Friday, January 30, 2009

so long, farewell, it's time to say goodbye

yes that's true. u got it rite. we are moving out from this hse. the Brabazon House. sobsob... i really like this house. spacious, cosy and very homey. this could be the very last entry before i move in to the new place, the Liberty Corner. well, it has been a great & funtastic half a year here. Goodbye there... you'll not be forgotten. never!

last few weeks were the worst nightmare ever. not just because of the month end, the auditors are requesting to review all the accounts next months and still there are a lot more stuffs unreconciled and standing in either the bank or PS entry side. i just couldnt believe this. January last year, the co launched the 'century project' (taken from the company's age) to clear all the unreconciled items since 2006!! The new financial controller is really good in the sense that he brings all of these projects and new ideas of trying to get rid of all the shits that are piling up in the accounts. and we spent like nearly millions USD to pay the K*MG consultants to help us to kick start with the project. but the teams are a just a big disappointment. just imagine, from Jan last year till Jan this year, why are there still a lot of unreconciled items? and why at this fucking time when there were just two weeks left to submit all of the accounts, they came to us asking for us to investigate this and that to make sure we dont have anything pending at both sides! that's bull!! two weeks plus month end??? stupidly annoying!! they were talking craps most of the time and even some of the unreconciled items were there because they mismatched the other entry or journaled it to some other unrelated entry. bole gile mcm ni. might as well i take over your position if you cant even do this. ok mmg sgt emosi. i am just tired staying back late every single day for two weeks doing other people's job. and at the same time, i still have to settle my own work to satisfy my own SLA. even worse, starting from next week, my TL is going for two weeks holiday and yesterday he told me 'you're in charge of the team now. any error with the new system, flag it to IT and accounting support. dont bother about small stuffs. just segregate them between the two girls. your priority are the new system error n also the reconciliation. i told them not to bother you too much but i bet they will.' wtf???? xnk g keja ah mggu dpn. uwaaaaaaaaa!!!! seksanyeeeee... :-( i need loooooongggg holiday!!

ok da abes sesi meluahkan perasaan. i need books. da lama tak baca buku cite. slesai pindah ni, i will go to chapters for booksss. anyone wants to suggest any good books?

Saturday, January 17, 2009


i just bought the new gadget for this year. oh i can't help it. i now have a new lappie which is pink and like what was written at the label in front of the display item - 'pretty in pink', i do feel pretty. (erk) it's not that the old one is bad or broken. it's just that i need the retail therapy (oh~ what a lame one). now i feel bad to me old lappie. i still like you... i swear i do. eventho hunny decided to advertise u in gumtree for E200, i do hope nobody wants u. (ampun hunny). :-)

i just so couldnt resist the pink color vaio which kept on waiving at me every time i passed by any sony centre outlet. here are some pictures of me new beauty. oh i loikee!!!

anyway, we went to the cinema yesterday. planned to watch bride wars or maybe my bloody valentines (eh btl ke tajuk die ni - blasah la labu). but hunny was a lil bit late so the tix were all sold out by the time he arrived. and since we were already there and it's free, we decided to watch Yes Man. i would rate it a 3-star movie. funny but not so great. ah what the heck! at least we got to spend the nite together. yippee.

we have a surprise bday party for Lina this evening at Sweet Basil. i wonder what should i get her? hurm2... sggh tiada idea. but no bother. will go n survey in a mo. i still have 2 hours at least to vegetate at home. after done with Lina's party, we've to rush to Idzwan's hse. another party! yay... but that one is a farewell party for Wan & wifey and also Mynn. the theme is devilish red. but i dont have anything new in red. sigh~ have to find one urgently. i've actually searched for it on thursday but to no avail. topshop - no. zara - no. sasha - no. debenhams - no. ted baker - no. arghhh!! ssh gile. sudahnye g beli lappie lak. hikss. today the hunt will continue. must go n check out bershka, DP n miss selfridge. busan. skg tiada passion utk pakaian. bile last time beli baju? pn xingat. even so, i wonder why my clothes still cant fit into my wardrobe? is it time to send some of them to charity? mls mls mlsnye nk sort out baju2 yg da xmo. it will take ages. kdg2 eventho tau da xpakai baju tu pn still rase nk simpan. in the end, nothing goes to charity n i'll still have the same problem of insufficient space. *buntu*

ok la. that's all for now. toodles!

