Thursday, December 24, 2009


lg 7 ari je nk abes 2009?? and just 68 entries so far????? nmpk sgt kemalasan di situ. huuhu...

so da nk tutup buku 2009 da (so fast???) and what have i achieved so far? hurm... let see. traveled europe successfully, changed job and liking it so far, settle down in my own home country and the best of all got married with the best man I can ever ask for...

but to be honest, since we are both working, i can hardly see my husband. i only got to see him for one hour before i started working and for another 4 hours before i went to bed. so in total only 5 hours a day. that's just 20% of the day! the rest is divided between work and sleep. more often than not, during weekdays, my zombie mode is always on. means my mind is 100% focused on my work and going out of office just means that my brain needs to auto shutdown to prepare for tomorrow. so the stuffs i did after work normally dont register at all. passion tade. stone je walopn g tgk muvi or buat ape2. it's like my body is there but the thinking is out. sbb tu kdg2 klu org ajak kua time weekdays ni diriku spt mls. huhuhu... well.. that's why we have to appreciate weekend heaps. and more reasons to find a place where we can just be together and not thinking of my accounts at all. need to plan for vacations now. :-))

ok2. sambung keje balik. kang kejung takley blk awl rini. ho ho ho... merry xmas!!!

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