Thursday, January 28, 2010

esok is the day!

not in the mood to do anything. AT ALL. been moody for a couple of days now. dont know what's wrong with me. i blame the hormones but genes are the possible caused as well. entah la. maybe this is the mood talking. :-((

there is a new gal in our team. she worked in Pe*ronas last time in Kerteh then transferred to K*CC. after plus minus 4 years in Pet, she decided to leave. byk keje katanye. tp intan kata 'kluar mulut harimau masuk mulut buaya'. tp die kata 'xpe. mulut buaya sejuk sket sbb duduk kat tempat ade air.' who knows what that means. maybe she meant the new blue is nearer to her house and also her parents' house. and she can wake up at 9 rather than at 6 last time. well good for her! she'll be replacing intan coz intan got a better offer at TI. sob sob! bye bye kakak intan. oh the office will be so quiet without her.

went to watch toothfairy last nite. not bad but a bit draggy. i was restless and that just showed how long the story line is. sme bende pn tak kena time moody nih.

God... how I want to go home and lock myself in the room. eh moody gile. haih~~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


been searching and googling about the above. scary to think of it. my mom-in-law is thalassemia minor (carrier) and the chances of hunny to have it is 50-50. we went to our panel yesterday to check our blood but they said blood test is only done at day time. duh~ so hunny will go there again nxt monday. just to be sure that we both dont have it. or else, xtau la nk ckp ape. here is something you should know about thalassemia.

Thalassemia is an blood disorder passed down through families (inherited) in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen. The disorder results in excessive destruction of red blood cells and anemia.

There are many forms of thalassemia. Each type has many different subtypes. Both alpha and beta thalassemia include the following two forms:

  • Thalassemia major
  • Thalassemia minor

You must inherit the defective gene from both parents to develop thalassemia major.

Thalassemia minor occurs if you receive the defective gene from only one parent. Persons with this form of the disorder are carriers of the disease and do not have symptoms.

The most severe form of alpha thalassemia major causes stillbirth (death of the unborn baby during birth of the late stages of pregnancy).

Children born with thalessemia major (Cooley's anemia)are normal at birth, but develop severe anemia during the first year of life.

Other symptoms can include:

Persons with the minors form of alpha and beta thalassemia have small red blood cells (that can be seen under a microscope), but no symptoms.

Treatment for thalassemia major often involves regular blood transfusions and folate supplements.

If you receive blood transfusions, you should not take iron supplements. Doing so can cause a high amount of iron to build up in the body, which can be harmful.

Persons who receive significant numbers of blood transfusions need a treatment called chelation therapy to remove iron from the body.

Bone marrow transplant may help treat the disease in some patients, especially children.

Severe thalassemia can cause early death due to heart failure a, usually between ages 20 and 30. Frequent blood transfusions with therapy to remove iron from the body helps improve the outcome.

Less severe forms of thalassemia usually do not result in a shorter life span.

hurm2... seyes juge. so have to make sure everything is ok. :-)

Friday, January 22, 2010


it's friday again. love the fact that i can wake up late tomorrow. ngeee..... and how i'm longing to do so since monday. yak yak yak!!

so today is a half day. then we are all heading to Manha*tan Fi*shMar*ket at e@curv*. team lunch and i'm loving it so far (since we are allowed to go off at 11). xpe2. kna mentally prepared for next week. another battle begins. chaiyo!

tetibe tade idea nk tulis ape. he heee... ok2. till then.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

i need (badly)

  • second honeymoon
  • second honeymoon
  • second honeymoon
  • second honeymoon
  • second honeymoon
  • new handbag
  • new blender
  • new toaster
  • new car
  • new haircut
  • new weight... (!!!!)
  • new fridge magnet
  • and i also need the hypocrites to get off my back!!!!
lately ade prasaan meluat kt someone. dumbass. dunno why. ini bkn pms kerana sy tak pms-ing lg pn. maybe the way that person talks. or the way that person expresses h** feeling. dunno. i'm just really annoyed. as if i care. i dont care to be honest. i feel like smacking h** head real hard and shout 'wake up idiot. the world doesnt just revolve around you!'

