Sunday, August 30, 2009

last day in the office (28/08/2009)

went to the office with mixed feelings. between happy, excited, anxious, nervous and sad. i guess it's normal for everyone. but i find it a bit difficult since this is where i started to understand the meaning of the word 'life' and being 'independent'. and here, i learn how to live on my own and also to hang on tight and never to give up. i learn to feed me and to take care of my ownself. without relying to anyone at all. so much that slowly i realised that this feels like a real HOME already. this is where everything begins. and this is where it should ends. that makes part of me so reluctant to leave this country. after so long being here and went throught a lot! i guess i can understand that part of me for thinking that way.

but the other part is so excited and can't wait to board the plane and fly home. to start a new life with new environment and new surroundings. i know it's not gonna be easy but new stuffs make life more interesting, isnt it? moreover, i am gonna start a new life not alone anymore but with someone else! thinking about it makes the butterflies in my stomach so restless. is this what people called 'cold feet?' makes me wonder a lot too.

well anyway, my last day went well. altho i was so nervous during the speech time and the only words that came out from my mouth were 'errr.... well, thank you everyone. errr... i'll miss you guys... yadaa yadaa... thanks again. bla bla bla... thanks.' - brape byk 'thanks' daaaa... chis! stuttering. hate it. and all the words got stuck behind my head. then Dovi gave me the card and the present. awww~~ i'll love them forever.
watch to match my ring :-)


penuh nak mati

kevin memekak sbb die kna tulis kt blakang gak

i like this one the most from Vince. :-))

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


ari ni dpt last pay slip and salary in €. sedeynye.. huhuhu... on the other hand. ade lg 2 ari stengah je lagi nk masuk opis. yeyeyyeyeyeyyeehhh!! tak saba nk delete sme bende2 yg lama da simpan. serabut makcik. :-)

da 5 ari da pose. ye kami pose lebey sehari sbb ari jumaat tu pak2 arab tu kata pose. pstu tetibe kata tak pose. pastu pose balik. disebabkn kami yakin dah pose, ktorg pn teruskn je pose. and pose sgt mencabar sbb sahur kul 4.30am and berbuka ialah pade kul 8.45pm. terasa spt perahu perutku stiap ari. tp still tak kurus2 sbb juadah berbuka pose yg enak2 belaka.

Friday - pulut kuning, kari ayam, roti jala & sardine roll
Saturday - ikan sweet & sour, udang msk cili ape, ketam msk merah, cupcakes, choc cake, bubur jagung, cincau dll
Sunday - bihun sup, begedil, murtabak daging & bandung soda
Monday - sup tulang, paprik ayam, rendang & brocolli goreng telur

ari ni spatutnye da janji ngn budak2 uma plus budak2 uma hunny utk masak beriyani ayam, kari daging, kuih seri muka, keria and cucur udang. tp last minute terpakse tak join dorg sbb lina & ady ajak bukak pose uma dorg. so ari ni tak tau lg mkn ape. huhuhuu...

k la. xtau nk buat penutup ape. slmt berpose je la. toodles!! :-)

ps: stiap ari rs nk amik gamba mknn tp slalu lupe. lapa tak ingat kot. hahahha...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

sunday blues

yesterday's party wasnt so bad. it was for acap's 25th bday. his last bday as a single guy yo! only people from IV, hunny's, and a few from King's attended the party. not a big one. there was a huge cake bought by tasya at la boulangerie. black forest. yummy yummy!

it was a bit hard for me though. with najib there and hunny not there. it felt a bit awkward especially when everyone i repeat everyone knows our history. well i am ok and i am honestly, completely, 100 percently over him. totally over him. but he's making it hard for me since he was and still is so reluctant to act normally in front of other people. i dont understand it at all. siti said maybe there is still something that we both need to reconcile. but i am done reconciling things with him! it's not my fault that the relationship didnt last! and it's not my fault that i found someone else and i am so gonna marry him nxt month. xphm tul la. jgn simpan2 ape2 dlm hati. tak syok kn klu stiap kali ade event yg mlibatkn bdk2 batch, u'll come with the sour face and leave early. cume smlm je tak left early. and we all know why. even hunny noticed it and asked me just now 'smlm najib tak balik awl plak? sbb i tade ke?' pelik kn? xley tgk ke me n hunny? gile tul la. nape takley jadi cam org lain yg ade history tp still ley kwn2. nape msti da ade awkward silence smpi sme org jadi pelik and start gossip. gile laa.. pening pale. haih~~ 2 more weeks. then i'm done here. can't wait.

