Thursday, October 16, 2008

a lil bit of thoughts

the budget was out the day b4 yesterday and dare i say it's not really helping us but maybe the economy - who knows? the VAT is now up by 0.05% to 21.5%. yupp... i know. sounds small but it hurts as bad. imagine that almost every daily expenses will be up a bit? isnt it still gonna cost you a bomb in the end? furthermore, the levy is also increased by another 1% for earners of less than 100,000E a year. sini tax sana... adehhh... byr tax je la smpai ke sudah. uhuhuhu~
oh ye.. not forgetting the increment in the price of cigaretteS. a pack of cig cost 0.50E more than last time. mmg papa kedana la klu sape2 yg heavy smoker tuh. just imagine. 4 packs a week cost you approx 32.00E and multiply that by 4 weeks a month equal to nearly 130.00E (source from hunny's weekly consumption). 130.00E a month equal to more or less about 598.00RM (taking average rate of 4.60 for forex). gilenye!!!!!!!! if you send that much of money every month for let say 10 months, imagine how much you'll have in your saving by the time you go back. lepas da nak g bercuti mane2. heh... i guess this is the reason why accountants are always labelled as stingy. i dont think it's stingy. it's just managing your money the best way. is it not?

the recession really hits everybody. so guys... if you plan to travel here for quite a long time, i dont think it's worth it. the airport taxes are now increased thus increasing the prices of other stuffs as well. even the unemployment rate is increasing rapidly now. it's so hard to find a job no matter how great you are or how brilliant the experiences you've got. many companies started to downsize and i knew quite a few of my friends who are being made redundant just to save some costs to the company. poor them. i hope it'll never happen to me...

the last time we encountered economic crunch, i was so young and naive to even understand or feel the impact of it. furthermore, my parents worked for the gov so just guess how stable and unaffected they were that time. i always wondered how come the construction sites were being abandoned and why they didnt want to finish it and all of those petty questions. now i can understand better. so when my sister asked me how actually the Lehman's Bro affected the economy as a whole, i explained everything to her. the micro and macro factors. but i am not sure whether she really understood everything or not coz i didnt sense any fear vibes from her. it's either she was so good in pretending/acting or she just doesnt care. haha... but honestly speaking, i am scared. what if the markets continue to be so bad for so long (like what the economists predicted - that it'll continue in 2009 as well). what if despite all the bail-out plans, the banks still default? only god knows..

i came in late this morning. arrived around 10am and luckily we practice flexible working hours here. so as long as you work for 8 and a half hour everyday, it doesnt really matter what time you come in and what time you finish for the day. and as for me today, since i came in at 10am, i should go back at half six provided that i take my lunch. if i skip it, i can go home at half five. but guess what? my TL ask me to take half day today bcoz i dont look well. mmg pn. batuk2 mcm gile. but then i dont feel sick or what just batuk je yg jenis chesty tu. that's why bile batuk bunyi cam sakit gile je. well, seeing the rec file still so big with many unreconciled items, i really dont wanna go home early today. we'll see how.

okay dudes. have to stop now. if i go back early today, i will try to upload some photos from the Bray trip.toodles!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

early bird again

heyya... it's ten to seven in the morning and i'm already so fresh and wide awake!! that's a hell of a new accomplishment so far. who would wanna wake up so early on sunday morning? definitely not me but well... put the blame on forgetting to put the dirty clothes in the wash mach last nite that resulted in the unbelievable act of waking up as early as 5 am to do the laundry. note that we chose to have a cheaper nite rate so doing laundry from 12am to 8am is cheaper than doing it after 8am. the diff is really big between nite rate and day rate so i dont mind forcing my lazy eyes to work early today. ngeee~~ tried to continue sleeping but heck, i cudnt do it. so here i am. reading people's blogs and update me own one. you mite think i shud be studying (do you?) but to be honest i cudnt find my exam kit. dunno where i put it. the last time i remember seeing it was when i was late to class and i took it out from the bag. i've searched hi n lo but to no avail. ahhh~~ will find for it again tomorrow. hope this is not a sign that i mite fail again this time. heh. (owh ini sgt lame)

plan to go to london on 8th of dec to renew my passport. i am gonna be on my study leave that day and i cudnt think of any other better time. so went to search for the tix and to my surprise, a*erlin*gus is changing the strategy altogether!!! my my... so the economic downturn really affect them so bad. who would imagine that the once leading airlines who always charged premiums to customers is now changing the business strategy to low cost low frills base?? i was told that last time flying to london cost nearly 200.00 quid!!! but now you can easily find a tix as low as 40E or even less thanks to the low cost airlines that emerged few years back. people dont mind the comfort to fly anymore as long as it's cheap and you can get there on time. and my search on the tix shows that i can buy return tix from a*erlin*gus for only 66.00E (i am only paying the tax, 0.00E tix)!!!!!!!! yeay!!! and to double the surprise, even the ever so famous cheap airlines r*yan*air offers me 70.00E return tix (and note that this is to Stansted not Heathrow-mahal dowh). this is rather absurd. anyway, it's undeniably a gooooooooooooood surprise. hehehehe.....

