Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MALAYSIA: after days of racist sneers, accusations of sodmy and references to murder, opposition leader Anwarlooks set to become PM. it would be a huge comeback for the man ousted in 1998 and who served six years in jail for sodomy and corruption.

hurm... that is from one of the tabloid this morning. i was with Mr A that time and he showed me the news. i wassuprised to see this. always the bad ones appeared in the newspaper here. i remember the one about the kid who waskidnapped, killed and the corpse was discoverd in the bag? guess what? they put the story in the paper as well!! now you know why some people always think that our country is 'not really' safe and the crime rate, wuiisshhhh... up to the sky. (emphasising on the word some). still wonder why tourists always go to Tha***d and then to S'po*ewithout Msia being in their plan at all? hurm... i have one colleague who's working in our branch in the UK. he wentto Singapore and then Thailand transitting in KL for a few hours. and unfortunate enough that his bus stopped at PuduRaya. and i guess you know what he thinks of our country now. but being a nice guy, he said

'owh... To be honest I didn’t see too much of the city or the rest of Msia and I really wish sometimes that I was there for longer! The most memorable thing I remember is the chaos that ensued in the bus station! It was madness! I cannot remember the name of the bus station but it sounds like it was the one at Puduraya. It was crazy, people running around everywhere and the traffic was horrendous! The fumes almost killed me ;-) I am sure it has changed a great dealsince I was last there. I would love to go again but don’t know when I will get a chance to.'

people running around?lmbt la tu nk kejar bus. huhuhuhu...

okay back to my conversation with mr A just now, one thing he said struck me hard and made me think a lot. accordingto him, he doesnt mind DSAI won the election or even become our PM. it's just that, because of the accusation and such,people from outside the country who obviously never even bother to have a clear look and see what the real story behind it is, will just assume that we have a PM who was once being ousted for sodomy and corruption. what kind or countryis that? you ask yourself. i am not gonna comment further. but i just wish that we will have someone who trulywants to rule the country for the best interest of the people.
it is so quite in the office today. the not-so-nice-weather outside could be the factor adding to the gloominess inthe atmosphere. heh! Hunny is in Msia rite now. alhamdulillah slmt smpai. am gonna start movie marathon tomorrow. wihuu!!

ps: hey you! just to let u know that even if i always care for u, it doesnt mean that u can hurt me this bad.i amdisappointed but i noe u'll never even bother about it. so, enuf is enuf (really this time). if u really want thingsto be better, move ur arse now and amend things quickly before it's too late. chioww!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

update la jugak

i love friday! the best day ever. especially today because we are gonna have a summer bbq party after work. it'sgonna be a blast i can guarantee. there will be karaoke sessions, lotsa interactive games and foodssssss!!!! it will be held at the Old Belvedere Rugby Club (wherever this club is). there will be a bus trip organised fromthe office to the clubhouse and according to Peter, it is adjacent to RDS. if that is so, i will have no problemto go home. im not planning to stay long because i dont drink. so im pretty sure at 9pm i will be so bored already.for the rest of them, 9pm is just the starting point... to mabok-mabok. (da kata free drinks). i dont wanna bethe one to hear or witness all the stupid things they will say or do. furthermore,hunny asked me out for a latenite movie tonight. hurm... dating~ i like!
owh... i forgot to share that every weekend starting from last weekend, i am trying (and struggling too!) to payback all the missed fasting days for last year.it's fucking 13 days altogether and i have managed to reduced itto 10 now. uuhhh~~ am very proud of myself. and to be honest, break fasting at 9.15pm is not really bad. usuallyi am not hungry but tired to the max. ye lah~ 3 pg da bgn nk sahur. so lompat2 tdo kn penat. during day time,the sleepyness is unbearable. i cant imagine what's gonna happen to me during the fasting month in less than 15days now. sayur lembik la dgn bau2an coffee yg harum di office ini. *duugaaannnnnnn*
i never got to know the news about my dear fren cik yus. are you transferred to JB now? sorry for not having the time to give you a quick call. been very busy myself here. wishing you all the best okay babe? nak vacation jugak.it has been so many years now w/o vacation for us. hope after magec settles with her stuff (yeay!! nk jadi godmotherda kite ni), we can have a plan to go somewhere. (subject to ayu jugak) we will see what will happen ok.
need to go now! chiow...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

YAWN~~~~~~ so sleepy!!!! also not feeling very well. the weather is really weird. one minute it's sunny and warmand the next, it's raining heavily and not to forget the coldness. subhanallah... global warming is really herei supposed... scary even to think of it ~ anyway it's just adding my list of reasons to go back for good. Good!

