nak kunun2 ske die? oh puas la ati aku. rasenye die tau diriku tak ske die. sme sbb bln lepas die pakse2 kinga turun register those stupid anti-mafia thingy. (tu la. negara byk sgt mafia. kan da kena register sme payments yg hntr kat It*ly). tp kinga lak time tu bz gile. so i offered to help her. but the thing is i totally forgot my password to log on to the anti-mafia software. ye la. last buat pn thn lps. sbb itu junior pnye keje. so si mamat gile ni bising la. siap kutuk2 kinga kata menyusahkn idop die sbb antar diriku yg password pn tak ingat. hahahah... bkn sengaja la gile. bape kali nk ckp. klu die diam pn takpe. sbb bknnye takley mtk password kinga. tp bese la org2 negara dorg ni. bende kecik pn nak besar2kn. nk tjk la die sorg je la yg bley buat keje. so die pn start la call my TL kunun nak ngadu. skali kena mrh lg ade. ye la. da la ktorg ni tolong die. die nak kecoh2 lak kn. start ari tu baru la try kunun nk ckp baik2. tp jgn harap. i dont like u. and will always not like you. me no likey!!

Cesare? lg mls nk cite. buduh berdengung. klu ade mase baru cite. ni ape kes meluah prasaan ni? heheheh... xpe la. pngalaman utk ari tua. ngehngehngeh...

ps: kudik, mula2 aku baca komen ko utk entry bwh ni kn, aku confuse gile. aku asek je tanye diri aku 'nape TL aku kna bg ko adiah?' sebbek aku tak tulis ape2 yg bley mgguris ati ko. da lama tu baru aku tau nape. see? ternyata aku ingat la. aku ingat ari tu ialah bday ko. hehehehhe...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

month end

as usual, month-end always made my day miserable. today was even worse. month-end plus TL on half day = hell. i came to work around 8am. feeling happy on the way to the office since the dart stn was not crowded at all. but the nightmare started when i set my foot in the building. i saw my TL running hi and lo for god knows why (mind you that it was fecking 8am?!!). then he came to me giving all his work-in-prog and endless list of meetings to attend. great! and Tuesday is not helping much because i promised AP to run the refund process every Tuesday and Thursday. Blimey! so from 9am i've been running here and there for meetings, dev testing and more meetings. no time for loo. not at all. nadaa!!

at 11am we had a little presentatn for my TL. he's getting married this Saturday (and he's gonna be off for 3 weeks). my manager bought him a nice wine cup and also a bottle of champagne. in his speech, he quoted,

'i'm getting married on the fourth of July. some people are having their independence day that day but unfortunately i'm losing mine.'

and everyone laughed. ok. they really love those kind of jokes about marriage. like what Simon wrote on the wedding card to my TL,

'down another one good man. prepare urself for all the unnecesary stuffs.'

hahahha.. they are all funny. god i will miss them. especially Simon who went to Sabah last year. and love love love malaysia satay. always promote other people to try and eat satay. :-)

ok la. enuf mengarut. saje je update juge sbb nk byk2 entry sket. nguahahahahahah... toodles!

Monday, June 29, 2009


ok... the ticker is up. i'm starting to count my days here. sad & excited at the same time. today my manager came to see me. she said it's such a big loss to not have me here. well... i have to do what i have to do. hunny has decided not to stay and going back is the only good thing i can think now. anyway i can't lose to not being with my mum now. as she complains to my sister that she's so old and lonely now. i have to go back. and i'm not planning to leave her again. i hope.... ever!

well... well. i have exactly two months to drag me bum every weekday morning to the office. i am going to miss all this but i am not sad to leave them behind either. they will be just another episode in my life. and today Kinga told me she passed her exam. and unexpectedly, she hugged me with joy! i'm startled at first but seeing her so happy made me happy as well. she thanked me for all the guides and good advices. apparently, i'm the one who made her took the exams at the very first place. and i'm the one who also so confident that she can do it. errr... i didnt mean to be such an inspiration to anybody.. i just advised her to take the exams so that she wont feel left behind (since everyone in the office is doing some professional papers at the moment. CA, ACCA, CIMA etc2). but she took me seriously and enrolled for the exams. now she's at par with everybody else and this December, she can sit for the ACCA third level exams. wonderful isn't it? i'm so happy for her. no wonder she didnt eat well during lunch time. i bet she was worried sick thinking of the result. good for her!

