Saturday, November 29, 2008


at the ticker. (tiru gaye ayu) fuuhh~~ so many things to clear in the office and i find it really difficult to focus on the study. it's not an excuse matey. try it and u'll know what i mean. it's month end and we are extremely busy this time around. with year-end around the corner, the christmas celebration, deco, lunches, parties and etc2... m truly exhausted. say no more...

Juraj is getting married on the 21st of next month. on thursday i got to know that he's getting married and yesterday he told us that he's expecting a baby in less than a year. OMG!!! she's 3 mths preggie now. aww~~ if only i knew a bit sooner. i would say congrats to her myself when we bumped into each other the other day. well... to be honest, i feel envy to see how easy it is for them. not the baby part, dun get me wrong. i mean... the wedding part. he's actually going back for good at the end of this year but before he goes, we wants to get married and settle everything here first. just to avoid the costs, hassles and hard works of having a wedding at his own country. he's talking about just 100 guests and he complains a lot about it. just imagine how many people are we inviting for our wedding?? when i told them, they thought that i am making it up. but well... they have to see it to believe it! anyway, my mum will just eat me alive if i said i want to get married here. ha ha ha... i even have colleagues that had their wedding ceremony nicely in a chapel in Las Vegas. i know what you think. but no no. they were not drunk for a starter and they did not get married like rachel and ross in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. they did it in a proper way. but it is so exciting to know people who actually did this kind of things. they even showed me the wedding pictures and Perfect i can say. white beautiful wedding dress and tux and great big ring and all. but of course we cant do that. i mean the rules, respects, customs, norms, practice and 'expectations' just rule out all those crazy plans. what is my point actually? i dont know. maybe i am just not a big fan of fancy weddings especially to satisfy the EXPECTATIONS of other people. kan ke nikah je yg penting? klu buat nikah je and then kenduri doa selamat ajak ramai2, org akan kata 'die dulu tade kenduri pn. nikah je' - sile baca ala2 minah2 gedik dan tak bermoral or makcik2 ahli mesyuarat tingkap. to be honest, ask your ownself, would you not say anything if your friend does that? at least you will say 'isk ko ni. kawen setahun je seumur hidup. ape la salahnye.' jadi salah tak if want to have a mega grand honeymoon lepas kenduri doa slamat tu? and some can say 'FUCK WHAT THEY THINK' but you know, again the respects, customs and bla bla bla will haunt you if you decided to really FUCK EM. and you are totally fucked in the end. so there you go!

owh... entry di atas adelah penulisan PMS ku. ingat nak delete je tp what the heck... korg bace je la. perutku sakit xley tahan nih. backpain yg melampaui batas juge. ingat nk rileks la jap. nanti2 la buat homework tu ye cik yan. :-)

ok update utk cuti2 christmas... we've finally decided to go to London. (boo!!!!) sounds boring. tp itu je la yg ade. at first nak g Cork. tp tak jadi lepas Vincent said 'Cork? the best part of Cork is when you see all the drunk people and even some of them are naked and pee everywhere at 1 am when the town is really quite.' - Vincent lived there for nearly a year before moving to dublin. so he knows better. wtf?? so we canceled the plan and decided to go to London. lgpn minah busyuk Zuhaira ade di sanaaa... so ley crash kat tmpat die je. so on the 26th she'll follow me here until 31st. eh korg ingat lagi Zuhaira x? aku tau atart msti ingat sbb die ingat ko. siap ingat lagi ko ske epon zaman skola dulu.

till next time. toodles!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

movie list

sgt sejuk!!!! xbley thn. i've been warned by a colleague that starting from this week onwards, the temperature is gonna go down rapidly and it's so true. last week was really nice and bright but this week is so different and i dont think i've ever felt like this before. i mean in november. it's not even winter yet for god sake. brrrr!!!! sejuk... sejuk... vincent told me that it's snowing in Paris now. makes him a bit homesick thinking of the white, bright snow. hishhh!! sejuk gile kau.

ah... anyway, hari ini ade lah tidak sebusy mane. pg tadi masuk lambat sbb ade online training nak kena slesaikn before 4th of nxt mth so decided to stay back to finish it today. tp skip lunch sbb pg tadi da having heavy breakfast, tambah tolak campur bahagi = balik 5.30. yeay!! lambat sket je dr time normal but ok la tu.

last week me & hunny watched 'ZACK AND MIRI MAKING A P.O.R.N.O'. two thumbs up!!! mmg super duper klaka. well, you can expect that even before you watch the movie. almaklum lah.. director pn mamat klaka tu kan. ala2 a.f.d.l.i.n s.h.a.u.k.i la Seth ni sbb kalu direct movie msti nak geng2 die je berlakon. if you havent got a clue what i'm talking about here, try watching 'KNOCKED UP' or even 'FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL'. sme geng2 die je dlm tu. pembolehubah cume heroin2 die. msti lain2 chicas and sme nak hot je. anyway... cite tu msti tgk. ayu!!! ko msti tgk cite nih. but not sure bley masuk our market ke tak. agak SX tp ok la utk org2 umo kite nih. ehem...

and we also watched 'MAX P.AY.NE'. like what i told my colleague 'it's truly MAXimum pain to finish watching this movie'. isk.. busan ah. i actually like this kind of movies. ala2 m'ganas for revenge. tp this one is really frustrating. tahape2tah. i dunno bout you guys but i wouldnt even buy the DVD for collection. x bes ah. planning to watch C.HANGE.LING this week. or maybe the other funny movie. MY BEST F.RIEND'S G.IRL. isk.. byk sbenanye. lemme list down all of 'em;

- ch.ang.eling
- my b.est fr.iend's gi.rl
- fo.ur ch.ri.stmases
- 2
- tra.n.sp.orter 3

for we are paying E 19.90 per month for the unlimited card, we aim to watch at least 2 movies per month to compensate what we've paid (normal price for one movie is E 10.00). so this month, kami berjaya mencapai target dgn menengok 5 movies altogether!!! wihuuu...

