Thursday, September 25, 2008

phew~~ glad it's over. my TL and Kinga are back and now i feel like breathing again. it's not even the month end yet but the workloads are like hell. i should celebrate that it's over now. yippe yayy yeaaa... ummm... unfortunately, becoz of the stress and pressure im getting, i'm not only got myself rashes and ulcers, but flu and fever also kind heartedly pay me a visit. sigh~ i can't apply for an MC. i've taken too much leave this two months. nontheless, i've to be strong. yeah! mggu dpn raya (ade kaitan x?)

hey, have you guys watch Hellboy? you know the song that the blue guy sang when he's so drunk? i fall in love with the song just like that. please.. try listening to this song. u'll like it.









sweet isn't it? and we managed to download the song too. yeay!! *CLAP2 to hunny*

given that i havent updated anything for a good few days, i ought to write a lil bit longer today to compensate the frustration you guys undergo when you open this blog and see there's nothing new. haha~ sorry lads. the will is there but the time is not. sgt busy bekerja mencari rejeki. ewahh!

reading others' blogs bout raya hit me hard on the head (and heart as well) to see and realise what im missing (again) this year. i cant forget the overwhelming feeling of seeing all the family members gathering in one house and early morning, everybody is so happy to try the new raya outfit with small kids running here and there and waiting for the duit-raya giving ceremony. the smell of rendang and lemang, OMG!! raya is not raya without those smells. and these two years i've been trying so hard not to think of it too much. even this year, i dont plan anything for raya. not even bother about my baju raya *note that my sister hasnt send it to me yet* what for? even if i get it on time, i dont feel excited to wear it. just like a normal cloth that i wear everyday i supposed. maybe im in denial or sth? trying to conceal the actual feeling of sadness and frustration? therefore i made up all those excuses of not celebrating raya. hurm.. maybe... yet again, like my mom said, if you want to be happy, make do of what you have. and i am making do with what i have. WORK that is. i enjoy coming to the office and that is what i am gonna do this year. :-)

my holiday in December is now approved. yippee!! it's gonna be two weeks starting from 24th to 2nd of Jan. i have to go to London to renew my passport. need to plan carefully coz i really wish to go to barcelona again or maybe paris. urgghh... not really good at planning. lg tak pandai nk cari cheap accomodation. cane nih? HELP!!! mane nk start dulu eh? afiq.. please refresh you memories in Spain. mgkin aku takyah g barca lg tp g madrid? tlg ye incik?

well.. better stop now. zillions emails coming. *exaggerating* toodles!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

sedikit update

peepss.... here's the update for last two days;

thurs d 18th: received soooo many emails until i cant even send one unless i deleted or moved some of them to my personal folder. and i couldnt leave them for tomorrow bcoz tomorrow for sure i'll get some more. so ended up clearing the mailbox and stayed late until 6 and went home afterwards. i seriously looked like a zombie. no feeling at all and i did bump into some frens (did i?) but i didn't bother to say hi or even smile. not that i didn't want to. i just didn't have the energy to work my cheek's muscles up and smile or whatever. smpai uma trus padam. flat on the bed. half seven woke up just to drink a quarter glass of water and continued sleeping. penat tak reti nak ckp. hoh!

fri d 19th: it was supposed to be the day ever but not for me. na-ah~ i was forced to come early in the morning to help Dovile to upload all the manual remits file. usually Kinga or Pawel will do it but since none of them were in the office, i had to do it. it was my first time but thx god i managed to do it. after i was done with that, i did the Barclays Germany process and half way tru, Alan rang asking me to get ready to go to Sandyford. Fuck!! totally forgot that i have the disaster recovery testing today!!! dgn tergopoh gapahnye print out docs yg nk kna bwk and lari trn bwh. sme org tgh tggu and we then went to HP hq to do the testing. i asked Sinead why do we have to do the testing and according to her, this is just a procedure to make sure that if something happens to our office, we can still work somewhere else (at HP office). duh~~~ office terbakar jawabnye tak yah keje la. hheheeh... but come to think about it, if i own the company, i still want my employee to be able to work in whatever cases. so, test je la. da la i mcm terbangang2 je nak carik drive tu. sebbek la Sean tlg map kan. pastu konon2 nk start la kan but shit! i couldn't access the Funding Module. rupe2nye dorg tak install ape tah and i had to wait like half an hour or so. tringat lak Barclays file tak upload lg. kelam kabut la call Dovile and suh die tlg buatkan pape yg tak buat lg. die pn da kelam kabut asek call je tanye cane nk buat tu cane nk buat ni. urghhh~~ tema hari itu adalah 'hari kelam kabut sedunia'. last2 dpt call dr manager kata takyah la pk sgt. exception sbb tak cukup staff. phew!! sebbek... da siap sme tu trus la blk. skali lg stayed late sbb nk clear mailbox and stuffs tp ari ni tak melepek. mgkin sbb hati senang da ari jumaat kot. :-) lps buke pose, buat kuih cornflakes madu!!! yeayyy!!! tambah lg koleksi kuih raya...

