Sunday, February 22, 2009

stage 1 : completed

alhamdulillah... selesai sudah majlis merisik. setinggi2 syukur pada Allah sbb sumenye berjalan lancar. lps ni baru la nak start buat booking sme. ssh jgk klu nk buat sme dr sini. especially nak pilih baju. ye la. kdg2 org lain nampak cantik, tuan pnye badan tak rase pn cantik. ikutkn ati, nak jgk balik skejap in may or june tp tgk dlu cane. tgk dulu mcm mane progress. kalu tak satisfy, mgkin akan blk for a week just to settle pilih2 baju. :-)

dgn ini, secara rasminye, i announce that me wedding date will be on the 27th of September 2009. 270909. sminggu lps raya. so rakan2... setakat yg baca blog ni la, email me your address so that i can send the invitation card later. bile da siap card baru la nak diumumkan besar2an kat fb ke nanti. it's not gonna be a big wedding, mind you. just nice to gather the family and friends around. xjauh pn. kat seremban je. kalu bley g pumpkin slama 5 tahun, confirm ley g rumah saya. :-))

itu aje update utk ari ini.. toodles!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

im back

i should change the ticker i know. :-) maybe later. anyway, i've registered for the last paper classes last week. chose to take it at DBS since i am used to James Browne teaching me FR. i dont care what people say. i like the way he explained the standards in detail. and his jokes. of course if you dont like him, no matter what he does or says, you'll feel annoyed. but for me, i have no problem to laugh to all his jokes. be it lame or not. mr potato pn mr potato laaa.. hehehhehe.. chaiyo! *smangat waja nk pass*

owh last week was another crazy week. not again! (owh kakak sgt suke ckp ini). mls nk ckp byk. letih gile nak mati. so today i've decided to stay at home. vegetating. syok! lgpn smlm da marathon 2 movies after work. notorious and my bloody valentines. i watched notorious with siti n ainul (while waiting for hunny to finish work at 8). and later, my bloody valentines with hunny. gile sejuk berjalan di tgh malam. hu3... i love, i repeat, i love movies that are based on true story. notorious is one of them. normally after we watched those kind of movies, me and hunny will google the history afterwards and compare the actual story with the movie, get a better and clearer picture and expand our imagination! saiko tak? tp mmg syok. because you'll find a lot of vital infos that were excluded from the movie. for example CHANGELING. in the movie, we were told that the killer is working alone killing all those kids. but in the real story, his mother/grandmother (because his dad had had an intercourse with his sister who gave birth to the killer) helped him at the ranch. wonderful isnt it? i mean that explained why he was so heartless, defiance, cruel and sadistic degenerate. it's good to know those stuffs. try it. you'll understand what i mean.

ok what else. the tag. yeah... here goes.

  1. Link to the person that tagged you.
  2. Post the rules in your blog.
  3. Share 6 important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
  4. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
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  6. Reply to me when you’re finish.
  • i like cats. cats make me feel comfortable & happy. snggup x tdo mlm klu kucing sakit. or nanges mcm hape bile kucing mati. sgt percaya yg kucing paham ape yg kite ckp kat die. :-)
  • i can go berserk if someone mess with me for no good reasons. esp during my PMS period. be it my family or my best friends. erkkk... i know it's no good. but i couldnt help it. tp cpt cool down (bak kata hunny). caranya nk bg cool down tu mudah saje. buat la muke satu sen dan ati pecah bile kena marah. nescaya cpt je ati ni rase bersalah. (this trick always works)
  • i always luv to see my loved one smile. i dont mind doing anything (within my power) as long as i can see them happy.
  • ape lg? owh... i sgt buntu bile kena tag. he he.. ok tak lawak. :-) erm... biasanye mlm sblm travelling (be it short or long distance), mood msti mcm tahape2. mgkin neves atau takut nak excited. sbb biasanye klu excited, plan yg mega best pn akan bertukar menjadi mega tahapehape. jd sblm on board, mke msti cam cemas+moody+garang and hunny confirm akan kluar ayat 'b... c'mon. kn nak g holiday ni. happy la sket'. dgn skali jelingan maut, hunny da dpt tafsir da maksudnye 'talk to the hand. or.. talk when we landed dear.' hehehhe... i love u hunny for being soooooooo understanding.
  • da brape da eh? oo... 2 lg ye. adehh... ssh btl la. ape eh? aaaa... sgt mls berjalan. iya! mmg mls klu kna jln kaki. sbb tu agaknye tuhan bg i dok sini. blaja sket byk2 jalan kaki. kdg2 rs tak caya lak da 2 tahun jalan kaki g opis. of course la ade naik dart tp still berjalan jgk nak ke dart station and from dart to me office. ade la dlm 10 menet nak ke connolly station and another 10 mins to the office. but still?? jln kaki la juge itu. which is rare and unbelievable. jln 20 menet pn nak kecoh... hahhahaha.
  • last one... ssh nak carik saiz kasut yg bersesuaian kt sini. haaa... itu la die dilema di mase kini. ade je jual tp ssh la nak dpt. sbb tak ramai kasut saiz i kan. huhu... so die mcm limited la. tp utk certain brand je kut. sbb slama ni xde masalah. tgk kt clarks tu berlambak2 je. cume baru2 ni mase shoe hunting kt london, br tau yg ssh gile nak carik kasut. fed up da bile masuk sme kedai tp tiade hasil. samade tak berkenan or yg berkenan tu da abes saiz. ssh juge ni. haih~
ok that's all. da berjela2 ni. nak g layan cite ngn dorg kt dpn. toodles!

