Saturday, January 05, 2013

Rojak-rojak and lost world of T*mbun

New Year comes with many new resolutions for some people. I’ve never actually jot down my resolutions. Ever. Every year I just hope to be a better person in any way possible. It’s broader thus easier to measure. For 2013, again I hope to be a better person. A better wife, mom, daughter, employee, friend, sister, auntie, and most importantly a better servant towards Allah. That’s all. I guess if I want to list down, the list is going to be on and on and on forever.

So, today is a Saturday and I’m here in the office – working. Not actually working. I’m backing up this one new accountant because her predecessor is so tied up with the new role she’s taking starting from this month. Some of my officemate said ‘why bother?’. My answer is simple. I love helping people and since I am so free at the moment so why not? Plus it’s fun coaching new hire b/c I get to see the reactions, emotions and the attitude of course. Did I tell you how cocky newbies nowadays. I guess the many A’s they got during SPM make them feel higher than anyone. (not) Ha Ha…

Ok let me update about my lil bean’s milestones. He is 16 months old this week and wow how he has grown up to be such a big boy now.

-          He can wave to people saying bye-bye and give many flying kisses (if he chose to – selective people only. Ha ha)
-          That boy is such a parrot where he’ll copy whatever we do. I mean like EVERYTHING. Trust me.
-          He can say ‘Nak. Nah. Milk. Deddi. Tataaaakk (Kakak). No No No. Moon. Shtar’
-          He loves walking non stop. Walk… Walk… Walk. I always wonder did he ever get tired?
-          Sleep on his own now. No need for us to sing lullaby to him every night (yeayy)
-          Stop breastfeeding at this age due to the thrush he has in his mouth every so often. (sobss)
-          Points to his nose and eyes whenever we ask him to. (the rest are yet to be taught)
-          Loves bath time. It can really lift his mood I tell you.
-          Refuse to use other than Medela bottles. He only likes Medela teats actually Nowadays we put the Medela teats to the Bebe bottles. It doesn’t fit perfectly but no leaking still. So far so good.
-          He gets really sad if we are angry at him. He’ll stay still with a sad face until we show him any signs that we are no more angry. Then he’ll run to you in no time.

I guess that’s all I can remember at this time. He is such a gem, my boy. I can’t thank God enough for giving me this child. He is not so hard to handle and he is clever too. Ok every mom will say this about their child so why can’t I? J

Last holiday we all went to the Lost World of Tambun. We checked in the hotel and just walked to the park. Since it is within a walking distance, we decided to leave his milk in the room. Unfortunately when we were halfway walking down to the park, the rain came pouring down. So it was difficult to bring him to the hotel to get his milk in that weather we thought. And it was also hard to go out from the park just for the sake of getting his milk a few times. The thing is we can’t bring the whole basket into the park (they forbid it) so everytime he looks hungry, I’ll go and buy him some foods to munch on. And also a lot of plain water so that he wont feel the pain of hunger. Didn’t I tell you how good he is already? All the time we were there, never once he cried for his milk. He never gets cranky or grumpy or moody at all. But he sure ate a lot of nasi ayam/papaya/crepe/fishball which showed us how hungry he was. Good boy, my pumpkin. If you are reading this when you’ve grown up, please know how lucky we are to have you as a son. You always make us proud in your own way. #emomum

So I bid everyone a happy new year. Hope this year is better for everyone compared to the previous years. Toodles!

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