Monday, January 12, 2009


ari ni sgt homesick. mgkin sbb da 2 mggu tak gayut ngn mak. shud find an alternative sooner. voda? o2? meteor? aiyakkk.... mane satu nak amik. ini lah padahnye tade landline. ssh plak nak call msia lama2. haihh~~

homesick mcm da sebati dlm diri. sape2 yg kenal rpt mmg da tau kot. but to tell you the truth, when i was in standard 6, i prayed so hard that my application to be accepted by any boarding scool was approved. upon hearing that i will go to pumpkin, i can't tell you how happy i was. so excited packing stuffs eventho the scool is not so far from home. 'sepelaung' bak kata atuk. he he... tp xpe. excited da tak dok ngn family tu lagi besar time tuh. da tu packing mcm nak pegi sabah ke sarawak je. maklum la . first time 'jauh' ngn family :-)

tp first day je da mcm hape. i still remember the very first day. i was in dorm Maimunah. top floor, block C, sebelah ladang gotah. i woke up at 4 am! rase sayu sgt. tade sape2 pn. sunyi gile. (seram pn ade gak). termenung je atas katil thinking 'is this what i wished for? sunyi2 cani? mak da bgn tdo ke? mak ingat aku ke?' tgh hati sebak2 tu tetibe lak musolla putera tu bukak kaset ayat2 quran. dpt byg betapa sedih???? rindu, sunyi, sebak, seram2 sejuk, cemas sme ade la. bile dgr je ayat2 quran tu pagi2 sunyi camtu, mendayu2... rase nak meraung nak balik uma. hahahhaha.... smpt amik bantal nangis2. gile bodo. and kak sal mase tu terjaga n pujuk jgn nanges. itu lah pengalaman hari pertama sy di pumpkin. sminggu lps tu tak ingat sgt da family sbb bdn & minda letih kena ragging mase induction. happadaa~ aku bencik! :-))

lps tu homesick mmg menjadi2. klu sebulan tak balik uma mmg rase tak betul je. or seminggu tak call mak rase mcm sme bende tak kena. nak kata manja, tade la pn. rock je tgk. (ewah!) tp tu la. cume mase f3 n f5 je tak homesick sgt sbb mase f3, ktorg ade akak2 yg super duper best. (thx kak nannoor n the geng). so tak rase sgt rindu nk balik uma. mase f5 paling super duper mega best bile j's ditubuhkan. ceewaahhh... tade la 'ditubuhkan'. tp start tu la kite ngam-ngam-oo sbb satu bilik study. time tu pn rase syok jugak lepak2 ngn membe2... kn? tp stiap kali cuti bulanan wajib balik uma. he he he...

terbawak2 smpai la time buat diploma. lagi kronik. tiap2 mggu nak balik uma. mgkin kat rumah rase secure pstu ade cikun (kucing sy yg da menemui ilahi kerana rindu kn sy slps sy berhijrah ke sini. sob2) sbb tu rase bes blk uma. peristiwa plg memalukan mase gado kronik ngn incik najib, and hati rase hancur gile. mase tu tolong babysit kitty-si-kucing-kakakku n kebetulan mlm tu kaklang ambik blk kitty pulang ke uma die. da i ni nanges mcm mati kucing. sbenanye sedih bab kitty tu sikit aje. lg byk marah kat incik najib. tp bile shabby tanye, mulut cpt je kata 'rindu kitty!!' and sepantas kilat terkeluar 'nak balik Bahau!! nak balik Bahau!!' (time tu family masih lagi di Bahau) gile tak tragik. da tua2 bangka nanges2 homesick. setiap kali hati sedey msti homesick. tp mgkin tak perlu berteriak 'nak balik Bahau!' kot. he he... lps tu berbulan2 kena bahan ngn kak intan, zaza, sue n tasya. malu aihh~~