and bgn pg td i got flu. and rashes!! told you i cant be so stressed. kejap je da naik rashes kat tgn. huuuuu... :-( and ade perasaan tak sihat yg amat. kepala berat and hingus rase nk meleleh je nih (yuckss!!) i was thinking of going out and watch 'a boy in stripped pyjama'. tp tak lrt ah... maybe tomorrow if i am feeling better. rs nak beli baju baru tp tak tau nk beli baju ape. cam da boring dgn baju2 yg ade ni. maybe i should go to Dundrum and have a look? rase cam nk beli bende baru tp tak tau ape... sigh~~

guess i'll stop now. mcm tade motif menulis tp nk updet gak... ingat td nk upload pics tp cam mls lak. maybe next time... daaaaa~~

da de raya mood!

would like to dedicate this entry to everdearest lil sister with a big wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, CIK IZYAN. :-)

muda nye 21. rs cam baru je smlm akak 21 (over lak)..
anyway, may you enjoy the best your life can give. may all the wishes come true.may you are always blessed in whatever you do.may you live long enough to see all the goodness there is... smlm ingat nk txt but i think writing an entry just for you is more than special. happy birthday again dear... *huggssssss*

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1 lg

15.47... yawn~ can't wait to go home today. i've tonnes of things to do but i am so lazy and tired to go thru all of them. need coffeeeee... coofffeeeee... (krg pahala pose)... my TL has just gone home and he'll be off for holiday starting tomorrow until nxt Tues. with Kinga off as well, it's just gonna be me Dovile and Juraj in the team now. hopefully it's not gonna be too busy. i tend to be so jumpy and grumpy when people ask me stupid questions or repetitive questions when i'm busy. that's a sign showing that i am not ready to manage people yet. but being the only senior in the team, i've got no choice. sometimes i feel like screaming and yelling 'u've asked me this q sooo many times. can't u use ur brain and try to figure it out urself??' but then i realised that if i do that, i'll become the typical big-bully-supervisor (mcm mase kje kat co lama dulu). people here dont really do that. everybody from all levelS of management is very kind and understanding enough, so no such thing as seniority bullshit here. so, already adapting to the culture by now, the words that always come out from my mouth are 'sure, lemme show you once again.' anyway, my personal opinion is you wont understand anything until you do it yourself without having anybody to show you again and again on how to deal with it. at least that's how i learnt to do stuffs here. i bet if James is still here in the team, i will never ever be able to do anything on my own. hurm... everything happens for reasons eyy?

ptg ni mahu berbuka pose bihun sup siap ngn begedil. dan desert puding jagung. smlm berbuka pose ayam msk sichuan and karipap sardin. i mmg tak reti lauk pauk bernama ganjil ni. so smlm jd tukang mkn je la. incik joe yg tlg msk lauk hebat itu. tp me and hunny buat karipap sardin. (prtku bertindak bls aneh bile sebut karipap.. hehe). so ari ni abes class hunny akan berbuka pose b'sama and plannye ialah utk mkn bihun sup ngn begedil. syoknye!! tak saba nk blk uma nih. huhuhu...


wacky things bout me. here we go!!!