ok lah. mari kite tgk gamba plak. randomly picked from me lappie ok. enjoy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

june oh june

ok june ialah sudah mahu abes. tp baru ade 4 entries je. adoidoi! sgt pemalas. bkn ape. kdg2 di opis malu2 segan nk bukak blogspot. takut org tgk2 dr belakang & ingat i tade kje. blk uma slalu da mls nk updet. just check FB and main restaurant city (msh lg addicted) and tdo awal. oh rumah ni kul seploh sme da lena di ulit mimpi. so ade weekend aje yg available utk updet blog. tp tu pn kdg2 mls sbb byk lg bende lain nk buat. huhu...

so mari kite recap ape da jadi since i last posted below entry. erm2... street performance sgt menarik. tade la byk sgt tgk sbb

1. i tak ske crowded place. ditambah plak ngn case H1N1 nih. lagi la takut nk dok kt tmpt ramai org.
2. layan kakak n adik lagi bes.
3. tak phm sgt nk baca schedule performance tu. hahahah...

so ended up g tgk puppet show je. bes la mamat tu main. and sme penonton adelah sporting. gamba? urm... nti la tggu amik dr hunny. tp kakak n adik sgt cute dgn face painting! and tisha sgt gemuk dlm gamba. sigh~~

kemudian cerita bdayku. thn ni bday bes sbb ari gaji ialah ari yg sama ngn ari bday. and hunny bg ipod touch idaman & juge bunge yg sgt byk2!!! luv u loads hunny. sorry ye ssh sgt nk jpe ptg tu. bdk2 opis ajak g farewell drink utk Francois so tepakse g jap je. smpai uma ard 6pm, br la g dinner kt Thai Spice. tak sangka nk dpt ipod touch sbb tu terkedu je tgk adiah. terdiam bkn sbb tak ske. rs nk menjerit tp ade uncle&anty2 yg lovey dovey mkn kat tepi meja kite. xkn nk jerit. tersedak lak dorg. heheheh... thx again hunny. cinta tiada terhingga nih. :-))

then smlm g Brown Thomas utk summer sale! tade la beriya to be honest tp ended up bgn plg awal bersiap drpd org lain. hahhahah... itu bkn kerana excited ye. itu adelah sbb mau wee wee dan terjaga kul 6.30am! trus je mandi2 n siap2. smpt kat BT, rs pelik. mcm ni ke sale? (FYI xpenah g sale yg beriya tggu pg2. bese dtg da ala2 tghari n x ramai sgt org. so this is the first time). tp pelik sbb tade org pn? rupe2nye sme org da beratur dpn Gucci. eh tade la ramai tp ade la dlm 10 org. so kami beratur juge sbb ainul ialah die-hard-fan Gucci. lgpn Dior tak sale sgt. so beratur je la smbil burak2. and to my surprise, kami ialah beratur 45menet sblm dpt masuk. tp berbaloi je sbb i got myself a clutch and a handbag! clutch ialah sudah lama carik. maklum la nk blk msia msti byk kenduri. dr bwk handbag baik bwk clutch. so dpt la satu clutch. gamba xley tunjuk sbb nti ade jiran2 yg gossip lantas menyuruh hubby die beli jugak gune duit bonus. ehem! :-))

and it was 30% in Chanel. so our lady Chanel, siti dgn tak sengajanye membli 1 henbag yg super duper gojes! black & white, very the Chanel. pastu makan2 di yamamori smpna bdayku. that time Hunny & Jen ialah dtg join. and seafood cha-han mmg always the best. after that we went to Mothercare & SmithToys utk mummy zuen bli brg2 baby. smentara tgh sale ni, sme murah2. i mean electric breastpump ialah 50% off. so smlm regenye ialah E59! dan mummy jge bli carseat maxi-cosi yg sale kat Mothercare yg regenye E115. murah la kot. i pn tak tau. pening juge tgk zuen yg pening. i hope this entry will help me in the future. bley banding rege klu next time nk bli. ^o^

that's all. toodles!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

utang tag mamie :-)

Use Google image to find the answer to the questions below as rules. Choose images from the first page only and after that Tag 7 people.

