Sunday, June 15, 2008

long weekend?? nahhh~~

22:52?!!! gosh... in half an hour i haf to sleep. bummer!!! two days off for the weekend feels like just two hours. i didnt even realised that today is already Sunday and i had to get ready mentally and physically for work tomorrow. sigh~ this week is gonna be a hell of a week for me. Kinga is taking a week off and i have to be her backup and do her work. hope i can make it till the end of the week. luckily next wednesday is the payday. hoorayy!! cant wait for this week to end. sadly still... i wont have any break until August. there is no bank holiday in july and i cant take any day off coz i had taken mine so many times. last friday we had a farewell drinks for Fergal at Tonic and here is one of the conversation that took place that nite;

Nat: owh.. i cant wait for next week to come. im gonna be off next tuesday. and it's gonna be my second day off this year.

My Team Leader: really? wow... u are the total opposite of Siti. she only has two days left for her annual leave.

and everybody was laughing. and me pretending to laugh as well. wtf????? is that something to talk about in public?? it's no funny. i know they were all drunk but i dont feel comfortable knowing that everybody knows my annual leave balance????!! hurm... at least i was really sober that day to get the point that i cant be off. at least not in this few months. urghhh... so embarrassing. well... it's not really a big deal but im pretty sure if i ask for any days off this coming month, it's gonna be like a big flashy sign coming out from their mind blinking the words 'she wants off again'.. and i dont think it's good for my reputation. aiseehhh.. kna la rajin2kan diri keje ni. huhu...

my roomie got herself a very2 nice Dior shoe today. it's sale in Brown Thomas and she got it for only E250. not to bad considering that it is a CD shoe. wow... summer sales is coming this 21st. should drag my lazy arse to have a look.

it's half eleven now peeps. gotta go to sleep. chiow!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


just came back from work. phew! wat a day. but it was nice to see all the colleagues again. especially ben. he's really funny. im kinda miss him to be honest. he always said that i like to bully him. last time he told me that he's pretty sure that i was a big bully in school and i must had once took anybody'd lunch. at least once. ??! i am an angel ok. *heheh* today he sent me email saying 'if you were a character in Wizards of Oz, you'd be the Tinman -- heartless. and i wud be Dorothy'. how funny. then i replied 'owh wait..if u say so, i'll buy u a red shoe when u want to leave the company. err~ on second thot, mebe i'll just steal it somewhere and wrap it for u..'.. he just said 'i can't believe it. u r a true bully'. haha... believe me i am not a bully. sometimes i didnt mean to do all the things that he classified as 'bullying' him. there was one time when i wanted to go to my desk and i asked him to move aside until he knocked on our boss's files. he said that i bullied him but i didnt. i didnt knoe that he wud bang the files. that was funny. i couldnt stop laughing that day.

owh, to cik yus. you were gorgeous that day!!! i cant believe that i missed it. update more pictures k babe. incik CTRL ALT DEL x dtg ke ari tuh? hehehhehe...

wish to go somewhere for holiday but i only have 3 days left for my annual leave. *frustrated*. maybe i can start looking for a weekend getaway. need to have a proper plan.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


it's over peeps. wihuu!!! finally the exam is over!!! it was tough alright. so i am not gonna say anything bout the exam. let it be. 18/08 will be the day. will update later.

hurm... mls nk update. went out for shopping just now. got meself 3 new shirts! an encouragement to go to work tomorrow. urghh~~ (blett).

nk tgk gamba yus b'tunang. sila la updet!!!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

i broke the promise i noe. but i had to push myself to study this few days and if i on my lappie, i noe i just couldnt stdy. lame excuse but that's the truth buddy. i just couldnt help myself to start browsing other ppl's blog and ended up sleeping soundly after finished nosy'ing' for goss. :-) who says it's easy to be a woman???!!

juz a quick update on what i did these past few days.

Tuesday - woke up late as usual and went to Blanchardstown that evening to visit KE & kak fidah's new baby gurl, umaiza nur safirah (sorry if the spelling is not right). spent the nite at abid's hse and went home the next day at 11am. Hunny made banana & choc muffin before we left and he got himself terrornye-masak-muffin-look from everyone and even the little kiddie, aleia shouted to him 'UU... PANDAINYE NGA-NGAH MASAK MUFFIN'. of course it was very vague and a little arduous to understand at first but then we managed to figure it out and she tried real hard to put all the words together to praise him. that's d way gurl!!! ngeee...

Wednesday - tried so hard to stay put and study the goddamn P2 and only managed to actually focus for one hour. the rest of the allocated study time?? u can pick a guess. i wonder why everytime i wanted to seriously start studying, i always have something else to do? maybe it sounds like another excuses but seriously ppl! i didnt do it on purpose. i swear i wanted to study. *angelic face*

later that nite, i went to hunny's house with usin and jemair and we watched SHUTTER to release tension (as if i've studied so hard that day). it was scary man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am NOT gonna watch it again. it was spine-chillingly creepy alright! no more... i swear, no more.