1. sgt cpt marah & mrajuk esp time PMS!!! mangsa slalunye org yg rapat2 e.g hunny, hunny dan hunny (kdg2 family members & j's-korg prasan x?). cth when hunny helps me to cook and he ACCIDENTLY spilled the kuah or nasik mase nk gaul nasik goreng, I'll go berserk and mad like really2 mad. hahaha!! funny but i really cant help it. mrh bile sepah2 and leceh nk kemas afterwards. slalunye hunny ended up not talking to me (sulking) and said 'bnde kecik cam tu pn nk marah teruk2. kecik ati hunny'). mase tu baru nk rs bersalah n mtk ampun beribu2 lemon. believe it or not. i unconsciously did it. because of that, everytime he cooks, he'll say 'jgn dok sini. dok jauh2 sket.' (couldnt help myself to go and check out my kitchen - tp slalu pendam mrh tgk kitchen kecah2!!)

2. i dont eat sour foods - tomyam, assam laksa, jeruk2, sme buah2 masam etc2. ramai org kata rugi but at least i am avoiding some of the stuffs that can damage my memory. studies say that eating sour foods can make u easily forget things. so, i am actually doing myself a favour. hehehhehe~

3. hate shopping inc window shopping!!! penat la. prefer to list down what to buy and just go there and buy them rather than belek2, tgk kedai lain and dtg balik. waste of time and energy. bese kalu da start mnguap tu mood akan bertukar menjadi buas dan moody. so kwn2, jgn ajak sy shopping lama2. baik tgglkn sy di kedai mkn or pet shop. baik belek2 binatang chomey!! ^_^

4. slalu homesick tp klu balik uma msti nak merajuk2 ngn mak. apekah??? bese la. nk bajet nak manje2 tp kdg2 ade je bende2 yg mak takley nak buat kan. so muncung smpai Bahau la jawabnye. la la la~~

5. prefer writing emails rather than talking on the phone. altho it's much easier and quicker to deal with stuffs over the phone, it always makes me so nervous to go over it talking and discussing. pelik kan? so that's why setiap kali nk conference call, rase nk cirit je. ha ha ha.. gilo! lps da start ckp tu baru la okay n terlebey ckp plk. huhu..

6. klu tgk semut byk2 or ants' line up, msti nk termenung. tak pk ape pn tp takley focus. pastu jadi cam bangang je xnk tgk bende lain. even if i'm in hurry, i will stay there and stare at the ants. sebbek sini tade semut. heheheh...

7. ske basuh tangan mase msk pstu lap kat baju/apron. lps potong bwg, bsh tgn. lps amik pinggan and ltk bwg, bsh tgn. lps kacau sambal dlm kuali, bsh tgn. angkat tudung periuk nak check nasi, bsh tgn. bukak peti ais, bsh tgn. so every time i cook, baju bsh tak hengat. asek lap je. nk bt cane. tindakan luar sedar..

8. every night, i'll grind my teeth like im trying so hard to get rid of them. hahah!!

9. klu type perkataan yesterday msti salah2. tak pernah type yesterday btl sekali type. kdg2 yestdyrday la, yestedya la, kdg2 yestderyda.. tak tau asal la. confuse lak. korg cube sket. (bukan typing ayam patuk jagung tau, real typing please - eyes on the screen).

10. klu naik keta berdua ngn lelaki selain bf, mmg benci kena dok dpn. tak slesa ngn seatbelt yg lalu di celah2 itu. rs cam kena molest (boley tak?). of course la dorg tak check out my boobs but i just feel unsecure. so i always avoid to be a co-pilot when my bro or guy-friend is driving. tak mo ah!!

11. tak ley stress. my body is really sensitive to it and when i got so stress, i will get lots of ulcers in my mouth or rashes all over the body. mmg sgt obvious if i am mad or frustrated with someone, the next day i'll surely find mr ulcer visiting me for the whole week or even two weeks. ah~~ seksa gilee... klu stress psl keje lak msti nak ade rashes kat tangan. asal tah. pastu mula la tak slesa and tergaru2.

12. tak ske org bg adiah brg2 perhiasan ats meja or patung2 kecil yg tak ley nk peluk langsung. bkn tak appreciate cume rase membazir gile die beli tu. buat kumpul abuk je. baik blnje minum cendol. hehehehhe... oopsss.. sorry la klu sesapa penah bg. i tak buang, cume ade dlm kotak kat mane tah dlm store tu. ampun!!!

