Monday, December 13, 2010

Krabi day 1

Hip hip hoorayyy!!! We haf safely landed on this magnificent land around 1335 (20 minutes ahead of schedule) despite the minor turbulence due to the high speed wind. At the airport, we were greeted by the representative from the hotel. Nice guy. Not a talker type of guy tho. Which is fine by me. I'm at loss of words when it comes to breaking the ice with someone new. Furthermore with the difference of language. So silence is more to my liking. Hehe..

So the journey from Krabi airport to the hotel took about 30 minutes. The scenery along the way was great. A bit like driving from templer to rawang. Very green with mountains on either side of the road.

We arrived at AoNang Princeville Hotel after a while. The place was awesome. We dare say that it is far better than Berjaya Hotel n Resort Langkawi. Or even Berjaya Redang. The check-in was smooth with polite n nice stafs. We got Deluxe room with seaview from the front balcony n poolview from the back balcony. When we walked into the room, there was a king size bed with swans and petals of roses on it complete with 'happy hunnymoon' greeting. Hunny was so excited and kudos to the hotel for arranging all that. The room (or more like a studio apartment) has 2 sections. One is the bed place and the other section is the living room section. The toilet is at the living room section. (Complete with tub full of roses petals!). There is LCD TV's in each sections. Very homey-like. I love to bits. Really!

The dinner was served at 6pm (as per the schedule). When we came down to the restaurant, we were seated by the pool. Candle lite dinner y'all. I swear I tot it will be just a normal dinner. But nope. It was a bit formal with 4 course foods. At first we were served with satay, fishcake n vege rolls. Oh mind u that the restaurant at this hotel serves halal food. Next is the tomato soup with baguatte spread with garlic butter. Hunny enjoyed the soup a lot. It's not to my liking tho. Too sour. Then the main course arrived. OMG! Seafood platter complete with 2 mussles, 2 tiger prawns, squids, fish and crab. Served with fried rice. Yummy yummy. Lastly came the fruit platter - pineapple, watermelon n dragonfruit. At that point of time, I think I heard my tummy screaming for me to stop (n nonstop burping). Haha.. We couldn't finish the fruits obviously. So full. After dinner was done, we went walking at AoNang street. So many tourist you won't feel alone. We didn't buy anything just seeing what's here n what's good.

After that we came back to our paradise to get ready for day two! :)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010



sikit hari lagi..

ok.. closing for this month is done! yeayyy!!! still have to go to work today tho. xpe la. at least i can claim another day of time-off. dunno where to chuck it since i have only 11 days left to work for this year. I still have 2 more days for december as a replacement (sultan s'ngor's bday and christmas holiday). this is one thing that i like about Aii-Bee-Emm. We got a free day off if the public holiday falls on Saturday. so cool. Now that i have 3 days to claim before the year ends, i guess i should finish my work so that i can take days off.

i hope next year on the same date as today, I am not handling MA/MLC 's account anymore. gosh... cant wait to shake it off of me. kepala sudah sedikit bengang. it's not that i dont like it. i just hate the fact that the account is so high focus. and the reporting every week, really drives me up the wall. c'mon.. how much info can you give as an update in a week? urrghhh...

On a brighter note, Krabi is just around the corner. can't wait. hunny seems excited. well.. he better be! hehehe.. was discussing with Erna yesterday about this year's bonus. she wants to buy herself a camera. so off we went to the SonyCentre in new wing. i saw the DSC TX5 and fell in love there and then. the waterproof part that is really hooking me up. how nice to have a camera that can go underwater. esp that we are going to Krabi next week. the only problem is i still have my T90 and it is in a VERY good condition. x kn nak ade 2 camera? and x kn nak jual my T90? hurm hurm.. decision... decision..

then we went to Coach. saje la kan tgk handbag. not that i planned to buy one. but there it was. standing and 'waving' at me to go near her. it was beautifullllll goddammit. now i have another stuff to decide on. camera or handbag? but first off course whether to sell my old camera or not to sell... sigh~ the difficulties of being an adult. :-)

other than that, life has been pretty normal. we went to Sekinchan Ikan Bakar (dataran sunway) last friday with ibu, ayah, adik n nini. the foods were awesome. and the bill came up for rm140 only!! wahh.. sangat murah! didnt take any photos tho. kelaparan sampai tak ingat nak snap gambar langsung. kuikuikui...

ok la. enuff for today.