Friday, January 19, 2007

am going to stansted wif afiq today. our flight is at 9.55pm. it's a weekend trip and i'll be back on sunday. as usual, there's no sign of excitement from me. it's not dat im not happy to go... it's juz.. ME. in fact, this is not d first time. it has happened so many times. before i went to barcelona last time, i was not bother to pack or even think bout the trip. not until d nite before(mase tu baru gelabah sbb sme org da tanye). capai je ape yg patut n went straight to nanako chan's hse. and the trip was superb!! i luv it n hope to go there again someday. wat im trying to say is.. i juz dun like to imagine wat will happen n how is it going to happen. after plan kan usually we will feel so excited(high expectation). because the thing is, normally, things wont go the same as my imagination or plan. NEVER!! even kalu simple plan like 'lepas kelas, balik uma then lipat baju n tgk tv'. perkara sesimple itu pn jarang akan terjadi. in the middle of the road, there will always be something popping up n ruin the whole thing. perkara akan berubah kepada 'lepas kelas, balik uma, baju tak kering sbb terjatuh(tak ley lipat) n tak jadi tgk tv sbb homework byk gile'. so, i've decided not to plan anything or even imagining how thing is suppose to happen coz i know it will not happen. hahahah.. call me crazy but i do believe dat. at least i wont feel disappointed in anything.. just go wif the flow. eheemmm... *am i talking sense here??* tak tau apsal tulis entry caney. mungkin fikiran bercelaru. sgt bercelaru... p/s: nanako chan pn da bertanye kenape nak tulis camtu??belum publish lg da ade comment. :p

huuu.. enuf talking crap. terase diri ingin memakan sate kajang. keinginan yg sgt kuat. cempedak goreng pn diingini juge. mungkin mase lapang yg melampau telah mmbuat diri berpikir yg bukan2. mane nak carik cempedak? aduh.. dgn berpikir psl cempedak pn boley mmbuat air liur kecur sgt. gile sgt ni. hahahahaha..

miss to talk to everyone. 8 jahannam gurls, sukis, zaza, sue n tasya, gina, shafa n all. how r u babes doing? am feeling happy for zaza for the trip to korea. really wish i cud join... :((

k la. im off to d airport now. nanti bising plak pakcik afiq tu. muahahhaha..