Monday, February 22, 2010

tak tdo mlm la

alhamdulillah... abes da mnjadi murid. stinggi2 kesyukuran pd Allah atas kurniaan-Mu ini. ACCA da abes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yahoooo!!!!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


lama gile tak update. ohoh! tadek idea pong nk tulis ape. sbb tu la tade update. byk cite tp dunno how to put it to words.

anyway, we tested our convection oven yesterday. the inital plan was to bake cupcakes but since we couldnt find the right cup size (eh mcm ape plak), we ended up baking muffin instead. if my understanding is correct, cupcakes are the smaller version of muffin right? so the ones we made yesterday were cupcakes-big-size-brothers (or sisters) a.k.a muffin. tasted so good until i decided to bake more tonite. this time the REAL cupcakes. :-)

oh ye. kami juge tiada scale smlm. luckily the weight of the butter to be used is 125g and self-raising flour also 125g. so hunny measured the butter first (i've never known that there's a small ruler-like thingy at the side of the butter wrapper! it shows where to cut according to the weight you want). then spt org mosokin (bak kata hunny), we used a papan-like thingy and put the butter (in a bowl) at one side and an empty bowl at the other side. after that hunny tied a rope in the middle of the papan and pulled it up like a Baris*n Nasion*l's scale. eh dacing eh nama melayunye? pstu i dgn tak bertangguh2 tuang la tepung into the empty bowl until the papan was even. can you imagine what i'm saying??

tadaaaa!!! so menjadi la sukatan kami. kemudian... berjaya la makan mknn itu so tonite ley amik gmba sket sbb i just bought the scale and cup with the right size. wihuuuu!!!