bile first time dtg sini back in 2004, first few weeks i was really down and homesick. was calling home every single day. and i cried everytime i heard me mom's voice. luckily incik najib was here with me that time. he was the only one who'd never been bored trying to console and cheer me up! but i guess i wasn't ready to be so far away from me family that time. that was one of the reasons i didnt come back here after 'summer holiday' in 2005. he he he... mase tu terus forgo sme cite2. asal kan dok kat msia ngn mak. iskk.. berfikiran cetek sungguh. cukup setahun berkepit bwh ketiak, mak pn menasihatkan spy habeskan ape yg dah di start. jgn biar tergantung mcm tu aje. stlh difikir timbang, walopn lg beberapa hari nk dtg sini balik tu terbongkar rahsia incik najib ade prmpuan simpanan, allah gerakkan hati utk terus dtg sini gak. lgpn dtg sini sbb nak abeskan ACCA. so pegi lantak la incik najib tu (senang la ckp sbb perkara tu da berlalu. hu3).

so here i am now. tade la kronik sgt homesick tp slalu juge homesick. mase mula2 dtg tu la shabby slalu jadi peneman mendengar luahan ati. smpai la da berdue2 ngn hunny baru la kurang sket. ade tp kurang. so hunny... thanks a million. you're my life n soul. i heart you mucho2!!

ari ni adalah sgt homesick. uwaaa!!!!!!!!!!

mak bersama adik (tdg purple) and adak

NAK MAK!!!!!!!!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

hye hoo!!!

just came back from UGC. we watched Bedtime Stories just now. it was freaking hillarious!!! you know the part when mr.kissbutt did the broadway and Mickey suddenly screamed his lung out (due to the panic-sleep-disorder) bcoz he fell asleep? we were laughing like nobody's business. x tahan tgk mke Russell Brand tu. and then he did the translation for Skeeter bcos his tongue got stung by a bee... man!!! mmg la lwk mamat tu. elevator and alligator??? what a good laugh... i like bugsy the guinea pig as well. chummelll gile. mata besoooo... i want!!!!

well... well... well... saturday is nearly over. (setiap kali da malam msti rase the day is over). come tomorrow, i shall start cleaning the room. messy allright!! bese la. time keje msti mls nk lipat baju la, vacuum bilik sme. sok la. promise i will not go out and stay in door all day long. miss kakak pn ade gak. hu3... td tisha try carik purple pyjama tp arnotts da nk ttp lak. so nxt time cari lagi. chaiyo!

k la. nk slongkar dapur cari pe ley mkn. toodles!!

Friday, January 09, 2009


oh bahagia rasenye udah abes sminggu keje. yippee!!! seksa gile rase nak abes sminggu pn. super duper bz coz we lost another team member. so 4 org buat keje 6 org. ape kes? lipas kudung la pagi2. tp still ade mase nak berbalas2 email darling2 J sekelian. hehehe... korg mmg rock la. pagi2 bukak outlook je da ade lebeh 40 emails and guess what. half drpd email2 tu sme dr korg. i cume mampu baca yg last je la. bile reply to all pn yg akan active mereply balik cume yus, ayu, atart, magec n kdg2 pae. but sgt suke!! pagi2 lagi da tersenyum2 baca email merapek korg. hahahha...

