Monday, May 25, 2009

France (Paris) day 4

oh la la! bienvenue a Paris!!!! pagi2 lg da bertolak from Brussels Midi Station to Gare du Nord. ktorg naik train provided by Thalys. senanye byk je train providers from Brussels to Paris ni. ktorg amik Thalys sbb time tu murah lak tetibe. one way cume la 28e. murah kan?? yg len sme over 70e (eurostar etc). lgpn last time da naik Eurostar so nk la try yg lain. and Kristof told me that his brother always travels between Paris and Amsterdam by Thalys. itu yg cari2 skali dpt lak yg murah. and very convenient. tade beza pn dgn Eurostar. madnu ade je cdgkn French pnye provider tp yg itu adalah mahal juge. xberbaloi utk one way trip (baik naik aerl*ngus klu da lebey 50e).

journey kali ni saje je naik sme public transports yg ade. kunun2 nk adventure gitu. ok je la. tade la pening lalat sbb very confortable and tak panas. lgpn ley tgk2 luar dgn scenery yg mantap. so arrived at Gare du Nord around 2pm. quickly bought the Visite Paris tickets for 2 days for unlimited travels. this ticket can be used for metro, RER as well as the busses. pretty convenient. and the metro in Paris is exactly the same like the underground in London. Lines are according to color and most of the must-go places have the nearest metro station. for some people, they dont use metro at all. because to go from one place to another is not really far away. but knowing me, i will never walk (except when zuen dragged us to walk from Arc de Triomph to La Tour Eiffel!!!! unbelievable but true. i walked from the hotel near the Ternes station to Arc de Triomph and straight to Champ Elyssee and to Eiffel Tower! jauh gileeeeeeeee!!! da smpai Eiffel Tower tu baru prasan da jln jauh gile. tp sbb excited da jupe tower tu trus tak rase sakit kaki.

mase mula2 tgk tower tu siap masing2 kata 'nape aku ingat tower ni cantik? uduh je ni.' haha.. bongkak kan? pstu bile die start bukak lampu... VOILA!!! baru nak excited cipan. terus je beratur nak naik atas. gue yg gayat ni pn naik sampai yg plg atasss skali. rs tak caya tp mmg naik smpi plg atas and siap ley jalan2 tanpa rs gerun kat platform tu (mase tu tak takut sbb ingtkn naik smpi separuh je. da turun bwk baru tau rupenye naik smpai atas. time tu baru nak gerun terketar lutut). La Tour Eiffel sgt superb!!! naik atas tu baru la 13e. tp experience kat atas tu PRICELESS!!!!!

ok lps tu berjalan balik hotel. berjalan? jgn harap. msti la naik metro Bir Hakiem. mula2 nk la benti kat Trocadero jap amik gamba tp bateri low. so trus je balik hotel.

ok la. since gamba2 sme da transfer masuk lappie. meh boh sket utk tontonan umum. :-)

in front of huge LV at champ elyssee

otw to La Tour Eiffel

nmpk uduh kat tower tu? :-)

ini baru tingkat 2. lights already on

the city view behind us

jarak malaysia ngn tower tu (click to enlarge)

tasha kata tower ni dr bwh cam org terkangkang. haha..


insan bernama hunny. je t'aime bien!!

ok la. da nearly half nine. nk tdo. sok bgn awl ley stdy sket (i wish). ingatkan smpat nak blog about the second day in paris. will do it later. so guys... toodles!!

Belgium (Brussels) day 3

hi ho! before May is actually over, i think i better update on the trip before i forget most of the things that ever happened there.

ok day 3. bertolak seawal pkl 8 pg ke AmstelStation. The tram map given by the GVB was not really clear on where to go down at for tram changing to other routes. so trial and error je la. sebbek smpai AmstelStation tu around half 8. quickly went to the Eurolines counter to get the luggage tag. mind you that you still have to go to the counter eventhough you've printed out your ticket online. from the counter you'll know which bus you should board and also the pass to actually climb up the bus stairs. phm ke? because i thought we didnt have to go to the counter because we already have the ticket in hand. but the lady told us that we still need to get the pass from the counter (what's the point of printing out the ticket then? sebbek pki printer opis. kui kui kui).