13. sgt tak suke diulang sgt TAK suke pompuan2 yg boobies die tak besar sgt tp mendada2 nk kasi tunjuk bsr. wtf?? da kecik tu kecik la kan. tak yah la seksa bdn g mendada plak. we used to have one fren like that last time and kak intan n me, always loved to make a small joke about it.

me: mane die ni tak sampai2 lg?
kak intan: tu da smpai da. takkan tak nampak boobies die da smpai dulu.

wakakaka... gile la. tak penat kah??

14. tak suke lipat kain. tak pernah suke pn. basuh and sidai bley lg. tp lipat afterwards... MLS GILE!!

15. suke sgt ckp ngn kucing. somehow i do believe that they understand me. seriously. try it if you dont believe me. lg2 mak kucing. mmg die phm tau. kittens tak sgt. nanti die tangkap bibir kite (sbb gerak2 ckp ngn die kan).tp klu mommy cat, die tgk je mke kite mcm phm la. try and see. good therapy i can tell you.

okes. that's pretty much me. i want to tag cik izyan kite. sile lah...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

early bird

i should be sleeping rite now but im still here, in front of me lappie, browsing tru frens' blogs. sigh~~ study la cik aishah. stop wasting time...

-tiada motif-

Thursday, September 11, 2008

we're nearly there!!

hi peeps... *waving*

phew... wat a day! i was busy since this morning until a moment ago. dont even have time to make me coffee.ooppsss... rileks eh. i tak pose. hhehehe... lgpn rini mmg mengantuk gile. i feel like banging my head on the desk to make me stay awake. cant stop yawning like a hippo. pnt da nguap... huu...

yesterday, i finally went to abg KE's hse to celebrate his and aunt M's bday. rushed back home and prepared to go to tyrellstown. reached there ard half seven and rushing to kak fidah's hse afterwards. kak sue and family,atan and awyn n husband were there. newlywed!! so cute both of them. and her hubby is not bad. bak kata aunt M 'klu jadi artis ni msti ramai peminat.' hehhehee.. boley thn la. friendly as well. and the best part is he'slearning to speak in Malay. the effort that counts. aite? later afin's cousin joined us, kak ika. so nice andfriendly. we ate sambal belacan, kari ikan, ayam goreng tpg, ulam2an, kuih keria (yummy!!!!), popia a lots more. ade buah mangga manis lagi. syok!! lps maghrib baru la kek itu keluar. hunny snapped some pictures for last nite. i will upload them during the weekend (if i have time tho).

been thinking of cutting my hair. n getting them coloured again. but cannot decide which colour should i take this time? or should i just get it highlighted instead of full head colour. isk... ke nk kenteng? tp muke bulat tak elok rmbut curly ek? undecided. klu curly dan xseswai, ley ke luruskan balik? have to go to the hairdresser to know. mls gile. tade mase lak tu. depress... i like to do my hair at TianDu. but it's too far away from my hse. kemalasan melanda. better wait for hunny to get his haircut and i'll join him that time. good idea...

i dont know whether it's just me or everybody can also feel that this yr's fasting month is so plain n dull. no exitement like always you know with the eagerness to listen to raya songs, raya cards, kuih raya etc2... i dont feel like doing all that. this time around last year (during the middle of fasting mth), i'll be listening to for raya songs. syahduuu je kat opis. tak tgk kiri kanan. rs nk balik raya je. bile balik uma, sibuk2 nk msk kuih cornflakes la. nk suh parents masing2 pos kuih tart la. thn ni nadaa!! sebbek ade aunt M yg bsungguh2 nk msk kuih ry utk anak2 laki die. dgr plan nk buat kuih kepit, kuih goyang, kepek pisang and rendang before she flies home. hopefully she can make it. today is already thursday and Pakku invited everybody for break-fasting at his hse. meaning tonite, yilek. tmrw is friday and she plans for the whole family to come over to hunny'shse for breakfasting together. so maybe tmrw can start with the kuih kepit since afin is going to be there and so loves to cook. well, for me the exitement is not there maybe because im not gonna celebrate it. raya is on wednesday and unfortunely i have to work. furthermore, baju raya pn tak siap lagi. hehehhe... entah2 tak smpt pos pn. ahh~~ i dont really care. as long as i can finish the fasting month successfully, i dont regret a thing.