ok, about the title above. i've got a call today from the postroom. the post lady said 'siti, there's a big white envelope for you here and would you come down to pick it up?'. i pn ok kan je la. mls sbenanye nak jalan ke building lagi satu tp prasaan pelik sape-bg-aku-surat tu lebey berleluasa. so i went there. i was shocked to see the envelope. dgn font yg sgt besar, 'private & confidential' kat belah atas n dibawah siap tulis 'do not open if you are not Siti'... hahhahaha... ni lawak sial sape nih? naik2 atas n cpt2 bukak envelope tu. dlm tu ade choc malteser, jelly yg bntuk pitza tu and a cheque!! that's all. no notes no post-it. sape lak bagi manisan2 ni?? mind you that we liaise closely with our branch in Bracknell. so it could be anybody from there but who? i quickly rang Cathy coz i remember she asked me something about one cheque from vendor. but i wasnt convinced it was her since she asked me the day earlier. xkn cpt sgt da smpai? anyway, the system that we are using is quite unstable and fragile. in-house system so what do you expect. at times, we always overpaid vendors and that's why the vendor sent the money back to us. and this vendor sent a cheque. kodinye... org da x pakai cheque da. pakai la CHAPS ke BACS ke. ehem! berbalik pd Cathy tadi, i rang her. upon hearing my voice, she giggled and quickly said 'have you got my surprise??' good lord! Cathy rupenye. i did inform her that most of the times, whenever people send cheques to my team, we never got it. blame the post lady who will always sends cheques to Cash Apps. ape la. baca la address kat sape dulu kan? ni tak. nampak je cheques, sme antar kat Cash Apps. pastu i la satu keje kena trace balik cheque to. ssh btl vendor yg tanak gune technology perbankan ni. i am not paid to handle cheques anyway. ececece.... so i told Cathy to put it in a big white envelope and write my name big enough that the post lady can see it clearly and pray hard that it will reach me. never crossed my mind that she will do all that! siap tambahan 'private & confidential' pastu note berbaur ancaman lagik. blm tgk cane die seal tanak kasi org bukak. lawak la minah ni. she's irish anyway but she chose to work in Bracknell. always been so nice and funny. i took picture a of the envelope before throwing it away.

hehehehe... ape2 aje la. pastu melantak la coklat tu. bgs juge. ade kunyah2 time keje. :-) owh... here are two pictures from my workplace.

inilah yg aku tatapkan ari2. 2 screens so that it's easier to do reconciliations (and surfing internet). belah tgn kiri ade tray di atas and belah kanan ade phone ku. oh lihat la calender ku thn lps. meriah tak?
ijau ade la hari2 yg ade class. pink ade lah tak ingat ape. merah paling disukai sbb itu adalah hari2 cuti. so my team ley tau bile nak amik cuti dorg even if i am not there.

i love my colleagues. all the nice people i know. and also not nice people. bkn sbb jahat ke ape ke. belagak sgt. rase org2 dari negara dorg je yg best kot. but to be honest, if i've never worked in this company, i would never know the true color of their people. before this rase syoknye klu dpt dok kat benua eropah. designer bes2 sme kat negara tu. besnye org negara tu, org negara ni but the truth is... you have to see it to believe it. same je mane2. bese la... ape org tue2 kata? the grass is always greener at the other side? lebey krg tu la. kite dok negara kite rase tak bes berbanding dok negara org... tp sbenanye we just have to learn to be grateful. kan? baru la bes! :-)

ok la geng. time2 pms ni msti nak tls entry yg emo2. hikhikhik.... toodles!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


hola! reading ayu's blog makeS me feel so homesick (as usual). i do agree with you babe. w/o realising it, our parents have become so unbelievably old. it feels like just yesterday seeing them dressed up nicely ready for work. :-( how time flies. it hits me real hard when my sis told me that my parents moved their room downstairs - just to avoid the stairs. and it hits me even harder when my bro told me how both of them tried so hard not to let us know how painful they feel whenever they walked up the stairs or hit on the clutch or standing up so long. i remember once i asked my mom about her knee-pain. she ingenuously said 'dah tua. msti ade sket2.' and everytime i called my dad and asked him how is he doing, he'll say 'mcm ni la. sht2 org tua'. adekah aku yg in denial? xley nk accept kot. maybe i always picture them as forever young in my heart. sbb tu bile tgk gamba terbaru dorg, rase cam tak caye. dorg ke tu? isk2... emo tak pagi2 nih? i just miss them ever so much. and i have to admit what a strong and wonderful person you are cik yus! sgt tabah. i cant imagine if i were you. going through all the bumps at such a young age. im proud of you my dear. sgt bangga!