the journey took us nearly four and a half hours from AmstelStation (Amsterdam) to Bruxelles-Nord Station (Brussels). sampai kat Brussel tu je da terbangang2. ye la. zuhaira kata bus benti kat train station yg tak jauh pn nak g Central. bizarrely enough, we couldnt find any trains!!! rupe2nye bus tu benti kat belah mane tah sbb jalan2 ditutup utk national strike. Brussels is the central of Europe so people were still doing protest for the treaty. so terpakse la ktorg tarik beg nk carik train to Central. sebbek ade pakcik sorg ni tunjuk metro mane satu nak ke sana. so ktorg pn naik la metro ke sana.

disebabkan baru je sebulan yg lalu g Brussels, jadi tade la excited sgt. smpai2 je trus cari kebab dulu (kebab yummy!!!) and baru nak jalan2, ujan da turunn... terpakse la lepak kedai mane2 sampai muke pakcik tu naik bengang tgk ktorg ni. hahah... pastu balik hotel lepak2 sampai ujan reda. mase tu pn da kul 7 camtu. ingat nak carik purse tapestry yg makcik pesan tp byk kedai ttp awal sbb ujan. so xley nk buat ape.

jalan2 carik mussels and waffles mlm tu. no choc this time sbb da naik muak tgk choc. :-) amik gamba sket2 and balik hotel tido. if any of you wants to go there, i suggest you try Hotel Alma. it is right at the side of the Grand Place. one minute to halal restaurantsss (byk halal restaurants) and 2 minutes to the Grand Place itself. reasonable price with clean towels, and superb facilities. (eh asal promote hotel lak ni?) hahaha..

ok... tamat kisah brussels. next!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


mls nk updet. sekian...

ps: exam is coming. might not be updating for a long long time. :-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Holland day 2

sorry for the delay but i just couldnt find my time to update the story on the second day in Holland. so here goes. on the second day, we spent the whole day wandering around Amsterdam city. the tram services is really good here. in fact i think the public transportation is superb in Europe. if you can find you way in London, definitely you can find your way easily in Amsterdam (and even in Paris). so we went to the Van Gogh museum, Rijkmuseum, and all of the tourist spots. We didnt take the boat ride though. :-( mase sgt mencemburui kami. at night, we went to the red light district again. We even had a talk to watch the live sex show. tp kerana chargenye ialah 25e, we decided not to waste our money. upon passing the shop the guy called me and said 'come on in. dont you want to see the European size? it's gonna be fun.' while making the unnecessary gestures. hunny terbeliak matanye and quickly looked at me. 'nak ke?' he said. dgn segeranye diriku menjawab 'naaaaaaaahhh~~.' simpan sket tanduk kat kpala. muahahahhahahahahahhaha..

and that's it. itu je la perkara menarik berlaku pd hari kedua. plus i was sick that day. ade la suku drpd hari tu diriku tdo je di hotel sorg2. huhuhu... ok next!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Holland day 1

Arrived at schiphol airport ard 9am. Great services from ae*ligus i cn say. No delay flight, no emergency- like landing, no hassle at all. Upon arriving, we quickly searched for bags storage area to dump our luggages before proceeding with our plan. Owh before that, i should tell you that the passport ctrl at this airport is weirdly far enough from the landing gate. But the officers were nice & friendly. No wonder holland is voted the friendliest county in europe. After safely locked our locker, the journey began. Oh mind you that the people who sits at the tourist info is not as informative as you would think. We wanted to go to Keukenhof the tulip garden. And since the airport is in between of the garden and amsterdam, we decided to buy the return ticket from Schiphol-Leiden. Then single journey from Schiphol-Amsterdam Central. We asked him if there is any day ticket for the train? But his answer is standard to everyone (i overheard him talking to the guy before us. He said 'we dont have combo ticket but if you have the bus ticket you can go outside and ask for further details from the airport info ctr.' heck! I dont understand a bit. What combo ticket got to do with day ticket? Bummer! So we ended up buying one return ticket and one single ticket to the cental for e14. We took the train from the airport to Leiden, the nearest station to Keukenhof and to be honest, it's not hard to find our way to the right platform. From Leiden, we took bus no 54 straight to the garden. The combo ticket for the bus fare and the entrance fee is 20e. And it is worth to pay that much to see the magnificent view in the garden. The tulips are all so beautiful with loads of colors. I really reckon everyone to go and see this much of tulips if you come to holland. What i saw is undescribable. Tulips everywhere!! I loike!