anyway, we were supposed to go to usin's opn hse yesterday. so the plan was to wait for hunny to finish work and then go to Talbot Street together. but on the way there, we bumped into hunny's fren and they started talking about some matters which i dont understand and bla bla bla for nearly one hour and we then realised that 'oh, maybe it's too late now to go there.' it was 10pm that time and i was not objecting his plan at all. partly because i was tired waiting and not keen to go anymore. furthermore, we can always go to usin's hse anytime we want. so xpe la. open hse tu utk sape2 yg jauh2 or jarang nk dtg lepak uma die. but we didnt go home straightaway. we lepaking for a while or dare i say dating sebentar at the riverside and borak2 about some craps, joking, giggling and it feels good. honestly, we barely talk now since we both are busy with works and studies. we do meet everyday i know but usually we just dine and after that we go separate ways.
mase mkn pn tak byk sgt ckp sbb keletihan bekerja. if we both make it to the marriage zone, i hope we are not gonna be like this. *fingers and toes crossed*

mata da kembali menguyu (is there such word?). sleepy i am. so peeps. gtg now. rules ari ahad; jikalau mengantuk, wajib di sorongkan bantal. hahahha.. later suckers!!!

ps: ptg ni plan nk g Bray. will update wif pics. ngeeee~~ toodles!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

dulu vs skrg

hah! cant believe it has been three yrs now we celebrated raya together. not really 'together' tho. here's why.

2006 - tade pape lagi. baru start kawan. tp still raya gak same2. i mean g jalan raya ngn membe2 lain. so kire raya bersama la. nk pulak mase tu student lg. so syok la nk jalan raya.

2007 - da together da. but he was working that day so we just met in the evening. tu pn da gegas2 nk g raya uma Temp&wifey. smpt amik gamba kat jalan je la.

2008 - i was working. jupe ptg je tu pn mase ramai gile org ade kat uma tu beraya. so curik2 amik gamba. hehehe... ade sekeping pn ok la.

so tade lagi activity bermaafan beriya as in salam2 di pagi raya. im saving it for the right time. :-)



here are some pics for this year's 'big' event. enjoy!

last snap before went home - Luk's open hse

ngangah bg duit raya kat aleia

turn alany lak

alany n tisha - nyanyi lagu ry kunun

alany & tisha lg

aleia kpenatan pg td g scool

alany pn da cranky nk sleep

hunny holding sleeping aleia wif kak anis, ricardo n future wifey

cute lil Teja


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

hello everybody!!

peeps!!! i was meant to write some updates yesterday but i cudnt even find a tiny bit of time to do so. it was so busy and kept on delaying to write until it was time to go home. anyway, after work, me n hunny went to HMV just to see any cheap movies we can buy. we grabbed NATIONAL TREASUREs 1 & 2 (btl ke tajuk ni?) and also THE LIVES OF OTHERS (recommended by Juraj). all that for only € 18!!! what a bargain. been eyeing the ipod 4th generation also but i think it can wait. still contemplating either to buy 4th generation ke ipod touch? nafsu nk beli tu tak dpt nk tahan. tp klu beli bkn pakai sgt pn. tgk ipod shuffle yg of course da terperap je kat dlm laci tu. but still, selagi tak beli, msti asek nak lalu tgk je bende tuh. ssh tul now brown cow? any suggestions to kill the crave?

i didnt go to class on mon (booo!!!) coz finally i decided to go to the open hse. (bg alasan da lama tak jupe dorg). it was superb so i dont regret skipping my class (mmg nk kna rotan nih). dpt la jupe kak anis and teja. da besar da. independent gile bdk kecik sorg nih. selamba rock je jln sorg2. x nanges pn. mula2 tu die cam jual mahal sket mase i pggl tp bile da bribe ngn dodol durian, manje je dtg dekat. heheheh... senjata dodolku berjaya! ricardo and his future wife were there as well. tak abes2 m'promote tmpt baru dorg, Athlone.nice, calm, no traffic, by the riverside and on and on... she even said 'if you come to our house, we have a room spare for you to spend the nite in.' gile bes. ok la. we'll go there someday. kena plan ramai2 baru syok nk jalan. coming bank holiday ni okay gak. hurm...

pendek kata, ramai la g open hse tu. kak zaila-farid pn ade. ramai la. ktorg second last batch yg smpai. mase tu pn da kul 9++ mlm. tp lauk maintain je byk lagi. open hse start kul 12 tghari. gile tak gile byk dorg ni msk. dgr2 dr tghari tu tak putus2 org dtg. ye lahh.. kata chef2 sekalian. msti la cekap memasak n tau nk budget sme kot. sme makanan mmg terbaek sgt. Thank again utk tuan umah, Luk & kak anis & teja, amran n abib. burt sent us home that nite. with a nice full stomach i went to bed. *happy*

pe lg nk cer? it's quarter to six n i am still in the office. need to clear the rec by the end of this month. i chose to stay back today coz the internal auditors from the states are coming next week so they want to see some progress. since they handed over the job to me last two weeks, i need to show them that i have done something at least. i have no time to do it during the normal working hours so i have to spend the evening inthe office. i cant stay back tomorrow and definitely not on friday either. so, like it or not, i have to stay a bit longer today. well, i have no plan whatsoever today so there's no harm to go home a bit late.

ok lah guys. what the hell am i doing writing a long entry if i have something to do aite? toodles!!