Monday, February 16, 2009


i made it!! another one down. alhamdulillah... one more to go which is the killer paper as what people like to call it. normally i will get my result around 5pm. i cant access yahoomail in the office so whenever people ask me about my result, i will just say 'i dont know yet. wait till tomorrow' with a nervous smile. but today is a different story. i woke up as usual - tade prasaan nak check result. i dont know why but when i was blowing my hair, i couldnt resist to switch on me pinko to check for new emails. i was thinking 'ah~ no harm to check. if it's there, it's there. if not, wait until it's there.' so i saw 6 new emails. dup dap dup dap. i looked for the top one - not from acca. second top - no as well. the rest - from fb. so i said, 'maybe not yet' but just before i clicked 'x', i saw the words 'ACCA exam result online' just under my itinerary to brussles. at first i thought it can't be true. i received the itinerary on Saturday! i still open it anyway and voila!!! dgn gembiranye nampak perkataan STATUS: PASS. ya allahhh... rase nk tercabut jantung. tgn cpt je grab ct yg masih bermalasan dlm duvet (kata office 5 menet je dr umah) smbil jerit, 'CT,AKU PASS!!!!!!!!!' ct pn dr muka mamai2 trus senyum kat aku lebar2. quickly rang my mom (with a shaken hand) and told her the good news. she was soooo happy and i always like to hear her so happy. :-)

big thanks to hunny who never fails to encourage me to study and to attend all classes. who always believe that i can nail it no matter what. who is always there to support me when i was up as well as down. (byk kt down je rsnye. huhu). thanks hunny. you're always the best!
to tell you the truth. my motivation is ..... KAWEN. sekian. :-)

Thursday, February 05, 2009


snow lagi. even heavier than on Tuesday. kak aida... i nk singgah uma Tyrrelstown!! nak men snow ball tp mlm ni ade gig. cane ni? confirm lebat kat sana kn? isk2... :-(

Monday, February 02, 2009

let it snow... let it snow... let it snow...

Allah granted my wish today! alhamdulillah... after nearly three years here (oh empat klu nk campur time degree ritu). today is the very first day i see snow. a real snow in front of my eyes. di bumi dublin?? rs cm tak caya but it's true. it's not like the previous years where it was just some flying ices n showers (tidak dilupekan si ujan batu). which dissapeared before it touched the ground. false alarm. but today, it is the REAL snow. as i am writing now, it is still snowing outside. for some bizarre reason, i wasnt feeling cold at all this morning while i was walking to the ofc. eventho my jacket was covered with snow. it was like a magical feeling. to actually see it falling from the sky and onto your face. ok gile jakun. i admit it. but gimme a break. this IS my first time. even kakak has seen it before me. well, it's real hard to see snow in dublin city. normally if it's snowing in Tyrrelstown, it doesnt mean that it will be snowing here as well. tp tisha da pegang snow da kakak. baru la kite sama. hip hip hooray!
note to meself: sok kena pakai boot. gile asek rase nak tergelincir je. huh!

oh ye. fydu wants to make a snow man. tp sme org mls nak kua uma. syok berkelubung dlm duvet. nyaman wooo... alangkah indah jike besok cuti juge. terbaring je kat katil. sgt syok. oh... sgt jeles melihat gmba kak wan di kelilingi salji dan juge berjumpa lelaki salji. kekekekkeee.. tp x nmpak pn gamba lelaki itu kak wan? di manakah? show la sket. :-)

ulasan hari ini. it wasnt so bad. i went home at 5.30pm sharp despite the pile of works. the FC came to me this morning and said 'i know how busy you are at the moment. but now that your TL is on holiday, i need someone to take care of the reconciliations. the bank team has added few lines to the tracker. hope you can clear it. thx a mil.' hurm... since the FC told me that personally, i guess i have to do it. (br nk cuti bt rec kunun2 nk bg alasan short-handed. xdapek la kn) so i went to the finance drive and opened the tracker. My Willy Good Genie! the 'some' that he mentioned is actually refering to 264 lines????????????? apekah? is this some kind of joke? mane dorg simpan sme bende2 outstanding ni slama ni? bummer! i had no choice. leaving 200++ lines will not do me any good. so breath in.... breath out and here i go. first line, wasn't ours. second line, wasnt ours as well. third, fourth and fifth, mismatching. then came the headache. i have 92 lines of items in the system not on the bank. actually we loaded those items in the system because when we first started with project, the payment for those items was outstanding in bank not in the system. so by right, with those items being loaded to the system, they should've matched them against the payment that was originally outstanding since 2006. but the problem is, now the bank side is missing from the rec! so i went down to Edita, who's now in charge of this account, she told me

'i don't have time to dig out and investigate. i've already worked for 56 hours a week. do you want me to work for 100 hours?'

hello... is it MY problem? i don't think so lady. what do you do for 56 hours if you can't even figure this out? but she didnt seem to understand my need. she was being defensive all along and even said

'sometime you do mistake. sometime we do mistake. everybody makes mistake.'

hell yeah.. and this time it is YOUR fucking mistake! i was nearly screaming at her trying to make her thick head understands that she needs to see how the missing bank entry was being reconciled earlier. and if possible reversed it so that it can be matched with the outstanding system entries. but to no avail. so i left the figures with her and went to see Rasa. she's the most experience person in that team. so i explained to her everything and as easy as ABC, she promised to investigate the matching. wasnt that easy if you know what you are doing. i bet Edita doesnt has a clue! well... well... after wasting my precious one hour, i decided not to continue. i packed my stuffs and chow. best lagi tgk salji. hu3...

so tomorrow's gonna be another battle. aku bencik!!!!!

ps: ayu... thx for the book suggestion. will check out the bookstore for that one. and urm... will check out the TR as well. hehehehehee...