to all my babes j's... i really wish to send you all a raya card. but i lost that address book with all the addresses i wrote down. speaking about j's and raya card, i just remembered that i still havent reply to mas any card for two years in a row now. miracle enough, she never missed sending me raya card ever since i set my foot here in dublin. ooohhh jiranku. time kasih byk. i promise this yr i will try to send you one. eh?? mane nk carik address? (tipon adik la suh g ngintai no uma die. definitely die dok kat Jln Jelita.. hehhehehe)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

menyambut cabaran!! yeah!

wow... smngt berkobar2 utk mengupdet. so encouraged and so eager to keep this blog updated alrite! of course after i got myself an entry in cik yus's blog and also mrs ayu's comment at the right hand side there. teheheh~

since i dont have anything to share with you peeps, im just gonna do the same questionnaire from cik yus.

1. how old are you?
::: old enough to have me own apartment (ada kaitan tak?)

2. are you single?
::: erm... single but not available.

3. in what age do you think you’ll get married?
::: i hope 26. but we'll see.

4. do you think you’ll be marrying the person you are with now?
::: positive (yo-yo-oo je). i hope so... god please. may it be with this one.

5. if not, who do you want to marry?
::: hurm... no one in particular. never crossed my mind to marry someone else. maybe if it's not hunny, it'll be me work.

6. do you want a garden/beach wedding, or the traditional wedding?
::: garden/wedding beach - atuk haku msti tekejut nih. so i'll go with the traditional one. hehhehe~~

7. your ideal motif?
::: pink. soft yet cheerful.

8. where do you plan to go on a honeymoon?
::: ahah!! pulau tioman or any pulau in Malaysia (janji tade obor2. hunny fobia obor2). saje nk rileks. g negara negara lain da rushing2 nk tgk sme tmpt. klu tak,rugi g jauh2. if kt pulau2 kat msia, we wont be bothered bout going elsewhere except for the hotel room, the beach and hotel room again (hehehehe)...

9. how many guests do you think you’ll invite?
::: hurm... let see. actually, i really like a small but happening wedding. definitely the J's and close family members should be there. but since this is like the wedding that everybody is waiting for (my turn in my family), so maybe around 300-500 special people. ehhehehe...

10. do you want an extravagant wedding or a simple wedding?
::: as i mentioned above, a simple one will do. yg penting nikah and not to forget the honeymoon afterwards. :-)

11. do you want the traditional vows or something you’d make up on your own??
::: beside the one that tok kadi will ask us to read and obey, i wud love to hear one from each of us. let it be just one sentence. as long as we stick to it in whatever cases.

12. how many layers of cake do you want to have?
::: hurm.. never bother bout the cake but maybe 4? uuhh.. my family esp sepupu sepapat yg kecil2 itu sgt ske kek.

13. do you prefer having your reception at a hotel or at a simple place?
::: hotel- to avoid the cleaning up after that.

14. when do you want to get married, evening or morning?
::: evening of course...

16. do you like a grand entrance for your groom?
::: sure why not.

18. name the song/tune you’d like played at your wedding??
::: first love - utada hikaru but i want hunny to play this himself or maybe 'endless love'.

19. are you a morning person or a night person?
::: definitely not night.

20. do you want a solemn ceremony or a light one?
::: light.

21. what age do you want to get married?
::: when i was still scooling, i hope i can get married at 20 or 21 (ahhahaha). just to bring down the age gap between me and my first kid. but that's ridiculous all right! *silly*

22. describe your ideal husband/wife.
::: hunny.

23. do you prefer fine dining or just the normal spoon & fork/knife?
::: normal please.

24. champagne or red wine?
::: errr... pengsan atuk haku.

25. honeymoon right after the wedding or days after the wedding?
::: right after akad ley? hehhe.... maybe the night after the wedding.

26. money or household item?
::: dun really mind.

27. who will pay for the bills?
::: hurm... we dont mind sharing.

28. are you ready for married life?
::: this is a tricky one. i dont know really. hearing so many people ard us are married now or some even have plans to get married, making me wanting to have a married life as well. but i dont think i am ready to be honest. we never really talk about this in a serious manner but to be secured, we've booked ourselves the month that we plan to get married. the details of it are still so blur and vague. so i dont think i am ready as i speak now.

