Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick update

Currently lepaking at kopitiam bangi. Hunny got some business to settle about the AP thingy. Yesterday me, hunny n bobo chilled out at starbucks damansara jaya. Superb caramel macchiato!! Two thumbs up to the lady who prepared it. It has been a long time since we last visited starbucks. We had a wonderful time chit chatting there. Never knew dat bobo was a koleq students. And he knew najib, hezry, amin and parjo. Wat a small world! Oh ye cik yan. In case u havent heard yet, bobo is going to the states next year for two years.

Erm wat else? Ahaa... We've got our photos from photolicious. Which also means i can update about our wedding here. But still have to find a suitable time to do so. Panjang woo.. Huhu. So wait for it kay? :-))

and i also have a news to share. Dunno whether it's a good one or not. On tues, somebody from ibm's acc dept called me to ask if im interested to work with them. I was shocked because i thought i dont want to work just yet. She then said that i can reply to her email if i can go for an interview. Suddenly i remember that i forwarded my cv to intan last week. She did promisw to help me if there is any opening in her team. Maybe this is it. Maybe there is opening now. So i replied the email saying that i am ok for an interview.

The next day, i went for the aptitude test (compulsory to all applicants). There was another gal sitting for the test. Fresh graduate and very bright. The test was darn hard. Kepala berkarat da lama dok uma. I didnt manage to answer all questions of course. X cukup mase beb. So i thought to myself 'barai la ni'. Because in the email, the lady said, if i didnt pass the test, i wont get to go for the interview. But before we went out from the room, the hr lady told me to stay for an interview. Aik? X tanda lg da tau ke? Tp me snyp je la. Then i went through two interviews on the spot!!

At about 5 pm, the hr called me saying that i got the job! Alhamdulillah. So this is the end of my sweetest and longest holiday. Huhuhu... Got to switch on the working-mode. Chaiyo!!!


S said...

congrats! itulah pentingnya the right connection with the right ppl ;)

silentME said...

heheheh... thx mamie. tu la. pentingnye connection itu. :-))

raducaca said...

hah kojo ibm ko?
kakakakak cis kalo tak kite leh lunch same2!

nona said...

congratss.. :) open table bile?

PixiePwincess said...

hahah bessnya cterq, dekat ngn rumah! so convenient!