ok enough talking bout 'the' party. i went to watch GI Joe with hunny just now. hunny enjoyed it. i didnt. he he... not my type of movie. tp lynkn aje. :-) and before we went for the movie, we dropped by ToySmith. managed to get something for my niece, Izzah who by the way called me 'Ne-No' the other day (for cik nor), and also my sweet little nephew Danial, yes the same name as MY Danial. so there is Uncle Danial and baby Danial. easy to remember. :-))

Friday, August 14, 2009

good mood

just came back from lina's hse. saje je dtg to see the kiddos. cute they are. and adorable too!! smpt lps rndu. lps ni lama da tak jupe. haih~~

rs barai gile la ni. mggu ni xdpt tdo nyenyak la. asek terjaga2 je. so bdn jadik letih. rs nk tdo smpai ptg esok hari. tp mlm esok ade bday party acap kt uma ni. so harus la takley bgn lmbt. urm2... byk je plan utk esok dlm kpala. tp da sure sgt satu hapah pn tak akan jadi. xpe2.. yg pnting marathon muvi kena success. ok kul 11 pg msti bgn g UGC. chaiyo!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

hwa hwa

baru je balik antar zuen kt epot. surprisingly tade sape nanges pn. ye la. i'm gonna see her in 3 weeks time. so tiada la bersedey di situ. ct plak sbb tgk tade sape nanges, die jadi segan lak nk nanges. tp nampak la control2 sedey. siyan ct. xpe... thn dpn cuti la byk2. bley jupe ktorg kt msia. heheheh... wah! xsangka da balik da zuen. time flies. who would have thought that she'll go home before me. we always had a talk where i always say i'm gonna be the first. Allahu akbar. Allah mmg maha besar. kite merancang je tp Dia yg menentukan. well.. my turn is in less than 20 days. how's that?? yippee!!!!

and sempat gak g tgk muvi ngn ct (mngubat hati luke ct sbb zuen da balik for good). we watched The Ugly Truth. ok la. not the type of movie that i would buy a DVD for my collection. easy going. bley la nk lyn kepala yg sedey. hikss... siap ade scene dorg nak buat shooting kat tpt org main hot air balloon. trus tringat kak wan pnye entry psl hot air balloon kat Bristol. rugi tak g tgk live. :-))

owh i'm dying to watch Orphan. lama tak tgk cite seram2. weekend ni kena chaiyo marathon muvi. kena memanfaatkan kad unlimited tu smpi ke titisan menet terakhir. sbb bln ni nye pymt da DD, kena la tgk muviiii je slagi boley. heheheeh.... CHAIYO!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

false alarm

ok tasha sudah sihat. alhamdulillahh... tp die sempat juge menjangkitkn demam itu kpd fydu. rupe2nye demamku ni da menjangkit ramai gile org kecuali hunny. huh! kuat btl antibodi. syabbass!!

so td fydu cite, mmg satu drpd procedures kat sini utk declare sme org yg berikut sbg suspected swine flu klu demam di mase2 skg ni.
  • pregnant
  • ade athma
  • pnyakit kronik
  • babies
  • tua
  • smokers (ehem hunny. dah2 la tu)
so td mase fydu g clinic, die tade la dpt cuti sbanyak tasha sbb die tak di suspect ade swine flu virus hanye kerana die tak tergolong dlm golongan di atas. tasha kena suspect sbb die ade athma. and fydu kata lagi, doctor tu ckp, H1N1 ni die makin lama makin teruk. i mean klu u ade virus tu, die takkan jadi mcm u rs kejap2 sihat kejap2 sakit. die akan sakit je sampai either u die or u recover. haihh~~lega sket bile dgr. takut jgk klu tasha btl2 ade virus tu kan? da la nak balik ni. huhuhuhu... nauzubillahi min zalik. mintak di jauhkn. da la adik kata td mak cam tak saba sgt tggu lg 3 mggu. awww~~ terharu...

moving on. ni adelah courtesy cik orked yg telah dgn baik hatinye men'scan' kad kawen kami. pd yg rs nak kad ni utk di pos, bley la kasi address kt facebook ye (mane yg blm bg lagi la). Thanks Yan!!!! you're a star!!!

ps: cik orked.. nape i takley da letak comment kat blog u. slalu dpt notification kata comment tu fail. apekah?