29. do u think you will still be a virgin until u get married?
::: shud i answer this?

30. will u always be true to your wife/husband?
::: that's d plan.

31. how many kids do u like?
::: 2 or 3?? depends.

32. a new house for a newly wed or an old one?
::: voting for new.

33. will u celebrate silver wedding, gold wedding, or diamond wedding?
:: diamond??

34. what kind of cuisine would u like for ur wedding?
::: western ley? hehehheh... syok gak klu dpt mkn fast food. pre-order and during the reception, we will serve it to you. :-)

or maybe upah mane2 tokey kedai suh die bwk chef2 die bukak dapur kat reception. just order what u want. alaa... mcm kat kedai2 makan tu. hehehhehe~~

35. will u record ur honeymoon in a cd or dvd?
::: do i really need to answer thissss??

36. whose wedding plans would you like to know next?
::: AFIQ!! yes you. i know you are reading this bro. please. MANY WUD LOVE TO KNOW. hehehehhehehehe...

kesimpulan... repekan aku sgt berjaya di atas!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

update lg...

1154. urm.. lambat nye mase berlalu. read cik ayu (baru aku prasan la. mane de cik lagi) ehem *clear throat* mrs ayu (he he he) and cik yus's blogs this morning and wow!! happening nye korg. asek ade jemputan makanan je. i haven't got any so far. except fer tomorrow at kak fidah's hse. still contemplating whether to go or not tho. bkn ape. thurs is still a working day. if i go, definitely will go home a bit late and end up sleeping late again. i really dont think my body can accept it anymore. 2 weeks in a row without me beauty sleep and my body is really2 tired. i just cant wait for saturday to come. plan to sleep until 12 or even later. kho kho kho...

yesterday i had my 4th class and during the break time, hunny called me and aleia insisted on talking to me as well. (tisya = auntie aisya)

me: kakak tgh buat pe?aleia: kakak duduk ngn ngangah. tisya kat mane?
me: tisya kat scool
aleia: tisya kat scool tisya ke scool kakak?
me: kat scool tisya la takkan scool kakak. kakak tau ke mane scool tisya?
aleia: ape? (as in 'ape' tu?)

hah! she always do that to me. that's just mean that she doesnt understand what we said. byk sgt vocab dlm satu ayat. hahhaha.. must get her to know as much malay words as possible because when she started her scool, i can guarantee that she'll prefer to use english more. but too much at one time can make she goes 'ape?'. funny story when we went to Kildare last weekend. she was in the same car wif me, hunny, tok ayah and paklang. she sat in the middle of me and hunny. in the car, hunny took out my purse to pass it back to me and she said

aleia: cantiknye. sape punye tu?
hunny: tisya punye.
tisya: cantik? thank you.
aleia: ape?

lorrr... die kata 'ape' plak. blur haku sekejap. and hunny laughed like hell. we asked her why she said 'ape' but she looked so confused as if she'd said nothing. and we tried to make her understand why she shouldnt say 'ape' but i dont think she bothered because she was distracted to something else that time. hai aleia... mmg la pengarang jantung sme org. asek nk buat klaka je.

owh... today we are all gonna go and break-fasting at YUMMY-MORI. ehehhe... unc and aunt are leaving nxt week so me and hunny planned to treat them something special at the special restaurant (at least for me it is). we've reserved for 6 adults and 2 kids. yamamori!!!!!! here i come!!!

also next week, my bro-in-law will come over to germany for work-related visit. i would love to see him but i dont know whether it is possible or not. he'll be there for a week which i obviously working and he'll fly back during the weekend. ah~ i'll think about it later. i still haf time to book the tix and accomodation anyway. till then peeps.

ps: sy tidak puasa. bendera merah. yahooo!!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

repekan di pose kelapan

yawn~~ am sooo sooooooo sleepy. have not been resting enuf these few weeks. bese la. i kan nk kna ade beauty sleep ygckp. klu tak 8 hours a day mmg asek nk rase ngantuk je. hehehehhe.. i remember last time when i was still scooling atyou-know where. tau2 la kan. boarding scool pnye activities - masyaallah~ penuh dr pg ke ptg. tade kasi can lgsg.there was always something on. even early morning Sunday pn we have to wake up early and worse kna lak mini-marathon keliling kg pumpkin tu. duh~~ masuk ldg klapa sawit berpakaian spt mushroom. apekah?? at least bg la pakai bj yg normalsket spt hari sukan tu. kan kwn2? hehehehhe.. i noe some of us dont wanna talk about this anymore but at least wehave something funny to talk about aite? to keep us awake all nite long refreshing our memories. ngehehehe...