1. wish
i soooooooooooooooo want this one - with one condition. i dont want to buy it myself! it must be a gift. *dreamy eyes* stiap kali tgk kat jln rs nk pengsan. klu byk2 keta lalu kat dpn mata msti dpt spot this one pnye. even from far!! (just to prove how i like it so much). oh wishing star!! pls gimme this one. *wish lg byk2 kali*

2. the city i was born in

jerantut!! oh ni ke rupe jerantut? ok bley tak tak penah pegi sana bile da besau ni. ye! sy lahir di jerantut pahang. itu sebabnye no di tgh2 IC sy ialah 06 for pahang. yeah! tp sejak lahir tak penah g tmpt tu lagi. hurm...

3. the city i'm working in

baile atha cliath!! that's dublin. tp actually bukan la kat area di atas ni. kat blackrock yg lebey kurang 15mins from the city itself. it's still in county dublin tho.

4. a place i'd like to travel to

viva Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!!! anyone??

5. a favourite house

any loft-style houses with big bedrooms, spacious kitchen and smart system. :-)

6. a favourite animal

meow meow. nuff said. :-))

7. 7 people i want to tag

  • whoever wants to do it. it's fun. good way to kill ur time.
  • ayu (wey ko da kena tag 2 kali da ni wey. aku ngn mamie. hehe)
  • atart
  • nona
  • cik yan
  • kak wan
  • kak nannoor
  • kak nina
eh da lebey da tu. ahahhaha... sila la buang mase spt sy. :-))

here goes

woke up this morning with a serious stomach cramp. adui adui... sgt mengganggu tdo di pg sabtu. skg jam suda pkl 12 tghari. mata da ngantuk blk. tp janji nk kua ngn hunny kul 1.30. bummer!! spoil program ari ni. terpakse la thn kantuk smpi ptg which can lead to severe headache. :-( however we plan to go and check out this year's street perfomances event. xpnh pegi lg walopn da 3 thn kat sini. so since we are planning to go back for good, why dun just see this one before it ends tomorrow. ainul kata die nampak smlm ade sorg mamat tu bley buat sandwich ngn kaki. gross!! tp itu la street performance kan? ofis ainul adelah mengadap merrion square sbb tu bley nampak begitu shj. hurm... menarik... ok ok. jgn lyn skt perut spy bley pegi dgn gembiranye. chaiyo! will update the photos later. toodles!!

ps: to all j's... walopn aku org terakhir tau. tp aku sgt2 gembira!!!! yeayyyyy!!!! :-))

Friday, June 12, 2009


just got the email from Sports and Social club confirming this year's BBQ party. the theme is 80's. oh how i detest dressing up! yeah i know it is not compulsory to dress up but people will look at you like you are some kind of freak. Kristof is not going, and Kinga too. just perfect for me to decide not to go. plus i dun like to see me colleagues getting drunk and do all the unnecessary stuffs. i definitely dun want to see people dancing on the table again... naked! if you dun know the naked person, it's alright. but if the naked dude is the person whom you always sent emails to, it's a bummer!

  1. last event that i can join in this company
  2. last chance to meet everyone before August
  3. can socialise with more people
  4. to stop Glenn from sending me trillion emails asking me to join the party (sshnye klu dpt kwn yg jd ahli committee nih. arggghhhh!!)
  5. i have no more excuses to give (tak pnh lg join ape2 event thn ni dgn sejuta alasan - mostly study kunun. ni da abes exam ni da tatau nk kasi alasan ape. tamo di cop anti-social)


  1. hate to opt for vege food. (i dont even eat vegetables)
  2. hate it when people ask me 'just coke?'
  3. 80's? mlsnye nk pk nk pakai ape. hishh!
  4. hate to see stupid drunk colleagues
  5. hate it when my clothes all smell like alcoholic beverages shop
  6. hate to take cab at nite after the party
  7. pity hunny because i am 120% sure he'll be restless and keeps on calling me every 15 minutes. :-))
  8. benci bau pub yg mcm dlm stor lama tu.

oh i guess that's it. more cons than pro. yg penting no 7 itu. hehe.. ok.. i will hit the button 'not attending' now. hehehe... kan senang klu buat analysis begini. xyah pening2 da.

