Saturday, November 12, 2011


Ok where to start? It has been nearly a year I've abandoned this blog. If it's not because of hunny, I don't think I would have written anything here anymore. But come to think of it, it's true what hunny said. In later years, I might wanna come back to revisit all d memories.

Since there are loads to tell, this might be lengthy. So bare with me dear older me. :-)

As u might forget by now, I was sent to Japan by the company for some accounts transition. Had I known that there will be a little bun in d oven, I would turned down the offer straight away. But we are just normal human being. I accepted d offer n so eager to experience d new world (who wouldn't like it? It's Tokyo baby!). I was scheduled to fly on the 8th of January. In between packing my bag n preparing the papers to pass the immigration, I was having a constant period pain. I did ask around if it's normal to have a stomach cramp for over a week if I'm due for d red flag day soon. My sis told me it's normal so I didn't bother to do anything about it. Until one of d colleague jokingly asked if I'm pregnant. I quickly googled n found out that it could be one of the signs of pregnancy. I wasn't expecting anything since Dr Johan clearly said that it's not easy for me to get pregnant as I have PCOS that I should overcome first. Nonethelss I bought the cheapest pregnancy test kit to clear any doubt.

The next day (the day I should be flying out to Tokyo), I woke up and went to clean myself like normal. Took d kit n peed on d stick. Then I put d stick aside n continued to bath. I nearly went out to wake hunny up so dat we cn have breakfast together until I remembered the stick. I picked up d stick n to my surprise, DOUBLE LINE! I was dumbfounded. Quickly went to d bed n shoved d stick to hunny's eyes. It was so near until he coudn't see anything. Hahha silly me. He then looked again n said dreamily 'r we gonna have a baby?'. In a split second he ran to d bathroom n d next minute I was already in a clinic. D GP confirmed my pregnancy n d funny part was when he congratulated us, we both were so stunned n confused. Undecided whether to be happy or not. Dun get me wrong. Of course we were happy to have a baby. But the fact that I'm flying later in the evening made us speechless and emotionless. Until d doc had to ask 'this child is not out of wedlock right?'. Haha... Only after we explained to him then he apologized n said there is nothing to worry about. He prescribed folic acid for me n off we go. We then phoned our family to share the good news.

So that was how I knew I was pregnant. It was indeed a pleasant surprise. :-)