wokes... back to my story about sleep. once a month, we were allowed to go back home. cuti-bulanan namanye. since i livein Seremban, of course my parents always asked me to go home rather than staying in the hostel alone. *mane de alone.antu ade* hehehhehe... (bln pose ni brani la ckp psl antu2 ni). so, everytime i went home, i never ever let a second of my time slipped away without sleeping. whenever i was not doing anything (teman mak g kedai ke, makan ke, g kndurike) i was always deep in slumber. until my father became very panic and asked my mom to bring me to the hospital for some check ups. he even asked me when he caught me not sleeping or when i just woke up from my sleep 'nor sakit ke?'.hahahha.. very funny. ade ke nk g check up. i bet the doc will say 'anak puan ni ade pnyakit tdo.' pity my mom thattime. msti rase tak puas nye jupe anak2. tdo je kje. now i can see the history repeating itself. my youngest sis is doing exactly the same thing i did last time. balik je tdo. balik je tdo. nk bual2 pn tade mase. i never complain tho.i noe how it feels. penat wooo... tdo lg bgs. :-)

and mase f3, i always study during nite time. senyap sunyi n best utk stdy. i always stayed up until 5 or even 6.*kdg2 men game lg byk dr study time pn.. haha* so i was always sleeping during day time. and to my surprise, one day my dad's fren came to our house. and that day my mom woke me up to accompany her somewhere and when i was on my wayout, my dad introduced me to his fren. ayat emasnye ialah 'ni anak sy yg no 4. die ni mcm musang sket. tido siang,bgn mlm2. sebbek tmn ni tade org bela ayam.' jaw dropped. i wasnt expect that from my dad. and it was really embarrassing for me that time. (bese la bdk2 muda. nk mrajuk je). so i ended up didnt talk to my dad until the scool holiday wasover. gile. hahahaha... bile cite kat kakak2, sme gelak je and siap tambah 'bkn musang la. tokey kilang taik mata'.wat the ...??? kasi can la. muahhahahahha...

ape la kejadahnye crite psl tido. well, at least i managed to kill half an hour of my time. yeayy!!! one hour to go before i can go back. yeh yeh~ i need to update few pictures in this blog. it's getting to boring with just words in it. whenever i got the time, i will. lambak kan sme skali arung. huhuhu...

anyway, we went to Kildare Village (again) last friday. got meself a nice shoe from Clarks and a deep fryer frm Tefal.senang nk goreng fries. (sgt pmls). hunny got himself a sandal from Clarks as well and t-shirts from RL. pengumpul baju2 RL tu. but it's real cheap there. normal price is E99 but you can get one at nearly half of the actual price.not bad i can say. furthermore, bj2 die mmg smart. not like topshop (booo!!!) tried to look for undergarments at CKbut nothing interesting. La Senza lg la gamaknye. (BO-RING!!)

Need a plan for this coming bank holiday. tamo keje da time bank holiday. need to go out from Dublin. any idea??anyone???
ps: cik ayu.. haku da buang da gamba tu. chisss ko kutuk gamba aku yg angelic gile tu. muahhahahahah...

Friday, September 05, 2008

fifth round!!!

relieved. that's the best word to describe me at the mo. was so worried sick bout hunny last nite. but he is safely here now in dublin. hoorray!!! alhamdulillah... with all the news bout plane crashing and engine malfuctioning few weeks back really make me extra nervous hearing people boarding on a plane. especially hunny!! ah~ tak sanggup ape2 yg buruk jadi *nauzubillah*. but he called me a moment ago confirming that he's safe now in blanchardstown. *lega*

the weather outside is horrible. wet and worse still, the wind is soooo strong that makes u look like an idiot holding an umbrella. bak kata fairuz - payung melayang. no use bringing an umbrella bcoz u cant even use it. in the end, you'll just gonna break it. bummer!! i arrived in the office this morning soaked. cold and wet. (plus nervous for not knowing whether hunny is okay or not). it's friday but yet still i have no mood whatsoever to work today. heheheh...cant wait to see hunny. mish u loadssssss~~~~~ *silekan muntah* kasi can la. i havent seen him for two weeks now with limited access to calls as well. super bz hunny as always. but i dont mind really.