ok rileks2. jgn tensi2. fuuuhhh~

ps: rndu menggila dgn cegu messjar. bile la dpt nk dgr lawak2 kering tp berilmiah tu. miss miss messjar.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


i'm on leave next friday!! hip2 hooray!!! Steph approved my time-out without hesitation (eh mentang2 da naik pangkat. cpt je approve cuti. bgs2) so senang ati nk cuti jumaat dpn. wihuuu!!! mobile off pls- opis jgn harap la nk suh masuk keje gak. pelik kn? by right they can't do that. but more often than not, they'll call you eventhough you are off for the day. lagi2 third line manager yg mcm kiasu and kiwi2 gelabah klu tgk sape2 tade kt opis. gile workaholic la dorg nih. but i dont care. i wont answer any calls that day. except for calls from families and j's. how's that?

ade 1 lg time-off nk di pakai ni. bile ye nk cuti. i'm thinking the day after a.lan's reception. so gembira sket nak berjumba-jimba on cikyus's big day. time tu pn tgh bulan kn? hurm2... will think about it today.

what else? have you read about the fuel price in the news today? here's a bit of it. urm2... have to take this into consideration before buying our new car ey?

Different petrol prices would be introduced for different groups of Malaysians, Ismail told a press conference here on Thursday after launching the new corporate identity of the F&N Soft Drinks Division.

Amongst the things that would be considered are the engine capacity of vehicles and socio-economic factors, he said.

He said that the subsidy for petrol would be retained but only targeted groups would receive the subsidy.

“The categories will then be divided into sub-categories such as the engine capacity of the vehicles used and other factors such as socio-economy,” he said.

“For RON95 petrol, the Goverment’s subsidy is 30sen per litre now. The current price of RON95 petrol is RM1.80 compared to the actual price, which is RM2.10.

“So, Malaysians who are not eligible for the subsidy and also non-citizens will have to pay RM2.10 or more,” he added.

Besides introducing the new structure, the ministry also plans to make the usage of My-Kad compulsory when buying petrol to identify one’s nationality.

funny how the government decides on stuffs that affect us on a daily basis. the use of my-kad for buying fuel can trigger bad guys to steal wallet more often than before. and people with two cars (one with lower capacity) will fuel the small capacity car and transfer it to the other one. and this is very dangerous ye people. imagine if it is not done properly. and the gov is also considering putting a chip into the my-kad to register the entitled car for the subsidy. this is absurd! penuh la Jbtn Pendaftaran tu utk org2 nk tuka my-kad. complicated la org2 yg pegang kerajaan skg ni. mcm tak abes blaja je gayanye. fikir utk jangkamasa pendek. if no corruption exists at higher level, maybe the government can fully subsidised fuel for its people. hmm...

i dont get it. if we want to reduce the number of foreigners enjoying the subsidised price, why dont we monitor them closely rather than giving a sudden penalty to the people with higher salary? isn't this the same like saying the higher income people are the same like the foreigners? why do they have to pay the same price as what the foreigners are paying? what's the point of having my-kad then? eh complicated la pemikiran mereka2 ni. maybe it's time for them to step down. jgn naikkan KJ sudah! ha ha ha...

ok lah mengarut ape pagi2 da kutuk kerajaan. that's just what i think. mcm tak reasonable btul kaedah kenaikan harga tu. tak logic juge ade. spatutnye ade pembentangan yg transparent to show where has the money gone to. asek kata kerajaan tade budget je. tp tax still kena byr mcm bese. if there is a detailed expenditure list shown to the public, mebe rakyat pn tak bising klu kna naik harga. kan? make it simple just so everyone can understand. mmg bkn senang nk pegang kerajaan but at least the people know that they are not conned by their own government aite? entah la. just hope for the best and ready your pocket come 1st of may. :-))

at least i have a good news for myself. the new-blue is giving us half day this friday after what we've been through for the year-end closing. yeayyyyy lagi. rilek sket ari jumaat nih. hip2 hooorayyy lagi...