We spent nearly 3 hours there. Tu pn xsmpt pusing habis sme tmpt. Makcik da pancit gile. Haha... Then we took the bus back to Leiden stn and hurried back to the airport to collecf our bags. The journey from the airport to the central of amsterdam took only 30 minutes. Just in front of the central stn, we saw a kebab restaurant with 'halal' certicate. Spt kucing klaparan, ktorg pn mnyerbu mkn kebab nice! Kebab mmg bes (kebab dublin je yg x umph)<--- ayt xsdr diri. Haha... After that, we went to the GVB (the tram provider) to buy the day travel ticket. With only 11.59e, we bought 2 days travel ticket unlimited usage and valid for metro and busses as well. Cheap. Not like dublin. Haha... I've been
here before but it was in 2005. I cant remember much to be honest. I only remember that tourist info center and of course the red light
district. Muahahah... So hunny had to ask the officer to show and mark all the tram stops that we have to get down at.
We arrived at our hotel after 6 stops from the central. Not so difficult to find thank god. Checked in and refreshen up. Pastu kua blk. Jln2 kat canal tu and singgah sexmuseum. What?? It's educational ok? Nobody would want to miss going there. Not many things pn inside the museum. What do you expect from 3e kn? I remember last time it was 2.50e. Now they've increased the entrance fee by 0.50c. Msti byk demand kn? You bet. Haha...

Then we went to the red light district. To those of you who has ni idea what a red light district is, google it first before you continue on reading. Haha... Hunny mencuci mata and to my surprise, pny la byk minah salleh yg gebu n montok belaka tu, ade ke die kata die ske sorg minah yg ala2 asian. Mmg la taste asian sggh. Hehe... Ok obviously xkn jeles ngn anita lg. Kn hunny? Haha... Good good. Very good. So round2 tgk org nego price sme tu. Xde la ramai sgt org. Mgkn sbb weekdays kot. And after that we went to coffee shop. Once again, to thise of you yg xtau cofee shop tu ape. Xyah google this time i'll tell you. Haha... Coffee shop and cafe adelah beza skali kt amsterdam if yiu wabt rel coffee i mean if you want to drink coffee you go to cafe. Tp klu mau buzzing and to try the space cake (or some people call it hash brownies) you can go to coffee shop. To cut story short, smlm kami berbuzzing. I tried 3 pam tp xthn pahit sgt kt tekak so time for the space cake. The guy told me if you are a first timer, eat just a little to not overdo it. So i ate just half the brownies. Xbesar pn dlm 4 cm maybe. Tp xrs pape. Fine. Kesannye akn muncul lps stengah jam katanye. So ktorg pn blk dlu. So that i wont forget this feeling ever, i'll describe in details what i feel. This is my first time and maybe the last kn so i'll do my best to write everything. Hunny xsmp hotel lg da weng smcm je. Xde la teruk but he was as if he is in his own world. Muke bahagia je. Haha.. I on the other hand felt nothing. Blet! Mule terpikir xberkesan kah? But after a moment, i felt like everything is so funny. Even hunny cite bnde tak klaka pn rs nk gelak je. Tgk lampu hijau pn kitorg rs klaka. Prasaan die mcm terawang2. Mcm xgrip. Cthnye bile kite ckp psl satu bende tu rs mcm 'ape aku ckp ni? Aku xslh ckp kn?sbml ayt ni aku tgh ckp psl ape td?' gile kn. Pstu tringat tasya kata mase last time die amik dlu die nanges2 sbb rs xjupe hotel. And kiki plk kata time die dlu die rs cm nk mati. Mcm takut je. And ct pn rs depress sgt2 and rs sedih sgt2. So bile tringt cite dorg tu tetibe rs takut. Bkn takut ape. Rs mcm takut klu rs tak berpijak kat dunia nyata tu berterusan smpi bile2. I kn mmg ske to be in ctrl in what i do. So prasaan smlm tu buat rs takut. Ade gk cm rs sbenanye diri sndri ni satu entity yg lain yg tgh tgk aishah yg sbena buat bnda lain eh phm ke? I remember asking hunny yg smemangnye tgh bahagia je lyn kepala 'syg... Esok die ilang kn?' and hunny assured me that when i wake up, it'll all go. Lps tu trus rs x takut lg dah and rs super duper layann... Manjang gelak terkekeh2 xley nk control. Tgk mata kt cermin pn merah smcm je. Tu br separuh space cake tu. Klu sme xtau la. Bgn pg ni ilang da sme and to be honest, xde pn rs nk lg ke ape ke. Ok la da try so i hope i wont ilask fir it ever nxt time. :-)

ok lah hunny da tgu kat bwh tu. Better go now for the second day. Bgn tdo td huny da bg text pggl me miss gelak. Chis! Ejek ye. Haha.. Will updare latee. Toodles!