dunno wat else to write. i've asked for a half day today. jadi ku mau pulang.. nk jumpa kekasih ati. wihuuu!!! tataa~~

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

ramadhan yg mulia

SELAMAT BERPUASA RAKAN2!!!!!! one down, many more left. hehhehe... pose thn ni spt budak kecik. asek rs hungry je.even hunny pn asek je mngadu hungry. smlm mmg sgt mencabar. kepala pening2 sbb tahan ngantuk. balik kje ard 4.15,trus gerak g class. b4 that, singgah dunnes store beli actimel. tetibe tringin nk minum actimel. then walked to rcsifor my class. punye la seksa dlm class tu menahan hungry. smpai satu tahap tu rase nk muntah gile. kepala peningtak boley ckp. bile break je cpt2 letak kpala atas meja n sleep for 15 mins. then bgn n sambung lecture about 45minsand jeng jeng jeng... tiba la waktu ditunggu2. (sgt tak concentrate dlm class). tepat je jam 8.21pm, tak lengah2trus minum actimel. wow!!!!! sgt sedappppp!!! actimel la pnyelamatku smlm. (bckp psl actimel now buat perut mulamenyanyi) then abes class ard 10pm, singgah centra beli topup O2 and milk, dan bergegas balik uma. smpai uma call hunnyjap sbb die baru abes sahur, jemur baju n sleep. nampak mcm ringkas je tp nak melalui dr pg ke mlm tu mcm hape. sgtmencabar. huhu!!
last weekend wasn't so bad for me. it was tiring but fun. spent the whole weekend with hunny's family in blanchardstown.friday after work, went for a dinner with his parents at wagamama. i ordered a noodle (xingt name) and it was okay.i am not a fan of wagamama to be honest. i am yamamori die-hard-fan. huh-huh!! seafood cha-han die. OMG!!!! melelehair liur klu tringat (oh! prt nyanyi lg). the best ever!! ever ever... ok, back to the weekend story. after diner, went to tyrrelstown and met aleia. she's cute as always but a bit moody (br bgn tdo). so i didnt do much dat nite nstraight doing my most fav activity - sleep.
the next day, we planned to go to Superquinn to buy some sugar. the price dropped to 30cents only until sunday.that was the reason we were so eager to buy 3 packets p.p (max) just to stock sugar for the coming raya. (mcm buat kueh rayaje). but the mission failed. bile pegi je da abes. (mane taknye, pegi pn da kul 6 lebey) hehehhe... so shopping labende lain dulu with a new mission in our heart to go again the next day.*bersemangat!!* that nite, me and pembantukecil, aleia hanna made Dora's muffin!!!!!!! *siap amik gamba nk jeleskan pak ngah die* uhuhuhuuhu...
the next day, again our mission failed. haha... gone the sugar and eggs (50cents for a pack of 6). malang sungguh sudaabes. but not to worry. tade rezeki kami. rezeki aleia je dpt sticker book baru. :-)
after the mission failed, we went to Lemongrass Liffey Valley for dinner. I ordered Nasi goreng. it was okay but stillcant beat my ever so sedap seafood cha-han. *drool*
what else?? ahah!! i would like to say THANK YOU with full of lovessssssssss to dearest hunny dearie for havingthe courage to come to my hse in Seremban. (Altho sgt nerves smpi tak ingat uma kaler ape). it was ok for a first timer.mendapat pujian melambung dari mak. *clap2* thank you as well to the escorts - cik yan n cik syikin (sampai ngantuk2tggu hunny abes berburak). thanks hunny. really appreciate it!!
oh no! perut da start rs b'acid (br kul 11.50am). definitely gonna be a tough day again today. huuuuuuuu... to mageceverdearest, mgkn tak sempat la andy nk jupe lil Qaseh or even Amad. sorry okay dearie. maybe next time when she's1 year old. ngehehehhehe....