Monday, January 18, 2010


ok first of all, the entry about MLM as suggested by cikyus is fucking hilarious. and also so true. bgs juge org itu hentam sebegitu rupe. very outspoken and bold. tp mmg betul pn kan? da mcm2 dgr psl org2 MLM ni. btl la nk carik rezeki. tp smpai pakse2 and kencing org situ sini tu ape hal? kan da jadi cam IRC tu? sape nk jawab. menjawab la korg. hahahahah...

i had a great weekend last week. friday balik rawang jupe ibu ayah adik opah dan juge sal. hilang rindu nk jupe family. da 2 weekend terperap kt uma and opis tak bersosial. rs ati kosong je. huhu.. but we couldnt stay long coz hunny got work to do on sat and sun. so we headed home around 1am. blk uma tdo tak sedar diri. wakkakaka..

the next day i didnt do much. just buat laundy yg smpi 5 cycles (pelik jugak byk gile baju nk basuh utk seminggu). smpi umah da mcm kedai dobi. :-) and mlm tu lepak2 bersama cikyus, abg lan, ryn dan kwnnye di uptown. xmkn pn sme org. minum air je lebey smbl burak2 and gelak besar tak hengat donia. abg lan da menunjukkan belangnye. kedebush hunny kena sebijik psl airbag. wakakakakaa... xpe2. len hari ktorg bls eh. ade byk hari lg ni. jgn lupe psl katak kt uma bwh. he he he... :-)

then on sunday, while hunny was busy with aus at home, me went out with zaza, tasya and intan. gosh i miss the lalings. lama dah rs tak jupe. since wedding ari tu. except for intan la yg ari2 pn jupe kt opis. had our lunch at nando's (yuck!) and teatime at kluang station. yummy toast! sejak akhir2 ni rs mkn tak puas la(sbb tu la bdn membelon tak hengat). so normally lps heavy meal, msti nk kudap2 yg manis2. haihhh~~ bile nk start diet ni?? kna segera diet sblm menempah baju utk wedding cikyus. tensionnn..

itu saje la rambles utk ari ni. mls gile nk bekerja. tolong!!!!

ps: thanks kak aida and abg rizal for the wedding pretzie. oh sgt suke dpt set itu. trime kaseh byk2 (1000000 kali). and also to two lil cuties kakak and adik for the book. reminds us of dublin a lot!!

'tisha... when you have money, you can come to kakak's home.'

ok kakak. when we have money (not just money but enough money), we'll buy tickets to see you there. hehehhe.. bertuah anak buah da byk ckp. missssssss....n

Friday, January 15, 2010


skenye friday!!!!!!!!!! perasan bahagia mnyerang. dah kul seploh tp tak start buat keje lg. dr td sebok blog-hopping and entry cikyus yg terkini sgt menarik. cayalah abg lan zmn dolu2. rock abes. kena tanye die apekah rahsia maintain kekurusan smpi skang nih. hehehe....

yes people. im getting fat. i always know that i'm awfully fat when

  1. my boobs are getting out of control. bak kata intan 'bile b'jln tu boobs smpi dulu dr orgnye'. wakakakakaka <-- ini bukan sy. ini ayat mengutuk teman sekolej yg sgt mendada orgnye.
  2. i can't fit in my trousers. seluar keje la pengukur kegemukkan ku. (sbb bkn yg stretchy pnye tu)
  3. i feel comfortable wearing baju kurung to work. aiyaaa~~
  4. blouse that looks nice doesnt look so on me.
  5. bley mkn mcD valuemeal siap dgn fries2nye skali. oh perut sudah mngembang.
  6. kudap2 byk di rumah. setiap mase rs nk kunyah2.
  7. resit claim makanan utk disubmit adelah sgt tebal. oh tidak!!
that's the problem. if you do overtime, you can claim for food from the company. so whenever I stayed back late, i'll always go out for dinner with the aim to claim it back. ye la. stay smpi mlm2 takkan bodo2 je. and i can't claim overtime because of my position (according to labor law). so cane? harus la mkn je pade waktu mlm. bley obese la gini. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

harus kurus sblm wedding cikyus. chaiyo!!!!!!!!!!

erm... we checked out Forte yesterday. wow! impressive. it got the classy look. bonet yg SGT luas. murah compared to other cars in its class. however my major turned-off point is that it's not KIA logo being displayed in front of the car. it shows NAZA instead. apekah?? xpe la. stick to the plan. i still vote for makcik city. see how. next month da bley test drive la kot. uhuhuu...