- ghost town: 4 stars
- quantum of solace: 3 stars
- zack & miri: 4.5 stars
- max payne: 2 stars
- the warlords: 3 stars (ah takeshi kaneshiro sgt kacak!!)

sgt berbaloi. ok la peeps. got to do the online training now. uh-huuuuhhh... malas!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

what the heck am i doing now??

blogging? wha?? am supposed to go to the library today but woke up quite late and yadaa yadaa... decided not to go then (sounds familiar?). owh anyway, again... CONGRATULATIONS TO MISS RADIYAH for changing the status now to 'engaged'. hip hip hoooray!!! tried to call you but wrong timing i guess and i ended up calling Mesjarr instead. hehhehe... not much gossiping (ehem!) because i had to end the conversation sooner. remember 'the library plan'? tp hampeh belaka. huhuhuhu...

well... as you can see above, i have only 18 days to go. *neves* yesterday's revision wasnt so bad. boring la ckp psl exam. kn? i can do nothing bout it. that's all i have here. keje-blaja-tgk muvi-keje-blaja.. itu je la. am not complaining tho. quite happy with what i have. :-)

oh~~ sudah pukul 4pm. tp tak stdy lagi!!!!!! gile loser la. ok la peeps. really got to switch off me lappie. distraction byk sgt nih!!!! owh wa ramlah baru je ajak g Cairo. i so want to go. nk tgk pyramid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tp malangnye time i cuti pnjang tu minah tu g rome lak. iskk... kempunan. :-(

Thursday, November 20, 2008

tiada motif

i will be off tomorrow lads. *big smile* i am having the LAST revision session from 2pm till 9pm. at first, i tot i can do a half day and straight to school afterwards but a friend of mine adviced me to not work at all so that my mind will be fresh and ready for new inputs. oh yeah!!!

just realised that i have exactly 18 days to go before i can wrap up all my working days for 2008. too good to be true huh? yes people. i have only 18 days left this year. the rest is cuti2 of course. how is it possible? let see. urm.. from 05/12 to 10/12 i will be off for the exam. then will be working back for nearly two weeks. after that come the best part of all - i will start my christmas holiday from 24/12 to 04/01/2009!! (cuti ngalahkan org sambut christmas je) but i still dont know where to go. it's so hard to think of any nice place. *cough2* yg sbenanye takut!! ye la. with all those movies - hostels, taken, etc2. i'm beginning to get so phobia and paranoid to go for holidays. ehem... to any European countries as a matter of fact! dang! :-( hunny suggested that we go to any place with thick snow. but i can't think of any place. hurm.. weekend la br pk. adehh... sshnye nak bercuti. sigh~

owh.. last weekend we went for a photo session at Stephans Green Park. no need to explain much. check out the pictures at below link.

got to go now. im done for today. wihuu!!! weekend yg panjang!! toodles.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sblm balik nih

ah~~ sudah lama tidak m'update. saje malas. heheheh... so here's for today. first and foremost, would like to congratulate our 'lil sis' ever among J's, miss RADIYAH ABD KARIM a.k.a atart for her upcoming engagement ceremony with incik idaman hati. :-)

sorry that i am definitely gonna miss it but you must always know that i am happy (eventho a bit surprised) upon hearing this news. never see it coming to be honest (not in a bad way - pls note). still, you know howwe love u so much that it hurts to see you hurt. it's a lie if i say i am not worried at all. deep down, i do have a bit of concern due to the speed of the whole thing. but.. (there is always a but) i trust that you are wise enough to think only the best for yourself thus the concern now buried even further down. :-)

jgn lupe amik gamba byk2. makan byk sket sbln smpai tarikh itu supaya tak keding sgt. hehehe.. joking. jgn sorok2 gamba tau. musti mau kongsi.

secondly, to everdearest cik yus. what happened there? you can't just closed down like that?? dont bow to that bitch. we are together in this. c'mon babe. bia die nak kata ape. (ASAL AKU SLALU EMO KLU PK PSL BENDE NIH?)it reminds me of good old days when people are much less mature and saying bad things about other people behind their back. hate those cowards. disgusting!

owh.. mase busan2 tadi saje la browse tru recipes in da bosan mkn bende sama je. nk la try recipe2 yg extravaganza sket kan. sbb terlampau busan ngn lauk2 traditional semasa, yesterday we cooked Fajitas sbb tade idea nak msk ape. owh sgt heaven itu Fajitas. yummylicous!! so today ingat nak msk something new but here is what i got.

nama masakan: AYAM GORENG CENDAWAN (xingat sgt but lebey kurang la nih)

- tumis bwg putih, merah n cili (original tade cili but tak pedas tak umphh)
- bile da naik bau, masukkan ayam yg da di marinate ngn black pepper and salt
- masuk air sket supaya lauk tak terlalu kering
- tggu smpai daging ayam masak and masukkan cendawan dan juge halia.

tada!!!! siap. so simple i cant wait to try it. ni nak balik da ni and will tell you the result tomorrow. toodles!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

special entry for cik yan

this is one special entry for mak teh yan. both of these two cutie pies dressed up for halloween nite. aleia as a snow white and alany as a pixie i supposed (without wings). :-) aren't they just the cutest and adorable stars ever?

Saturday, November 01, 2008



100 years old

big crabby

xingat la nama dier

so-called flesh eater