Monday, August 10, 2009

oh takutnye part II

tasha demam start from friday. pstu rini die g clinic, dr kasi die sminggu cuti siap suh quarantine sbb suspected Swine Flu!!!!!!!! tp sme org bgtau i dgn keadaan tenang tanpa panic. and tasha selambe dang lepak kt hall. spt tiada ape2 berlaku. tidakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! nape? nape? nape tak panic? help! nk tumpang tdo uma sesape ley ke???

Sunday, August 09, 2009

full sunday!!

yeay!! just came back from a sweet and 'real' date with hunny. seriously... eventho we meet each other every single day, i still don't count them as dates. date is when you go to a nice restaurant for lunch, stroll, waste time, eat ice-cream, watch movies, window shopping, 'coffee'ing and definitely gossipping a lil bit with the other person. that's my definition of date. not just seeing each other, both doing something completely different, say bubbye and go home after that. that is so NOT a date. but some people i know classify that as a date as well. hurm... not everyone is the same.

well... well... we started going out at 2pm. lambat x? huhuhu... mls2 dlu kt umah pstu beli eskem and jln g yamamori. misi utama - mkn seafood cha-han. uisshhhh... mmg bes gile. tak mnyesal pn mlanggar praturan diet (diet tamo mkn nasik). yummy!!

then amik LUAS g Dundrum Shopping Centre. tade la ape sgt pn kt situ. saje je g sbb last jejak kaki kt sini ialah 2 thn lps agaknye. so jupe ana jap kat Furla. burak2 for like 15 mins pastu lepak kat Starbucks minum Ice Caramel Macchiato and Cheese pastry. then balik g UGC lak. lyn movie sbb da lama gile tak g tgk muvi. ade dlm 2 mggu straight tak swipe kad unlimited. rugi... rugi. ktorg tgk The Proposal. not bad. i always love that guy. sape ingat die blakon dlm Amytyville horror (rs mcm pnh buat entry psl muvi ni). he's so yummylicious.. he he he...

ini ialah seafood yaki-soba. slurrppp...

lihat udang & seaweed itu. yum yum..

ini lah seafood cha-han idaman kalbu. wow!

Saturday, August 08, 2009

oh takutnye

hurm... result kua on the 17th. tsk tsk... takutnye. dunno wat to expect. kalu lps ALHAMDULILLAH... klu tak lps, bwk balik msia la jawabnye. huhuhuhu... itu sahaje. sekian~~

ps: gudlak ye nona. :-))


iye... ini ialah list foods yg msti makan sblm balik malaysia. nyum2.

  1. quarter pounder Kbab Klub
  2. seafood cha-han Yamamori
  3. doublecheese burger Garibaldi
  4. tuna wrap kat canteen opis
  5. tuna bagel kat canteen opis
  6. pad thai Thai Spice
  7. prawn chillies Chi
  8. banana & nutela crepe Lemon Jelly
  9. spicy chicken wrap Chicken Hut
  10. quarter pounder Chicken Hut

okes... sblm balik ni kena CHAIYO!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

lamanye tido

br bgn. lama gile rs tdo. asek tdo je kejenye. bgn pg td ingt nk g keje la kunun. bgn pg2 kul 7.30 pg g mandi. mase mandi rs ok lg. pastu g dpn nk keringkn rmbt. xley buat dlm bilek sbb zuen masih tdo lg. mase tgh dry rmbut tu rs pns smcm je. perut pn rs tak bes. kpla makin lama makin berat. pstu rs nk muntah. trus lari masuk dlm bilek g baring. mase tu pn rs da kabur2 je mata ni. sebbek tak pitam kt dpn tuh. huhuhuh... so ksimpulannye ari ni tak g opis lg la. aiyoo... keje menimbun ats meja. 'out of office' email tak on. msti benimbun email urgent. sigh~~

xpe. 17 ari je lg nk rs g opis. chaiyo. ni pn da rs sihat sket da. so sok ley g opis. :-))

rs nk g jln sgt2 nih. mgkin ley plan nk jupe ubai kat aachen. smpt ke eh? hurm2..

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

uhuk uhuk

lama da tak demam. after 6 months, ari ni baru dmm. well, every once and a while we have to have it aite? at least dpt melepak kat uma rini. sgt cool!!! c'mon mata. sleep sleep. *cubaan nk tdo dr td lg tp takley* haih~~

ps: eh aah la cik orked. br prasan. lg 28 hari eh? huiyoooo...