Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fruitful saturday

I've just installed the apps for blogging on my phone. Easy peasy. The only prob is my fingers seem to be soooo fat that resulted to load of typos here and there.

Ok on saturday we woke up very early. I was still in my dream when i heard a knocking sound. It took me a while to realize that it was not a dream. When i finally did, i quickly opened my eyes and Z-kun was not at his place. Panic alert!! To be honest i nearly shouted hysterically. Then i saw him smiling at me while his chubby little fingers knocking on the bedroom door. From the inside of course. Phewww!! I nearly jumped out from my skin. How the hell did he go there, i really dont have a clue. But he didnt cry so i guess he climbed down himself carefully. Sobsob.. You are growing up fast, baby..

Ok then i cooked for lunch and them boys really loved the foods (at least i like to think that they love my cookng). Then off we go to my sis's house. We planned to bring izzah n z-kun to the pool. Boy, he looked so happy. He enjoyed being in the water. Oh i'm so proud of you!! We are planning to send you to the swimming class since you love the pool so much. A friend of mind told me that there is a swimming class at damansara perdana. Rm200 per month. Half an hour per week. So u do the math. I hope it's worth it.

Then we went to ayah&ibu's house. Had a great time there talking about beads, the football match n many stuffs. We headed home quite late but alhamdulillah everything is ok.

Now z-kun is sleeping beside me and therefore i took the time to try and update my blog.

That's all for today. Why do i feel like my story is soo mundane. Ha ha ha..