i like august. it's the quitest month in the year. and that's the reason i can update my blog during office hour.ngeheheheh...but not much to write as my life is not really interesting. i really admire people who can updatetheir blog every single day (this credit goes to both of you, ayusafira n cikyus). and honestly i cant start myday without stalking their blog first. heheheh...
la la la~~ ketandusan idea. it's 12pm and im terribly hungry. busannye mkn tuna sandwich. am thinking of goingto Chi or Lemongrass for any seafood dish but it's raining outside. arghhh~~ tuna lagi la gamaknye kt canteen tu. isk... :-(

my exam result is out next monday. i dont know what to expect. to be honest, i dont really mind if i fail or passthis time. eventho it'll add another half a year of my time here if i fail (again!), it doesnt really matter.my plan is to finish everything by next yr the latest. so i have another two sittings to try. therefore, failing this time around doesnt really spoil anything. it will not de-motivate me either so i m fine.

owh.. last nite me and hunny had a karaoke session. barai!! hahahha.. sore la mcm katak. melalak la 2 org smlmand then he taught me how to play keyboard. it was okay but i guess i am too old to learn it now. he was strict yesterday(i guess when it comes to piano lesson, he always been so serious and strict). i cant put my hand like this, i should do like that, i cant do this, i cant do that. wow... bossy! but i like it. :-)

hurm... it's ten to one pm and i guess i better stop now. got to get back to work now.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

anger management

it's such a pain at the backside when you cant fight a really superly annoying motherf$%^$%.more frustrating when you cant do it just because you are doing someone a favor. or to make it clearer,you are doing it because you dont want your loved ones to be hurt or harrassed or even condemned.i am 25 fucking-year-old ADULT so i believe i do have the rights to choose what i want in whatever situationthat suited me the best. me and not anyone else. and even if the decisions are wrong or resulted in a disastrous consequences, that's the risk that i am willing to take as an adult. It's quite amazing howyou can still find a very old-fashioned people nowadays. the kind who always think that they owe everything. and every thing should go their OWN way. fuck them!! and fuck their way. only if i can tell thisstraight to their faces. i am so pissed that it hurts so bad. and you cant imagine how i miss all my dearie J's at the mo. they always cheer me up!! sob sob... miss u guysss... waaaa...
the hell with them. i owe myself a nice pressie..

Saturday, August 02, 2008


bored... the right word to describe me at the mo. been staying in my room since after lunch. played games in FB and now trying to update this lonely blog. hehehhehe... apologises for this of course. been so busy this week or dare i say i am always busy during weekdays. just couldnt find the time to write something. walk out from home at half seven in the morning and come back at six. take showers and dinner and rest for a bit. 10.30 i will be fast asleep. that's my routine everyday... am getting used to waking up early and take both bus and dart to/fro work. not complaining anything as i am really content and gratified with what i have now.

suhu di luar spt sejuk. lg tambah mls nk kluar. tp hunny ajak g tgk dark knight at 8. uhh~~ prasaan malas sgt berleluasa dlm diri. hohoho... hurm.. rase nk mkn pisang goreng rangup2. tak pn cempedak goreng tepi jalan. yum yum~ mase balik ari tu tak dpt pn nk mkn cempedak goreng sbb belum musim. nsb baik aunty mira bwk beberapa ulas cempedak ari tu. lepas la kempunan sket. tp skg ni dtg blk rase nk mkn cempedak. tringat conversatn ngn abah mase call baru2 ni.

abah: sihat ke?
saye: sihat je bah. adik kata skg ni musim buah.
abah: aah. tu yg tiap2 weekend nampak muka die kat uma. nak mkn durian la tu.
saye: aiseh.. besnye. terliur lak.
abah: tu la. lain kali balik mase musim buah. cempedak kat dusun atuk tu berlambak2.
saya: (meleleh air liur)
abah: tp tak pe la. thn dpn ade lg. balik nti mkn la puas2.

oh tidak!!!!! cempedak kuuu... sedapnye. kalu mak, die akan kata 'alah.. bukan sedap sgt durian tu'. walaupn ku tau durian tu sbenarnye mmg sedap. uwaaaaaaaaaaaa......!! tp sejuk ati bile mak kata camtu. tau mak cume tanak kasi lagi terliur. tenk u mak. u r always d bes!!

enough talking bout something that i cant get. (telan air liur). ahah... last 2 weeks was Ben's last week in CIT. sobsob~ i really dont like when people are leaving the company. especially people who are really close to me. but there's nothing i can do. if you do read this Ben, i want to say Big thanks for all your helps. you've been really great and i really enjoy bullying ooppss working together with you. i have few pictures from that farewell drink but i am so lazy to upload them. sorry dude. you have to wait for vincent to upload the pictures from his camera in his FB. and as requested, i've changed my name in FS since you always condemn my name. Cterq is a cute name alright. you weirdo!

on sunday, we celebrated Alany's first bday. it was a total blast!! but the bday gurl was so quiet that day. maybe she was amazed to see how many people coming to her party. anyway, i dont have pictures to share as i didnt even have time to take out my camera. i was helping Afin to snap pictures using her camera. she was so busy making sure that everybody was happy so i can understand the frustration afterwards of not having any pictures taken for the party that they threw. so i just took the camera and snaps few pictures on behalf of the host.

that's it for now. later!