ok2. i lost me gold ring yesterday. me mom gave me that ring when i was in form four. she used to say, 'ini mak bertunang dgn nor.' padahal diri sndri yg pau mak mase ktorg g kedai emas di bahau tu. so diri sendri yg mentunangkan diri sendri ngn mak. he he he... tp mak still kata mak yg tunang ngn me. baru2 ni bile bncg ngn mak psl nak move a step further ngn hunny, mak kata 'bley da la bukak cincin tunang mak tu. da lama sgt pn pki.' tp tamo la. xmo tanggal smpai bile2 pn. lgpn we decided not to be engaged. trus jalan je. eh, bkn sbb tanak tggl cincin mak tp sbb ssh nak balik byk2 kali. cuti tak byk pn. so fair enough. anyway, mak ade cdgkn mse pagi wedding day tu bley je klu nak bertunang before akad nikah. just for the sake of getting the feel of being engaged. even just utk bape jam or menet je pn, janji bertunang. sbb mak tgk jiran dpn uma tu buat cmtu. and ok je. meriah la pagi2 and at least kecoh2 sket time breakfast lps bertunang tu. tp tgk la. we'll think about it. takut tak smpat. wuddya think guys?

owh berbalik pade cite cincin gue yg ilang tu, i was really sad yesterday. i couldnt believe that i lost it. i've never taken it off. ever! so i rang my mom the very moment i realised it was gone to check out me mom. scared that it was some kind of sign telling me that there is something wrong over there. but she aswered me call happily! tiade ape yg x diingini berlaku. alhamdulillah... then i started calling hunny to inform him. (actually asking for his favor to search for that ring with me after i finished working). and i also called sis Aida (sorry tau kak aida! ssh2 je) asking for her favor as well to look for it in her house. just in case if i dropped it somewhere while i was there last sunday. and last night we were searching hi and lo and thank God, i found it! syukur sgt2. tamo ilang lagi tau cik cincin. pls pretty pls...

so i am a happy person again today walopn period pain and flu mengganas pagi2 lagi. xpe... yg pntg cik cincin tlh dijumpai. hip hip... hooray!!! eh baru perasan entry ni tade inti pn. ape2 la labu.

nak update psl london trip pn rase mls lak. next time la. itu pn klu ingat. owh anyway. i talked to my TL this morning and he said that my friend, mr the-one-who-got-married-in-vegas has already found a new job. still in this same company but a different entity. he got a job in C*T Germany!! Congrates!! and his wife's application to be transferred to Germany has been approved as well. she'll still be doing the same thing but not here in dublin but there in frankfurt. ok la. da lunch time. mau g canteen. later later. toodles~~

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

sorry geng

hula!!! happy new year to all!!! sorry dat u guys have to go thru all the hard works (with password and email add) just to see there is no update being made. :-)

hope this year will be better for everybody. despite the big bad crunch, i do pray it will offer more joyful moments and good memories to all of us. i have been working for 2 days so far but seriously feels like i've been working non-stop for 2 months. (drama queen). 'M' besar tulis kat dada for M.A.L.A.S!!! erm... my company is still making people redundant. haishh!! unsecure msti ade kan? but life must go on. remember the guy that got married in Vegas? (entry zaman pms tu - mls nak link) he also got a notice last week saying that the company wants to sell the Bounty Germany business and he was asked to find for another job. poor thing! we always ym-ing each other in the office every so often. he even taught me a lot of German words (and asked me to find the meaning myself - siap bagi website utk German dictionary lagi). which of course never registered in me mind at all. (boohooo!) eh wait! i do remember something. QUATCH QUATCH. tp tak ingat la maksud die. nanti la suh ubai je translate. hhehehe... hurm anyway, he is more like a big brother to me. so kind and nice. and his wife, so gorgeous and friendly. always say 'Siti... it's me again.' everytime she calls for help. but Stephan is going to leave us in few months i guess. sobsob... :-(

ape lagi nak cite? eh sblm terlupe. walopn sgt2 la terlambat. tp tak kire. nak juge wish mak adik happy belated bday. sorry la ari tu mmg time busy sgt2 smpai tak smpat nak call or wish or update blog utk bday kamu. da besar da mak adik. eh bape thn da die? confuse la sbb die bdk tahun lompat. anyway... still in the teen zone. (jelesnyee...) happy belated bday!!!

ape tah motif entry ni? he he.. ok la. layan mysoju lagi best.