Monday, December 28, 2009


can't believe that it has been three months now. time flies (oh cliche nye!).
i am so tired today. it's only monday but it feels like i've been working forever!! blame
the hot incident yesterday. gosh... what a way to end this year. huhuhu..

we went out from flora around 2pm to catch the newlyweds fydu&tasha. unfortunately at usj6,
(already so near to the groom's house) our car broke down!! not actually 'our' car. it's
hunny's bro's car. we borrow it at the moment while waiting for our 3 months payslips. how
embarassing!! just imagine the engine suddenly stopped in the middle of the heavy traffic!!
it was like 'eh, mimpi kah? is this really happening?' we couldnt start the engine at all.
so, hunny had to push the car to the side of the road. to add some dramatic effect to it,
it was raining heavily and we never keep an umbrella in the car. basah lencun la jawapannye.
note to myself - sile masukkan payung dlm keta.

so we didnt make it to fydu's wedding (ah sedihnye tak dpt jupe ct sblm die blk dublin smula)
but at least we got to know that the battery aged 3 years old. how's that?? pomen pn terkejut
tak penah tuka battery. and dont let me start on the mileage. brader tu skali lg terkejut
beruk tgk mileage smpi 237k!! never realised it myself. hahaha... ye la. tau bwk je. furthermore
we are planning to use it only until february. so tak penah pn check. but since keta tu
sakit je 2-3 minggu ni, terpakse la amik tau jugak. siyan die da mcm org tua semput2. so today
hunny's bringing it to perodua for thorough check-up. da mcm2 speculation tp tak sorg pomen
pn tau ape masalah die smpi slalu semput. hang on boy.

one thing about this car is that, whenever we bring him to the workshop, he'll be a goodboy
alright! smpi pomen kata 'ok je keta ni.' ibu kata berhantu. hahahah... rsnye sbb die merajuk
la kot ktorg da survey2 keta baru. entah la. mcm illogical tp it's true. da 3 kali da die buat
camtu. bile pomen naik je nak testdrive, tak pnh lak semput2. ok je mantap gitu. hai2...
mcm2 hal. whatever it is, we are so sorry lil buddy. we have to have our own car. insyaallah...

ape lg nk cite. urm2... owh because of the car, i was stranded at shah alam until 11pm. hunny
was monitoring audio equip for this one fella for live perfomance. the initial plan was to
send me home before he started working. but since the car broke down, i had to wait until he
finished everything before we can head to damansara. urm about this fella artist, never
thought that he's so nice. i think media just exaggerate a lot about him. tgk gaya mmg poyo
but personally i think he's a good boy. tade la sombong je mcm artist yg hunny managed concert
die kt dublin tu. this one is much better. he even called hunny when we were on the way home
to see whether hunny is ok or not sbb mase ktorg blk tu die tak sempat jupe hunny to say thanks.
so die call balik to express his gratitude. surprised me loads. tak tau la klu mase mula2 je
baik. eh tak baik buruk sangka. heheh...

ok la. better start reading Loh's deskpro. br sebulan kt sini da kena take over keje org.
sebbek tasks baru ni start busy on WD1. klu previous task tu on -WD5 lg da start bz. hopefully
i'll be alright with this new tasks. chaiyo!!!

ps: rndu la org2 tyrrellstown. :-))


S said...

sape artis iteww? eh sibuk je aku nih ahaha.

kesian keter tu, pandai pulak emo2 kat tuan ek

silentME said...

artis itu?? hahaha... tgguuu.. msti byk lg entry psl die lg. die finalist AJL juge. so lps AJL msti aku update lg cite die. huuhuuh...

tu la. keta da ok da smlm. kachinggg!!! riban yg keluar. uhuk!