Thursday - erm.. lemme see. what i did on thursday huh? ahah! as usual, i woke up at 11am and study for a while (plus watching tv at the same time. wat?? it is based on true story ok and it is really good i can tell u). at 5pm, went to catch a muvi with incik hazrul. (hunny was working that time). we planned to watch Sex n the city the movie but no more tickets available. so we watched What happened in Vegas. not too bad~ typical lovey dovey one.

Friday - had a group study with kak wani and incik hazrul. finished around 8pm and sleep early. nothing interesting happened except for a txt msg that i received from deary Mesjarr saying that all of the jahanams are having sleepover at yus's hse that day. she's getting engaged!!! how envy. sobsob~

Saturday - had a group study as well and now updating my blog. hehe... oh no!!! it's nearly 12pm. gtg now. promised myself to do one question on Foreign Currency. damn!! can't wait to finish this off.

things to do tomorrow:

1. call mak

2. call one of the jahanam for updates

3. lepaking at Queen of Tarts with zuen, amin, ainul, azran, linda & incik hazrul. who else wants to join of course can come at 10am. c u there!

4. sambung study

5. study lg

ps: mls gile nk kje rabu ni. ah~~~ cptnye mase blalu!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

would like to wish my everdearest inspirational buddy of all


on her engagement with encik bip bip CTRL ALT DELETE. hehehe...

walaupn aku yg sebok2 plan dulu, tp xde slh nye anda jalan dulu. owh... still can remember the day you told me about the scandals. xsangka u r going a step further now. i am happy if u are happy of course!!!

ps: tetibe sgt active b'blog sejak yan pn suda ade blog. mari la sama2 m'update! chaiyo.

Monday, June 02, 2008

hurm... i just realised that the last time i updated this blog was last year in late June 2007. it is now already early june of 2008. it means that it has been nearly a year since i last updated my blog!!! gosh... see how lazy i am!!! so here you go peeps.. some thoughts and updates bout me. not much but i will try to write something everyday. *crossed fingers*

firstly i would like to say BIG CONGRATES to my beloved babe, AYUNI SAFIRA & her husband, MANAN for the lovely wedding last month. may both of you have a good life ahead and blessed with all the happiness there is. i am sorry to miss the big day. i really wished i could be there but it is out of my power to decide. :-(

hurm... i cant believe that two of the jahanams are now married and one of them is soon to be a mommy. time really flies so fast. everybody is now talking about marriage or at least engagement. even people in my office are now talking about weddings and receptions. i guess i am now in the zone where talking about wanting to have a 'personal belongings' or 'having it for your own good self' is no longer applicable (to me at least). everything you wanna do, there is always 'we' following around. like there is no more mine but just ours. example, mega sale at SONY and 47" LCD is only E1999!!! who can resist? yess... people who are planning to get married (like me) because i cant buy it now. i want to buy it with my soon to be hubby when we already have a house to stay. or wait.. or mebe i cant buy it now because i am out of budget if i buy the TV. i have to have a good saving to get married and have a proper reception!! am i being paranoid? or am i cheap? i also dunno. i want to get married of course. but the thought of spending too much money just for one bloody day is really driving me nuts. so people can say, 'buat la sederhana je', then other people will say 'keje obersi pn kawen cincai'. i shouldnt care wat people think but i am a normal human being where the buzzing sound of flies always bug me so much. hurm... i really shouldn't write about marriage when i am in a hell of a PMS. hahhah..

anyway, we had a nice bbq party yesterday. just a small one and only 10 peoples were there. we had marinated chicken, beef, squid, sausages, burgers and caramelised banana. yummylicious!!!! i have transferred the pictures to my lappie and i really wish i can upload some pictures here but it is already 23:36 and i promised hunny that i will sleep now. i have to get up at 02:00 to study because i haven't started on anything yet.

owh... before i go to sleep, just wanna share few things i did today. i woke up at 11:00 (heh) and went out to meet hunny at Jervis. at first we decided to buy the gift for Afin at Debenhams but since we are going to Langkawi Restaurant at Upper Baggot St, we walked all the way from Jervis to the other side of the river to Brown Thomas and straight to Dior counter. i honestly cant think of any other thing to buy except for Dior Shine perfume which is the super duper perfume of the year (a bit of exaggeration there). i like the sweet yet sophisticated smell and i think it suits Afin very well. we bought the perfume and the body lotion as well and went to the restaurant straight away. the foods were superb and the best of all, i got to meet my favorite niece (soon to be insyaallah) Aleia Hannah. i really like the way she called me 'Ti Cha'. so cute and special. we finished around half nine and hunny sent me home before catching his bus at half ten.

so.. as a closing speech, i would like to wish a very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Afin and hope you enjoy a very joyous life ever. nitey nite all!