Thursday, August 17, 2006


how's d new skin? eheheh.. still searching for a new skin tho. me kinda bz these few days. trying me best to settle down a.s.a.p so dat i can 'enjoy' living ere in dis irish land. it's getting cold n cold each day. makes me miss my family even more. hate winter!! cold n gloomy. luckily me class has started. at least me dun haf time to think bout sad things. anyway, wanna thx zaila for giving me a book titled '1003 great things to smile about'. appreciate it sooooo much. thx! thx! thx!

not forgetting, HAPPY BURPDAY to my dear fren SHABBY n my lovely roomie BRINTHA. hope u guys live long enuf to enjoy all the great things dat life can bring. thx for always be there for me. threw a surprise party for shabby. it was zaila's idea actually. me n kak wani juz bought d cake n prepared for the party. the cake was superb. n the party went well. thx to everyone. come to think of it, it's kinda hard to believe dat we r growing older. time surely moves so fast. im 23 years old now. 23? two and three. no more kiddo i believe. still act like one tho. in these 23 years, me havent done anything grand yet. nadaa.. not a thing dat i can remember for the rest of my life. even scarier, now im still studying n still depending on family to support me. how pathetic. hopefully things can get better as time moves on. dun wanna be a burden to the family. pray for me dear friends.

huuuhhh.. seriously need to plan my life ahead. enuff wif staying wif scumbag dat promised me lotsa things but cant even fulfill any of it. mebe this is a tight slap from god reminding me not to get involved wif dat fella anymore. sad? lost? lonely? erm...not really. just feel betrayed n fooled. how the hell did i just stick n stand him this few years. wasting lotsa time, energy, money n etc etc. not dat i mind all that but juz cant accept how people can really betray u after all those memories, efforts n times spent together. n for her, mebe u dun feel anything now, but what goes around comes around. juz remember that for the rest of ur life. dun blame time. n dun say dat it all happened juz like that without u guys knowing it. nonsense. the truth is, it needs two hands to clap. kalu tak menggedik, lalat tak datang menghurung. isnt it? enuf said. hope u happy wif ur life. n pls dun cross mine. or else u will remember it for ur whole entire life. i mean it!!

last week we had a bbq party. it was a housewarming party actually. all went well. thanks to everyone for coming especially for all the cooks i.e. kak wanie, brintha, zaila, nana, hussin, azam, amin, fydu, afiq n all. thanks so much. pls drop by our house anytime. hurm, enuf for today. hope everything goes well for me..n everyone. chow!!