Monday, October 06, 2008

great weekend

ahh~~ syoknye ahad yg lepas. first time i got to pamper my bum all day long. didnt go anywhere. bgn tdo da kul 12pm (tercapai misi) and mandi2, jemur kain, kemas2 bilik, mkn sket and all of that brought me to 3pm. cpt2 call ibunda tersayang utk updet2 terkini. heheh.. gossips bebeh..

sabtu la ade kua sket kul 4++ to Malaysia Hall. amik2 gamba and jupe geng2 chef yg memasak di situ. tp kejap je pn. xsmpai sejam and balik uma balik. sungguh heaven sekali idupku. tambah2 plak skg ni da sejuk gile. baru bln seploh da sejuk sgt2. last year mase magec dtg at the end of october pn tade la rase sejuk lg. masa tu magec ley pakai slipar lagi but this year, it's a big no no to do that. sejuk sgt nih. mau beku kaki klu pki slipar. tido mlm2 pn bdn mcm udang kena bakar. merengkot je.eventho da dok bwh duvet. bygkan la sejuk die. will it snow this dec? *crossed fingers*

mlm ni ade jemputan umah terbuka kat Castlenock utk open house chef2 dublin (must be a good one). will be held at Luk's hse. tp tak tau nk g ke tak. mlm ni sy kna ke skolah. nk g sekolah ke nak g makan? hurm... skola sgt penting. tp bersosial pn penting juge. dorg beriya2 ajak siap kata VVIP tak pe dtg lambat. tp class abes kul 10mlm. xkn nk g Castlenock mlm2 buta tu? sok da la keje lagi. iskk.. benci btl bende2 mutually exclusive ni. x pandai nk pilih mane satu. skolah xpernah ponteng lagi maybe ley ponteng ari nih (boley tak?). hrum2...

got some pics to upload. tp cam bese la. slalu tak t'upload2 lg. bese kalu on lappie tu msti nak main Neopet. sedar2 je da berjam2 dpn lappie. pastu mula la mls nk upload gamba. hish.. byk gamba nk letak. last friday ktorg balik tyrrelstown after work. ingat nk g uma kak sue-farid sbb dorg ajak dtg open hse. sampai2 uma abid je alany greet ktorg dgn penuh excited. dah cute skg nih. da boley sebut nga-ngah (pak ngah) tp tisha blm lg. hehe... aleia pn cam bese la dgn sombong2 sket mase mula2 tu tp lps tu ok je. rupenye2 abid pn expecting some groups to come to their house. ramai jugak la. so we ended up b'tandang kat uma abid je. x jd pn g uma kak sue-farid. mlm tu afin bukak cite pertama ramadhan. layan la ramai2. balik uma da kul 12 mlm and tdo je trus.

kesimpulannye, mggu lps mmg la sgt terbaek skali. smpi mlm td pn jadi tdo2 ayam sbb da byk sgt tido. heheh.. asek2 terjaga je dr tido. nk bgn pg pn senang je. xde la liat sgt. huhu... overall, IT WAS THE BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!!!!

ps: nk sambung blaja french blk mais je suis si paresseux. j'ai besoin d'aide. big time!!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008



i feel sorry for you hanna. i do. can't imagine if it happens to me. be strong okay. you always have us here.

and happy belated bday to messjar. da tua da pn ada ati nk mtk duit raya kat aku. sanggup nk isi borang tuh. haha... anyway, bak kata aku smlm, baru la ko takyah pggl aku kakak. kan da sebaya skg nih. :-)

and to dearly ubai. congrats on your engagement. i am soo happy for you. still remember the first time you told me about her. lucky her i guess. :-) msti tggu aku balik baru kawen ok? (melampau tak?) haha...

owh... havent wished you all a very happy eid mubarak. didnt have time to update me blog. so busy with the closing and it was my company year end last month. so everything was like mad this few days. today is better tho. thank god. so here it goes... SLAMAT ARI RAYA, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN. (tade ucapan fancy2.i xpandai)

dunno whatelse to write. not really in the mood to share any story. i just wish i can take a time off from my love life? it's so messy and complicated from the very beginning. i thought it's gonna be better as we move along but i am starting to doubt it now. god, give me some signs. what should i do?