ps: cikyus... cite la sket psl makcik city. bes kah itu kereta?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

im blessed

after struggling for a long week, I finally can cabut from office at 6!! yeayyyyy... ok2. I know I still have to finish the reconciliation before the month end but still... seeing the sunshine when I step out of the building is such a blissful feeling. so today, without delay, i'll cabut the soonest I can. i've finished 3 accounts as of yesterday and I still have another 9 to go. so bley la berjimba2 before the next closing.

so this is how typical accountants felt everytime it's the closing period. accountants ini byk cabangnye. like when I was a Funds accountant, I didnt close books and I certainly didnt do overtime. cukup time balik. and I wasnt do much of a debits and credits. I mean no double entry to think of. But in this new-blue company, my tasks are very much related to the real accounting entries. from the very beginning of the input of debits and credits to the very end of closing the accounts and making sure that everything tie and no variance exist during the accounts submission. also no variance between the local standards and the parents statutory standards. sounds complicated ke? eheh... I like it so far because this job is very numbers oriented. plus we are very exposed to the international standards of accounting and working with the Japanese is really interesting and different. I mean I'm used to work with the EU people and the culture and the way these people work are really in contra with the way the Japanese work. EU mcm more to taking things easy as long as you are doing it right. But Japanse I tell you... they are more like doing everything right at the very beginning.

owh we are the shared service accounting centre so that's why I am in the Japan team. So I do books for the new-blue in Japan. so most probably i'll start my Japanese class next month to understand the writing better. hope it'll be good. :-)

boring je cite psl keje plak. xpe2. just to let everyone knows what is my role in that company. I mean some people dont understand why do I have to work on Saturdays and Sundays. and some even say 'aku asek dgr ko ni keje je. byk sgt ke keje? org lain tak pn.' well, work here then you'll know. like me, during the first 10 working day, I have to book entries for closing. so all the capturing and movement in the books need to be done during those days. time ni la balik kul seploh mlm sbb byk nk book and also the investigation needed before booking is normally taking most of the time. xkn simply book je kn? msti kena check dulu. and we have to do them before workday 10 sbb after that the system will be closed. da lps system down tu baru la ley bernafas sket. then the next days until the last working day of the month, I have to do the reconciliation for my accounts and submit them for approval. klu ade slh dan silap kna la betulkn dulu. tp this time around the month tade la sebusy time closing.

sbb itu la hari ini bole g tgk muvi. yeyehh!! rs da lama gile tak berjumba jimba. last we watched movie was last two weeks. lps tu tade dah. busy plak. and seyes rs da lama gile tak bersosial. last bersosial pn mase engagement cikyus. lps tu either terperap kt uma kepenatan or berhempas pulas kt opis. so this week tak tau nk g mane. da lama tak jupe family members. rndu kt izzah la. :-(

so.... what ur plan for CNY? make sure it's a good one. huhu..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

why hunny is the best hubby in the world?

  • handles my PMS awfully well - (e/tho naik angin smpi thp da nk mrajuk di kemuncak PMS itu)
  • willing to send and fetch me to and from office
  • doesnt mind my looooooooooooong hours of working time during closing period
  • doesnt mind eating alone after I lost appetite for working too much each day of closing days
  • doesnt mind eating tapau food coz I have no energy left to cook for him
  • doesnt mind taking his shower before me everytime Im not able to open my eyes in the mrng
  • doesnt mind helping me to iron my shirt while i took my shower everytime I forgot to iron
    one due to the indecisiveness in choosing which one to wear. always ended up not having ironed cloth in the morning
  • always asks me if i'm ok every time he sees me so quiet
  • never lets me cook alone - helps a lot!
  • set the table and clean up the mess after eating together
  • never yells at me - not even once
  • blends really well with my lovely j's
  • very particular about his weight - ngeeee... mari timbang wii
  • always finishes my food - x membazir
  • loves my cooking loads
  • can't stand to see me in pain - serangan myk gamat (euwwwww)
  • lets me talk to my j's for hours
  • and most importantly (the reason why Im posting this entry), he cooked french toast for me this morning when i was showering just because he heard me saying 'lama tak mkn french toast'.
luv luv u hunny.... i'll never ask for anyone else. kamu mmg bestest in the world!!! :-))