ps: cik orked... lagi da bes exam ni lg mls nk update. oh byknye bende nak buat. baca buku cite, tgk DVD2 terkumpul, layan muvi kat UGC, kluar makan, g jupe double A sefamily, etc etc... :-))

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


sumpah pns gileeee!! da 3 ari mcm ni. i know the fact that i am going back to malaysia in 3 months time so i shouldnt complain. but this is different. back there we have air-cond and at least fan!! here? we have nothing! pns yg sbenar ni. am not complaining. just want to share. hurmm... at least i got to see snowy winter and hot summer in Ireland before i go. :-)

anyway... HAPPY BDAY KAK AIDA!!!! smoga pnjg umur murah rezeki. aminnn... :-))

Monday, May 25, 2009

France (Paris) day 4

oh la la! bienvenue a Paris!!!! pagi2 lg da bertolak from Brussels Midi Station to Gare du Nord. ktorg naik train provided by Thalys. senanye byk je train providers from Brussels to Paris ni. ktorg amik Thalys sbb time tu murah lak tetibe. one way cume la 28e. murah kan?? yg len sme over 70e (eurostar etc). lgpn last time da naik Eurostar so nk la try yg lain. and Kristof told me that his brother always travels between Paris and Amsterdam by Thalys. itu yg cari2 skali dpt lak yg murah. and very convenient. tade beza pn dgn Eurostar. madnu ade je cdgkn French pnye provider tp yg itu adalah mahal juge. xberbaloi utk one way trip (baik naik aerl*ngus klu da lebey 50e).

journey kali ni saje je naik sme public transports yg ade. kunun2 nk adventure gitu. ok je la. tade la pening lalat sbb very confortable and tak panas. lgpn ley tgk2 luar dgn scenery yg mantap. so arrived at Gare du Nord around 2pm. quickly bought the Visite Paris tickets for 2 days for unlimited travels. this ticket can be used for metro, RER as well as the busses. pretty convenient. and the metro in Paris is exactly the same like the underground in London. Lines are according to color and most of the must-go places have the nearest metro station. for some people, they dont use metro at all. because to go from one place to another is not really far away. but knowing me, i will never walk (except when zuen dragged us to walk from Arc de Triomph to La Tour Eiffel!!!! unbelievable but true. i walked from the hotel near the Ternes station to Arc de Triomph and straight to Champ Elyssee and to Eiffel Tower! jauh gileeeeeeeee!!! da smpai Eiffel Tower tu baru prasan da jln jauh gile. tp sbb excited da jupe tower tu trus tak rase sakit kaki.

mase mula2 tgk tower tu siap masing2 kata 'nape aku ingat tower ni cantik? uduh je ni.' haha.. bongkak kan? pstu bile die start bukak lampu... VOILA!!! baru nak excited cipan. terus je beratur nak naik atas. gue yg gayat ni pn naik sampai yg plg atasss skali. rs tak caya tp mmg naik smpi plg atas and siap ley jalan2 tanpa rs gerun kat platform tu (mase tu tak takut sbb ingtkn naik smpi separuh je. da turun bwk baru tau rupenye naik smpai atas. time tu baru nak gerun terketar lutut). La Tour Eiffel sgt superb!!! naik atas tu baru la 13e. tp experience kat atas tu PRICELESS!!!!!

ok lps tu berjalan balik hotel. berjalan? jgn harap. msti la naik metro Bir Hakiem. mula2 nk la benti kat Trocadero jap amik gamba tp bateri low. so trus je balik hotel.

ok la. since gamba2 sme da transfer masuk lappie. meh boh sket utk tontonan umum. :-)

in front of huge LV at champ elyssee

otw to La Tour Eiffel

nmpk uduh kat tower tu? :-)

ini baru tingkat 2. lights already on

the city view behind us

jarak malaysia ngn tower tu (click to enlarge)

tasha kata tower ni dr bwh cam org terkangkang. haha..


insan bernama hunny. je t'aime bien!!

ok la. da nearly half nine. nk tdo. sok bgn awl ley stdy sket (i wish). ingatkan smpat nak blog about the second day in paris. will do it later. so guys... toodles!!