Ps: apologises for the typos. I am so not use to this iphone. Ssh gile jari yg chubby nk menaip. Kuang kuang...

Friday, May 08, 2009


i received a text msg from hunny this morning.

'mrng syg.. angin kt lua kuat gila smpi png kpala. huhu.. da smpi opis nti txt hunny tau. ptg ni tgk muvi k? kite usirkn pms jauh2 dr b. :-) luv u.'

ah~ so sweeeet. ok. nyah kau pms. nyah kau jauh2. yesterday was terrible. a great combo of pms+pks (a newly found/created syndrome by me : penat-keje-syndrome) did turn me into a monster. grumpy lady boss as called by mY junior. bkn grumpy la. xbyk ckp je. ckp kang takut la ape2 tak diingini berlaku. :-) so the whole day was like mad. the boss was not in, SO i had to take over his job since i'm the only senior in the team. imagine when everyone turned to you for help or confirmation. plus the sub-con job for AP which was not helping the whole situation. i didnt even have a chance to go to the loo! never mind the lunch. i was wrecked by the time i got home and bummer! suddenly i realised that i havent cooked for a while now (busy tiap2 hari blk lmbt smpi xsmpt msk). so i called hunny to accompany me to buy some groceries. as you have already known, we tend to discharge and release our feelings (be it good or not) to the person so dear to us. and in my case, hunny is the victim. and he knew it by now if my pms hormone is kicking in. so yesterday, upon seeing me, he kept his distance and trying so hard not to step on my tail (not literally). everything went well at the shop and he offered to help me to cook. cut the story short, monster mengamuk kat dapur. bese la. time pms ni la xley tgk kecah2 kat dapur. :-) tapii... ade tapi ni. this time it wasnt as bad as i thought it wud be. tak teruk pn cume tade mood la. tade la baling2 brg ke ape ke. cume tade gelak2 dan berkelakar2. seyes je msk. and spt bese kluarla ayat2 yg cume time pms je akan kluar spt:

1. haa... klaka sgt la tu.
2. klu buat kje cermat2 kan tade la bersepah dapur.
3. da abes klaka da ke tu? xley klaka lg?

itu diaaaa... klu time tak pms tu sme bnde pn rs klaka. bile pms, xtau nape rs tak klaka. huhu.. ape2 la labu. janji kali ni tak teruk sgt emo-dramaqueen nak nanges2 ke mengamuk baling2 brg ke ape ke.

AND i did apologise to him zillion times for not being able to contain myself from turning into a bad, ugly, grumpy bitch-from-hell. and hunny... being hunny... he accepted my apologies. and after sending him off, i went to bed with one sweet txt msg from him.

'nite2 b. xmrh pn. hunny still cube phm lg k? walopn ade la tersinggung sket2 tp hunny ttp tabahkn ati. luv u'

you're the sweetest person in the whole world to me. i promise i will luv you forever and ever and ever. :-)

ps: ptg ni kite dating k? kite tinggalkan si pms tu kat connolly station. hahahha...

Thursday, May 07, 2009


da berkurun tak update. sorry la susah pyh nk kna masuk password just to see nothing in this page. i am extremely busy and tired. byk sgt bende nk cite tp tu la. mase lak tade. sebbek j's slalu email2 kat opis. klu di luar waktu opis mmg tak dapek la. super duper busy. :-)

anyway, mcm2 bnde jadi last week. summer bbq merangkap amin's farewell and also azam's bday. ramai juge yg dtg. and special thanks to mommy aida for coming. seyes tak tau. pandai tak ngangah simpan secret? tetibe je nampak satu family dtg. :-)) sukeee.... sbb lama gile tak jupe rsnye. klu tau nak dtg ley la simpan banoffee pie sket. urm... mebe next time la bley buat banoffee pie lg.

ok la. da kul 10pm. mata pn da barai. rs nk terlelap ni xbley blah. weekend ni la try update. :-) toodles!!!

ps: cik yus... ati aku btl tak saba nak tgk kain tu. wakakakakkakakakaka... korg da tempahkah? and thanks to j's babes sbb da beli da kain utk me W. awwww~~~ sweet sgt korg. i heart u guys loadss~~ mwahhhh!!